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| 10/06/2021

Very impressed

My review is based on my first impression since we have not used it yet. Packaging was in good shape, our RTIC 65 was in good condition. We were very impressed with the construction and the features. After we use it I will update my review. Pat
| 09/27/2021

Made it right!

We ordered the 65 and I had almost 8 months and we started to notice that it wasn't holding ice like it should. Well come to find out the lid was warped and didn't close right. They ended up sending us a new cooler! What a great company and this cooler is amazing. Thanks rtic!
| 09/22/2021

Great for Car Camping

The 65 cooler has been awesome for car camping. Fits easily into the trunk alongside other camping gear and can hold plenty of food / drinks fcold or a long 3 day weekend!
| 09/07/2021

Great Ice Chest

It's very durable and holds ice as advertised. I've literally lived out this cooler do to our refrigerator dying and had to wait over a month for new one do to warranty claim issues. I'll be buying a smaller one also eventually.
| 09/01/2021


This cooler did its job and more. Its bear proof too, it was tested out firsthand.
| 08/30/2021

Great Cooler!

I love this cooler. It is lightweight enough for me to carry on my own and insulated walls. It is heavy duty and so versatile for any adventure whether I'm hiking, fishing or going to the beach. It keeps my drinks ice cold.
| 08/14/2021


Bought when there was a 4 month backlog. I will not own anything but artic. Had it in the back of my truck and accidently set my 5th wheel off onto it. Had the entire weight on it and came out with just a scratch. Super strong. Love it
| 08/12/2021

Tough enough for a navy diver

I bought the 65 on the first trip it came off my truck on 95 at about 75mph. Tumbled twiced and slid off the road. Still got it with just a little road rash that was 5 years ago . I now own 3 more and thinking about 145.
| 08/04/2021


Love it !!! But wish it had some wheels, I’m proud of my cooler just I have to get someone to help move it around ✌️
| 08/04/2021

Best I have ever owned

I’ve owned several different coolers over the years I’ve had my RTIC cooler two years now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything , but I would like to purchase another one for personal use, the one I have now I use for work plus I like a different color now. Really I recommend this brad it will last for a very long time.
| 08/02/2021


Yes this thing does keep ice for a very long time but for the size of it, I would appreciate some wheels to drag it with.
| 07/31/2021

Best cooler ever!!!!

This cooler is by far the best on the market. This is my go to cooler hands down. Works great in the deserts of California especially on long trips! Keeps ice the entire time. Every member of my group has this cooler! We now have every color RTIC makes. Awesome product.
| 07/22/2021

Heavy 65 need a drain hose attachment

I wish that this a hose attachment to drain it. I keep in packed in the back of my trailer... But it's to heavy to move it to drain the water out. I otherwise love it. Wish I would of got the 45 instead of the 65. Maybe if there were wheels on it.
| 07/11/2021

Did the job

Put 4 blocks of ice in the day before we left for a six day camp out in the 90 degree heat. Took all six days to melt all the ice but it was still very cold. Worked as expected.
| 07/04/2021

Hard side cooler

Perfect fit on the cooler for where it was needed and it matches my truck. Odering was easy and delivery time was quick. Good job Rtic.
| 07/03/2021

Best ever!

We borrowed this cooler from friends of ours for a 9 night camping trip...NO running for ice! We loaded it up and it was good the whole time. Had to order it for ourselves. Yes it is heavy, definitely a 2 person carry...but worth the effort. We have a large family (9 kids) that tent camp and this thing is a must!!
| 07/03/2021

Better than I thought

I have only had the chance to use my cooler once since I bought it but, I was impressed. I went on a shopping trip which involved buying meats butter cheese frozen foods as well as a run for fishing equipment and lawn and garden stuff. First I pre-cooled the cooler and just before I left to shop I put in my homice ice packs. I went to the grocery store first and picked up the food items listed above which included frozen French fries etc. I then went to the garden center and then to the sporting goods store spending at minimum 45 minutes in each store. I drove back home which was at least 15 miles, when I uploaded the frozen foods they were just as they were when I had put them in the cooler. I have to mention that the day I went shopping it was 94⁰ and my car had been parked in direct sunlight at each stop. I was very surprised this cooler did better than I thought it would.
| 06/29/2021


Great cooler, arrived last week, only one drawback, the weight when its full , I’m 215lbs, work out, not a weakling, and I can hardly lift it into my truck bed. Apart from that, worth the money, we just have to improvise and change the way we use it.
| 06/29/2021

6/5 Stars

I bought this 65L cooler 3 years ago. The same day I received it in the mail I packed up for a 4-day camping trip. I loaded this cooler onto the rack on the back of my car and took off for the 3-hour drive. Once we got to the destination and started to unload, I realized that I messed up bad. I had placed the brand-new cooler directly behind the exhaust of my car. It melted a 6-inch diameter hole through the new white out layer of plastic as well as through some of the insulation. Well, it’s been 3 years and this cooler still holds ice longer than traditional ones even with the major flaw in the bottom corner of it. Nice work RTIC team. Great products!
| 06/27/2021

Excellent Cooler

This cooler is perfect in every way great! Great job RTIC!!!!!
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