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| 06/29/2021

6/5 Stars

I bought this 65L cooler 3 years ago. The same day I received it in the mail I packed up for a 4-day camping trip. I loaded this cooler onto the rack on the back of my car and took off for the 3-hour drive. Once we got to the destination and started to unload, I realized that I messed up bad. I had placed the brand-new cooler directly behind the exhaust of my car. It melted a 6-inch diameter hole through the new white out layer of plastic as well as through some of the insulation. Well, it’s been 3 years and this cooler still holds ice longer than traditional ones even with the major flaw in the bottom corner of it. Nice work RTIC team. Great products!
| 06/29/2021


Great cooler, arrived last week, only one drawback, the weight when its full , I’m 215lbs, work out, not a weakling, and I can hardly lift it into my truck bed. Apart from that, worth the money, we just have to improvise and change the way we use it.
| 06/27/2021

Excellent customer service

I measured and ordered a 65qt cooler. It arrived quickly but when I put it on the boat it was too large for the space. Even though it was my fault, there was no issue returning it, even sent the return label. I reordered a 45qt and it has shipped already. This is the way to run a company, excellent product, priced right, and backed up by outstanding customer service. Kudos to RTIC
| 06/27/2021

So pleased with this purchase.

Cooler kept drinks and picnic items very cold over a 3 day weekend. When drained and emptied after 5 days there was still a good amount of ice remaining. Also, cooler was opened many times over the weekend. I would recommend this cooler to friends!
| 06/27/2021

Greatest cooler I have ever owned

My seafoam green arctic 65 was the best cooler that I’ve ever had (Until it got stolen on the beach in OBX 😕). I used it a bunch for fire department trainings, and for get togethers with friends. I will definitely be buying another one when the budget is right!!!
| 06/27/2021

Great cooler

We bought this cooler fir our son a few years ago. He uses it on a regular basis and its the best cooler we have ever purchased !
| 06/27/2021

Excellent Cooler

This cooler is perfect in every way great! Great job RTIC!!!!!
| 06/25/2021

Great cooler

Keeps beer cold and ice for 2 days in 90 plus heat.
| 06/23/2021

6 Days cat fishing on the snake river

Every item stayed cold, still had frozen water bottles at the end of our trip. Waited a long time to purchase. So glad we have one now. Great product !
| 06/21/2021

As Advertised + More!

We bought this for a couple parties we through once a year and it has performed plus some. For four days in 90+ degrees of heat it kept all the drinks ice cold and we only needed to buy one 20lb bag of ice on the first day. That was also with someone in the cooler about every 10 minutes and not latching it all the way. It is very large, larger than I thought and is impossible for one person to carry loaded alone but we love it! We also use it for 3 day camping trips. Pack it, stick it in the truck, and not worry about it. 5 stars for sure
| 06/21/2021


Awesome product! Keeps cold for several days. Well built!
| 06/19/2021

RTC 65

Love it! It does everything they say that it would do!
| 06/15/2021

Great lines

A friend suggested RTIC...we bought the 65 qt in white, its a perfect size to keep our drinks cold on the boat while boat camping in the desert heat. We don't have to buy $20+ of ice everyday like with the other one we had (igloo) The lines are so much better than another cooler we have, (Cabela's) Yes we have tried many. We really like the Rtic and will stick with it!! The customer service is also EXCELLENT. Thanks so much for a great product.
| 06/15/2021

Hard Sided 65qt Tan Does the Job Well

Took my first camping trip with this cooler. This is my first high end hard sided cooler and so far I am VERY pleased with the purchase. I feel the 65qt size is perfect for a three day weekend camp trip. Not sure if there is already a product out there for this, but a line of waterproof containers that are designed to fit perfectly in this cooler would be awesome. If there are those accessories, I would love to know!
| 06/14/2021

My Husband Loves It!

My husband loves it. We bought a Tan 65QT. We just went camping last week, and it was about 87 degrees during the day in the mountains. We live in New Mexico. The coolers were in the shade at all times. The ice lasted about 4 days, probably would've of had more, but used a lot of it keeping our daughter's coolers cold. They ordered a 65QT of their own yesterday. Still had some ice when we got home. We just ordered another 65QT in Grey yesterday. I'm not a believer yet, I'll wait till the next trip.
| 06/11/2021

Just a little too big

I am returning this cooler for the 45 QT one, solely because it does not fit in my trunk. I have a '16 Audi A6 and it is soooo close to fitting, but it does not. The 45 QT is a little over an inch shorter BTW. This thing could easily hold 75 cans without ice, so I bet the 45 will hold at least a Coors 36 pack plus plenty of ice. I am very impressed at how sturdy it is though. Other than being slightly too big, it also has an almost fishy smell right out of the box, and it is pretty heavy. 36 lbs is not that much but it is in fact an unwieldly giant box. It feels like it weighs significantly more because of the weight distribution. It is the perfect size for leaving in the back of a truck or on a porch though.
| 06/09/2021

RTIC 65 QT Hard Sided Cooler

Excellent customer service, special thanks to Pam Kuti! She fix a shipping issue that was problematic. The cooler is fantastic.
| 06/09/2021


I have made several purchases through rtic and have been 110% satisfied eveytime. The only time there was any problem it was damage caused by the shipper and rtic had me ship it back to them and they sent me a new one I did not even have to deal with the shipping company. Awesome people to deal with. Will buy from them again. Coolers are the best I’ve ever used.
| 04/04/2021

RTIC65QT aHard Sided white

Ice really keeps well We are boaters and ice ice very important to keep our food and beverages cold this is wonderful. Our sons are now boat owners and mom and dad is getting them set for a long time with coolers when you get the white ones back in stock
| 04/01/2021

Solid All The Way

I was reluctant to become a Cooler Bro, but I'm so glad I bucked up for this. The 65 is our new family member. This thing keeps the icy things icy. With the addition of the basket, we can keep important goods dry and cold, and the frost bros cool down low. It enables us to keep from interrupting our NatureMoves™ for a good long time. Watching it take on character of its own is something we look forward to. Chill like this is worth the dough.
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