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| 06/28/2021

45 Quart Cooler Basket

This basket keeps food above the ice and works great! I wish I had purchased a second tray for the cooler. Highly recommend!!
| 06/27/2021

cooler basket

good product for what it does.
| 06/13/2021

Great addition to 45 cooler

Great addition to make most of space in cooler.
| 02/19/2021


It is perfect for keeping food high and dry and drinks low and cold. We have two for our 45 and two for our 65.
| 02/17/2021


We love our basket for when we carry food or delicate items!
| 02/09/2021

GREAT Accessories

I bought the dividers and baskets. However, it did not occur to me that the 110 cooler would hold 3 baskets. I only bought two. So my advice to anyone getting the basket accessories for the 110 cooler order 3 baskets. The cooler holds two dividers and 3 baskets. And they fit great. Just wish I had known to get 3 so that is why I am strongly advising all purchasers of accessories for the RTIC 110 cooler order 3 baskets!!!!! Thanks for a great cooler and accessories.
| 01/25/2021

Great Accessory

This basket is an excellent addition to the cooler. I got one for my 45 and my 20; crest construction and fits perfectly in the cooler. It great for keeping things cool and out of the ice.
| 01/21/2021

Liked it

I love my new cooler and the basket. Unfortunately my basket came broken but it still seems to work and fit right in.
| 01/19/2021

Perfect fit

Added this basket to my cooler and not sure why I waited so long after buying my cooler. Inexpesive but made well, fits perfectly and keeps my film (yes, film) dry but cool.
| 01/19/2021

Great idea

Tired of soggy sandwiches. This is the answer. Bought two. Fit across the top of the cooler perfectly.
| 01/09/2021

Tricia 20 Basket

Is to small to fit like it should it falls inside the cooler
| 01/09/2021

Fits great

Ordered 2 for 65 & 20 65 was great fit but the 20 was way to small and falls Inside the cooler
| 01/08/2021


| 12/15/2020

Great fitment.

Fits perfect. Looks good.
| 12/10/2020

20 & 65 quart cooler baskets

Great, just as advertised.
| 12/01/2020
Bought two of these. One of them fit perfectly. The other one I had to press in. Still can't complain. Kept food out of the ice water.
| 11/12/2020

I love these!!

This is a fantastic cooler and basket for the money. I am absolutely thrilled at how well this works. I took it on a road trip. I bought ice once during my week long trip.
| 11/09/2020
Fits perfectly. It does what I want it to do.
| 11/09/2020


| 11/09/2020


I loved the basket on my recent trip to Big Bend National Park. It kept food items dry and cold. Well done RTIC.
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