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| 10/12/2021

Too heavy for beach, good for campsite

Ordered these chairs as my wife and I anticipate some increased beach going in the years ahead. While they are certainly well made overall, they are way too heavy to comfortable carry to a beach that might be some distance away. If you're driving up to a campsite or a field to watch a game, it's fine. I also bought these because they are "padded." Not really much padding at all. I was expecting way more than what is in there. I get it, you can't have so much padding that you can't collapse the chair and stuff it into the bag, but it's really not padded in any practical terms. We really wanted to love these chairs, but it just didn't happen for us. Sorry ...
| 10/10/2021


My husband bought this chair for me and it’s awesome. My feet dangle a little but I don’t might at all. My olive and black big bear chair is my favorite. Always carry with it, so I have it when I need it.
| 10/03/2021

great chair!

This chair is great for my tall husky guy! sturdy and cushioned to make for a comfortable seat. It does say that it holds 4 cans but not sure how, we were only able to get 3 cans.
| 09/03/2021

Heavy duty chair

Great chair glad I purchased. One complaint. I wish the carry case had wheels. Heavyweight chair
| 01/12/2021

Big Bear chair

Love it so far. Very sturdy. I’m a big guy & when I sit in chair my feet don’t hit the ground.
| 01/01/2021

Still Soul-searching

Soul-searching I have been on your website many times and have bought many products from your Ice Chest, Tumblers and half gallon jug and Gallon too I’ve been warning to get the big bear chair for a long time I know in Texas it’s hot so there would be no way to get the black chair and then you only have two other to choose from which is camo in the other is Olive I know sometime back you used to have a red/black chair but I probably will choose the olive it would be nice and cooler in Texas one other problem with the Chair is that you have right hand people and-left hand people which I’m left-handed and it would be nice The cup holder on the left side which would be nice in the bag on the right so for people that are left handed other than that I think it would be a great chair for a big man like me and I’ll still probably purchase it but we’re going into a new year 2021 it would be nice to get the option or if you could build it to give us the option right hand or left hand cupholder. thanks RTIC FOR YOU TIME
| 12/28/2020


This chair is exactly what i was looking for. Am 6'2" and i have plenty of room to relax. Highly recomend
| 12/26/2020

Big Bear Chair & Black Camp Chair

We bought these for our adult kids and they could not believe the quality and comfort. Everyone wanted a chance to sit in them. Our son-in-law was really impressed with the big bear's comfort. They were still thanking us as they were walking out of our Christmas gathering.
| 10/30/2020

Seriously? No pink??

Big bear chair, other soft bags, are mostly black. I’m tired and I’m ready for pink stuff. It’s not only men who sit out at soccer games. Or on the beach pink should be available for every option. No excuse. I said what I said.
| 02/27/2020

Monster Chair

My wife bought this as a Christmas present and I have used it every weekend since. It is HUGE! I'm not a big guy but I have a lot of friends that are (6'4-6'6 and 300-340). Those guys love the chair more than I do! It's super well built and feels like it's going to last forever. I do keep it inside and out of the elements. There's a cooler built into the left armrest and it holds 4-6 beverages and ice. The right armrest has a cupholder that will fit your tumbler. It's a little tall for me, but I use a small box to put my feet up and have a garage/outside recliner. Great, great chair for a wonderful price!
| 11/18/2019

Big Bear Chair

This thing is freaking huge! aaaaaaaand AWESOME!!! Incredibly sturdy, heavy duty chair. I am 260lbs and I feel like a child in this chair it’s so big! Gonna try the regular sized “folding chair” next!!!
| 11/04/2019

This Chair is great

Just bought this chair and I'm in love. Great price, big and comfortable and supports my 265 lbs with ease! Worth every penny!
| 09/17/2019

Bigger is Better

This is the chair of kings. Thats pretty much how I feel while sitting in this bad boy. It is super comfortable and feels like you are sitting on a Lay-Z-Boy. I am a 6'2'' 220 lbs guy. As a Marine and outdoor enthusiast I approve of this chair.
| 06/07/2019

Great Investment

I am a bigger person at 6'3" and 240#. I have always complained that nobody built chairs for people my size or even bigger. And how uncomfortable most chairs are. Then by chance I found myself at the RTIC store in Cypress. Sat in one of these chairs and fell in love. Not only are they oversized. The are well constructed and sturdy. Thick padded canvas. Built in oversized cup holder in one arm and a small cooler in the other. Everyone I know, who have sat in them, have asked me where they can get their own. And I intend to buy a couple more myself. Great Product.
| 05/12/2019

A Must Need

I have had this chair for around 2 months. Anywhere I go I cannot get people to give me back my chair! Once someone sits in this thing they won't move. Very sturdy design. Be prepared for a larger than normal chair! I will be ordering more just so I can get my damn chair back!
| 05/10/2019


This is the biggest lawn chair/camping chair ive ever owned or seen. I ordered two and was pleasantly surprised with the quality and features. The material is super thick and soft making it comfortable to sit and also providing some insulation on cooler nights. Its built with a very thick sturdy frame. Its a massive chair perfect for all shapes and sizes. It even comes with a little cooler on one of the arm rests. Order one.. youll probably order more after.
| 05/07/2019

Just what I needed

I'm a big boy. 5'11" 297lbs. This chair makes me look small. No more fighting the chair to get up. No worries it will collapse. It's built like a tank. Planning to order a couple more soon.
| 04/29/2019

love this chair

This chair is amazing big and stready and comfortable
| 04/25/2019

Big Indeed!

I ordered two of these chairs because they were sold of the regular folding chairs. They are indeed BIG and sturdy. The first lacrosse match I took it to, another mom sat in it with me. It was very funny, but we both fit! If you are looking for a big chair, this is the one you want.
| 04/22/2019


Just as good as any chair on the market. Great size and well built
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