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| 06/28/2021

12 oz coffee mug in coral

I really like my mug! I will be using it while I'm camping.
| 06/24/2021

Excellent cup!

I use this cup to keep my coffee hot. I tend to sip my coffee for hours. It gets cold after 15 minutes so I heat it up, and it’s not as good. This cup is just what I needed! Love it!!!
| 06/23/2021


I love love my rtic mugs! Nothing better for the price. A little disappointed with how different the color Coral is from the pictures. In person the Coral mug is much closer to a NEON orange.
| 06/21/2021

Nice mug

I wanted to love this mug but then I tried to take it with me to work full of my freshly brewed coffee and it didn’t fit in my cup holder! The excitement of a cool new mug didn’t last very long. I do love the top suction as it locks in securely and the mug itself is great quality but unfortunately I won’t be using it for my commute which is what I originally intended for.
| 06/19/2021

LOVE the Style

My favorite coffee mug! Keeps my coffee drinkable for at least 2hrs. No having to get up from my desk to warm up 2 to 3 times. The purple color is beautifully vibrant, purple is my favorite color. I will be buying a couple more! Thank You RTIC
| 06/19/2021

12 oz Cofee Mug

I love my coffee mug it keeps my coffee so nice and hot.
| 06/17/2021


Works awesome. Keep it in my camping tote
| 06/16/2021

Love it!

I love my coffee mug. It really keeps my reshot for hours. Of you want one for the car try a 16 or 20 oz with a handle. That one I have is great too.
| 06/16/2021

Keeps coffee hot

My husband loves it. It keeps his coffee hot.
| 06/16/2021

Coffee cup

Love it. Keeps my coffee hot for hours!
| 06/14/2021

Great Mug

This mug keeps drinks cold for hours. The rim is comfortable to drink from.
| 04/06/2021

Great Cup

This cup keeps my coffee hot for hours. The one thing i was dissapointed in was its is too wide to fit in my car cup holder.
| 03/01/2021

Love it but...

I really love my mug and glad I found it but.....I am a senior citizen and find it really hard to get the lid off. I know a tight suction is good for keeping my coffee hot and all but wish the lid could have screwed on so it was easier to get off.
| 02/19/2021

12oz mug

This is an awesome mug it doesn't disappoint. Beverage stay Hot for hours. Real talk!! I'm so very pleased.
| 02/11/2021

Only mug.

Also, is the only mug I use for hot drinks anymore. If I use a teadition coffee cup it seem to go cold very fast. After chasing kids around, my coffee is still hot with this!. Only down is the dribble lid. Definitely buying more
| 02/11/2021


Love everything about it. Always my go-to cup. Only downside is as others stated. Lif dribbles. But it's not enough to keep me from ordering more!.
| 02/07/2021


A better lid with sliding open/close cover would be nice
| 02/07/2021

Great product

We liked what we ordered so much that we ordered more to give to good friends.
| 02/07/2021

Not impressed

After a couple hours your coffee will be barely lukewarm and the cup does not fit in a truck cup holder, spilled coffee everywhere..
| 02/04/2021

12 oz cups

These cups are awesome for coffee and hot chocolate. Keeps them warm for hours.
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