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| 02/19/2021


It is perfect for keeping food high and dry and drinks low and cold. We have two for our 45 and two for our 65.
| 02/17/2021


We love our basket for when we carry food or delicate items!
| 02/09/2021

GREAT Accessories

I bought the dividers and baskets. However, it did not occur to me that the 110 cooler would hold 3 baskets. I only bought two. So my advice to anyone getting the basket accessories for the 110 cooler order 3 baskets. The cooler holds two dividers and 3 baskets. And they fit great. Just wish I had known to get 3 so that is why I am strongly advising all purchasers of accessories for the RTIC 110 cooler order 3 baskets!!!!! Thanks for a great cooler and accessories.
| 01/25/2021

Great Accessory

This basket is an excellent addition to the cooler. I got one for my 45 and my 20; crest construction and fits perfectly in the cooler. It great for keeping things cool and out of the ice.
| 01/21/2021

Liked it

I love my new cooler and the basket. Unfortunately my basket came broken but it still seems to work and fit right in.
| 01/19/2021

Great idea

Tired of soggy sandwiches. This is the answer. Bought two. Fit across the top of the cooler perfectly.
| 01/19/2021

Perfect fit

Added this basket to my cooler and not sure why I waited so long after buying my cooler. Inexpesive but made well, fits perfectly and keeps my film (yes, film) dry but cool.
| 01/09/2021

Tricia 20 Basket

Is to small to fit like it should it falls inside the cooler
| 01/09/2021

Fits great

Ordered 2 for 65 & 20 65 was great fit but the 20 was way to small and falls Inside the cooler
| 01/08/2021


| 12/15/2020

Great fitment.

Fits perfect. Looks good.
| 12/10/2020

20 & 65 quart cooler baskets

Great, just as advertised.
| 12/01/2020
Bought two of these. One of them fit perfectly. The other one I had to press in. Still can't complain. Kept food out of the ice water.
| 11/12/2020

I love these!!

This is a fantastic cooler and basket for the money. I am absolutely thrilled at how well this works. I took it on a road trip. I bought ice once during my week long trip.
| 11/09/2020

No more smushed samitches

Game changer! Don’t have to worry about flat PBJ at the bottom of the cooler when the kids “reorganize” when getting drinks out.
| 11/09/2020


| 11/09/2020


I loved the basket on my recent trip to Big Bend National Park. It kept food items dry and cold. Well done RTIC.
| 11/09/2020
Fits perfectly. It does what I want it to do.
| 11/07/2020

Last cooler I will ever buy

This cooler is magical. It works as good as a refrigerator, really, not kidding. Took it camping as soon as it arrived, kept meat frozen for 2 nights, and we had to temper everything else before eating it, it was just too cold:) 2 lg gel packs, and a quart container frozen with water kept things extremely cold, even the night we returned from camping(too lazy to unpack when we returned). Camping temps were 80f in the day and 40f at night, this cooler will be the last one you will buy. Get the rack too, no more smashed fruit! Pure magic!!
| 11/06/2020

Perfect fit

This basket fits perfectly in the 45 size cooler. I really like the fact that it is not too deep to interfere with the drinks below it.
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