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| 04/01/2021

Solid All The Way

I was reluctant to become a Cooler Bro, but I'm so glad I bucked up for this. The 65 is our new family member. This thing keeps the icy things icy. With the addition of the basket, we can keep important goods dry and cold, and the frost bros cool down low. It enables us to keep from interrupting our NatureMoves™ for a good long time. Watching it take on character of its own is something we look forward to. Chill like this is worth the dough.
| 03/29/2021

Hard Cooler 65qt

OMG this cooler is amazing! I have been looking for one that will last through our hunting season and this one is perfect! We took it on a weekend trip with us, filled it with ice, food, and drinks, and everything stayed cold the whole weekend! And the best part is that it fits in the back of our SUV and in our truck bed. Super happy with this purchase!
| 03/29/2021


Rtic stands for Really. Tank In Cooler. This thing is robust. No more flimsy coleman coolers for this guy. The rubber feet on the bottom of the cooler really keep the cooler from sliding around. On the downside the rubber feet on the bottom of the cooler mKe it harder to slide it out of my truck bed. Not enough of a issue to drop star but something to be aware of when purchasing.
| 03/23/2021

8 days on a river trip

Paddled 8 days on the Lower Canyons on the Rio Grande a couple of weeks ago. Took frozen food and 2 gallons of ice (milk jugs). We were drinking cold beer on the last night of the trip. Can't do much better than that!
| 03/19/2021


Have three rtic 2 hard one soft . Noticed two days ago ice was stuck to the bottom due to cold weather. Put cooler (110) on its side with door open for sun to melt it . Noticed had two legs missing . Found online reasonable price . Thee problem I have is that inside the holes that the legs plug into was the exposed insulating foam un protected. I had not noticed them missing because they were both on the same side. By now i'm sure water has seeped in. Would it be that difficult to seal eight holes to protect the integrity of the insulation. thats why the four should maybe be lower.
| 03/16/2021

Great quality

Very good fit and finish. I had a more cost effective cooler from another major competitor and it was okay but would mold pretty bad if not dried perfectly and with the texture inside impossible to clean. Old cooler wouldn't fit in new car to tall so I bought the rtic 65 I wanted when I bought my last cooler holds ice twice as long very easy to clean and a better size overall much wider but 4 inches shorter than most coolers.
| 03/04/2021


Great products, keeps ice long time, very strong when uses as a step on the boat. easy to clean from.
| 02/11/2021

Hard cooler 65

Great cooler!! Minor issue of the Rtic label on the front was peeling off upon opening the package. Not a huge deal, but unexpected for a 250 dollar cooler.
| 02/11/2021

Christmas Gift

As a Christmas gift my sister, Husband and I pitched in to purchase a 65, divider and a basket. My father absolutely loves it! He has taken it on a couple of trips and now doesn't have to worry about taking time out of his relaxation time to dump the water out and add fresh ice. His last trip was 4 days long and the ice only melted a little! This was the best gift ever and defiantly worth every penny!
| 02/05/2021

Call in order

I had to call in to order my 65 cooler..the lady was very nice and walked me through it with ease..3 weeks later I called again to order another 65 cooler and that lady was super was a very pleasant experience..Thank You Ed
| 01/27/2021


The lid is warped barely seals when closed and the hinge rods are starting to come out barely had this a year
| 01/21/2021


Worth more than I paid
| 01/08/2021

Great Price, Fantastic Product

We have many coolers from RTIC and we love them all! This 65 Quart hard cooler is perfect for what we do, which is a lot of outdoor stuff! It is tough and it holds up! Most importantly, it keeps things COLD!
| 01/01/2021

Rtic 65

Not only did it keep my elk meat frozen on the drive back from Idaho, it is also a great canvas for your sticker murals! The
| 12/29/2020

Great Cooler Poor Handles

This cooler is bomb proof. However the rope handle design is terrible. Everytime you go to pick it up you have to adjust the hand grips on the rope to get it to lift evenly. Whoever designed this clearly hasn't tried to pick a full one up and carry it.
| 12/18/2020

Over built

Very happy and more than I expected Color match's my Sportsman boat perfectly Can't wait for summer
| 12/11/2020

We’ll See

Ordered the Grey 65 Quart Hard Cooler because I needed a reliable cooler to help haul back beef and deer from my annual hunting trip in Iowa. I drive the beef and deer back to Texas where I live so as soon as I reach the Texas/Oklahoma border, the temperature changes dramatically. I have a number of the soft coolers which work great, but this is my first hard cooler. My issue is right upon arrival the box was very beat up. There was no insulation around the cooler inside the package, just a plastic bag. The cooler had obvious scratches on the outside that I’m assuming was from the lack of protection from shipping. I know it’s a cooler and it’s supposed to be used for the rough & tough, but I’d like to experience that for myself through my own usage of the cooler, not from getting beat up during shipping. I think the coolers should be shipped with more protection, especially for the price your paying for the coolers. I haven’t used the cooler yet so hopefully it does what the reviews and company says it does. So just like my title says.....WE’LL SEE!!!!
| 12/10/2020

65 qt cooler.

I haven’t used it as of yet. Plan on using this cooler on my seasonal camp site. It’s big enough to hold everything that we bring that needs cooling. That will sure mean less trips to the store for “essentials”.
| 12/09/2020


Nice Cooler, very pleased
| 12/02/2020


Love our 65 QT. Fits everything we need for a week's trip to the Gulf Coast and keeps it all cold on the way down and back. We have learned to buy extra bags of ice upon arrival and keep inside the cooler as back up during our stay, as our family has no regard for proper personal ice allocation. Our problem, not yours. Rugged as F and we love it. The divider comes in handy to separate items that don't need to mingle or simply can't get along, but comes out easily when everyone wants a cooler party. We love this cooler and accept the fact that it's heavy as a MF but appreciate that fact when we're standing it to practice casting into a headstrong wind of 20 mph in our local park prior to salt season. My redfish fans know what I'm talking about...
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