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| 03/26/2021

Love this!

The coral is brighter than it looks online but I love that! I can’t wait to use it on the beach this summer!
| 03/21/2021

Great value, but makes a weird noise

I’ve got the half gallon one, and it’s pretty good. I don’t have any issues with it except it has some noise when it flips upside down - like some little bits are bouncing through the insulation (?) But a great value. Just make sure to really snug on the cap and lid so it won’t leak
| 03/18/2021


I love RTIC products, but the 40 oz is 13" tall!
| 03/15/2021

Lost Clips

I do absolutely love the product itself, I actually have several. I however ordered, for the first time, the 32 & 40oz for my daughters who play softball, even made them their own with team colored boots. However, within the second use the 40oz bottle's metal clips that hold the handle fell off resulting in losing the metal clips and handle itself. I wouldn't expect these clips to come off, but sadly they did. I did reach out and they are sending me a replacement lid. I do wish they would change that design.
| 03/08/2021

Built strong

Solid to the point it’s a must bring to the field!
| 03/03/2021

Great bottle

I bought these bottles a year ago and they are still perfect. I just wish RTIC would come out with a lid with a straw so that my daughter can use the bottle without spilling it on herself.
| 02/22/2021

Water bottles

Great, Good by Plastic
| 02/19/2021

I love this bottle!

I love this bottle. I bought it about a month ago and haven’t regretted it. It holds enough liquid so I don’t have to keep refilling it but it’s not insanely heavy like other bottles of it’s type. I also really enjoy the lid. It has the handle to carry but I also don’t have to unscrew the top every time I want to use it, which can be hard if you accidentally tighten it too much and have sore hands. I want to buy another bottle soon.
| 02/16/2021

Bottle dimensions

I order this bottle for one reason, the dimensions, specifically the height. I needed it to fit in the ice dispenser we have at work. Website false advertised 8 1/4 inch tall. Now I have another flask that won’t fit.
| 02/16/2021


I was looking for a bottle just like this one for awhile and I absolutely love it. I can put ice in my bottle and it keeps my water cold for like literally two days. FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!
| 02/12/2021

Excellent quality

Love these products!
| 01/30/2021

Amazing tumbler

Five stars all around!!
| 01/20/2021

Amazing bottles

I purchased 10 of the 26oz bottles (five different colors) as gifts and just like the previous orders, the product was outstanding, shipping was great, and customer service was top shelf. Thanks for a business and product that always pleases!
| 01/20/2021


I bought these for both of my early 20 year old kids and they carry them non-stop and keep refilled throughout the day. I like the option to switch lids, although they prefer the lid that came with it.
| 01/19/2021

love this product!

the order was processed quickly as it was for a holiday gift! I will be sure to order in the future! thanks!
| 01/19/2021

Gift for granddaughter

I got this for my granddaughter who'll be going to college this fall. I so wanted a new one myself, but I've already got several. Great product and good value over competitors. Keeps cold cold. (Never tried hot...)
| 01/07/2021

Not bad

The price was right, great selection of colors. Great selection of sizes. Very, very sturdy! The 'boot' ordered with them didn't arrive.... Would order from them again.
| 01/04/2021
| 01/03/2021

Best water bottle made!

I received the Rtic 32oz water bottle as a gift after years of buying other brands. Well, It is my new bestie! This lives up to all of my expectations: keeps water cold for over 24 hours - (yes I experimented to see if it would); the drinking mouth and air flow vent lets water flow nicely and does not get clogged with ice; the handle is sturdy and well made for quick grab and go runs; and the stainless steel construction is top drawer! I have no need for any other bottle! The extra benefit was I was able to get rid of all the other bottles and make a lot of space in the closet!!!
| 12/23/2020

Love it, but..

I initially ordered a 60oz but it was a bit bulky to carry around at work so my husband uses that one and I got the 40oz. I love the 40oz, I just really wish it had a straw top option like the water bottle does because I have sensitive teeth and cold liquid hurts my teeth. I use a straw from another water bottle but the straw is snug in the hole so I have to shove it in the bottle to close the cap and unscrew the cap to use the straw again. While it may not be a big deal for some people, I would love a straw cap for it.
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