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| 10/06/2021

Perfect Addition to the RTIC 110!

Dividers fit perfectly. Makes the cooler sooo much more usable.
| 07/04/2021

Great handy addition!

This divider is a handy addition to have for my 20qt cooler. I use it to keep water and soda separate from the beer and/or other adult beverages. It saves you from searching too long for what you are looking for, and helps to save ice since the cooler isn't open as long. Highly recommend!
| 06/26/2021

Nice to have

I purchased the divider as an option to keep stuff from shifting around in the cooler. It is well constructed and fits snuggly in the slot.
| 03/16/2021

You need this

A must buy when you purchase a new RTIC cooler.
| 01/31/2021

Works as advertised

Received a hardside cooler 65 for Christmas, so I ordered this. Fits perfect, can't wait to use this during our camping trips this summer!
| 12/14/2020


The product is very good and really enjoyed it. I received it just in time for my camping trip. The only issue I have and its not with the product but with the credit company you use. I have yet to receive a invoice or email so that I can log in and start paying on your product.
| 11/30/2020


How many dividers can got in 65 cooler
| 11/09/2020

“You gotta keep 'em separated”

It divides and conquers! Nuff said.
| 11/09/2020


The divider works great to divide food and drinks. Down side is, couldn't use it as a cutting board as I'd hoped because pulling it out of the cooler to use it caused all the ice to fall and shift making it impossible to put back in without alot of effort. Still, love it!
| 11/09/2020

Fit perfectly.

It fit perfectly. I use it to separate different drinks. Works great.
| 11/04/2020

Not Properly Sized

This divider is a great idea but pressure from the cooler's contents force the divider out of its sleeve. The divider should be manufactured to fit so it is not allowed to move.
| 11/02/2020

65 divider

Order came quick. Just what I wanted.
| 11/02/2020


Fits perfect. Way better than the knock off brand divider.
| 10/27/2020

Cooler divider

Had to cut to make adjustment to fit perfectly.
| 10/21/2020

Look no further

Finally broke down and bought a new ice chest. I’ve made my old ones last more years than they were designed for, epoxy, wire, screws and many layers of Duct tape to name a few things I’ve used. Bought the 65 after much review and research. I’ll tell ya, couldn’t be happier with how it works and looks. Top quality manufacturing and great stylish looks too. I have used it several times since getting it and I think that I’m gonna retire my skill set for extending the life of ice chests. It keeps ice so well, that I was dumping ice when we got home from the river (100+ degrees) after several days. If you are wobbling about getting the divider, don’t, just get it. Fits great, works great for keeping thing separate and also great as a cutting board for those limes that go in those ice cold beers ( cans, no bottles at the beaches please) Bottom line, best cooler ever!
| 10/21/2020


I frickin love it!
| 09/25/2020


Showed up in a timely manner very pleased with the service
| 09/25/2020

Just right

well, the divider divides, perfect fit, nice and white. looks like I could use for a cutting board. good quality, I am looking forward to many years of use
| 09/22/2020

20 quart ice chest Divider

Fits nice into the slot of the ice chest. And it worked well as a cutting board while on a road trip
| 09/14/2020

Divider works wonders

Last year I bought the 65 for our trip to Glacier NP, this year I bought the divider and boy does it work. We fit 3 6 packs on one side and an entire weeks worth of food on the other side. Also did not have to drain the ice until day 5! This has by far been my best investment yet. I lived it so much I bought the 20 for my day trips
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