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RTIC 110 Quart Cooler Divider Thumnail

RTIC 110 Quart Cooler Divider


RTIC 110 Quart Cooler Divider

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RTIC 110 Quart Cooler Divider

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| 09/25/2020

Just right

well, the divider divides, perfect fit, nice and white. looks like I could use for a cutting board. good quality, I am looking forward to many years of use
| 09/25/2020


Showed up in a timely manner very pleased with the service
| 09/22/2020

20 quart ice chest Divider

Fits nice into the slot of the ice chest. And it worked well as a cutting board while on a road trip
| 09/14/2020

Divider works wonders

Last year I bought the 65 for our trip to Glacier NP, this year I bought the divider and boy does it work. We fit 3 6 packs on one side and an entire weeks worth of food on the other side. Also did not have to drain the ice until day 5! This has by far been my best investment yet. I lived it so much I bought the 20 for my day trips
| 09/11/2020

Great quality and design.

I'm excited to have a cooler that actually does the job. Not having to make constant trips for ice is very nice. The divider is a must, that I recommend. To eliminate the hassle of items burying themselves removes even more of the frustration.
| 09/08/2020

Good Product - My Mistake

This is a good product, however, I thought I'd ordered a 65 divider and not the 45 divider I received. I'm sure it would work great if I had a 45 Cooler!
| 09/07/2020

I recommend

Nice to have the option of compartmentalization. Also like having it to use as a cutting board when needed.
| 08/24/2020

Great products

Awesome products. Service amazing. prices unbreakable. Who needs a cooler named after a fictitious creature. Rtic for real
| 08/16/2020

Great Accessory

Received my RTIC45 as a gift, The Divider fits perfectly, makes the cooler all the more versatile for normal use, not just when you need to keep frozen for a week. My only downside was that the basket for the 45 was out of stock when I ordered the divider and pair of large ice packs. I guess I'll be placing another order
| 08/06/2020

Exceeded expectations

Took this cooler out on boat for the day with family. I also took my Igloo for comparison. By the end of the day the Igloo I’ve had melted with no one going into cooler. RTIC still had almost all of original amount of ice. Price is good got the quality, highly recommend this cooler
| 08/05/2020

RTIC 65 divider

Plain awesome, you can turn one side into a beer cooler the other into a fridge if you crack the right drain (ones high, ones low) 😉. Great for whole day trips on the beach surf fishing.
| 07/26/2020

145 Divider

Works good, fits great!
| 07/25/2020

perfect fit

I love this divider because it fits perfectly in my 45 Tan cooler. It will be great to put my beverages to the left and food to the right :)
| 07/23/2020

Perfect divider

This adds to the functionality of the cooler. Separate the His and Her beverages or bottles and cans from the food. Saves digging around looking for what you want. A must for the cooler.
| 07/16/2020

Amazing cooler

I was in need of a large cooler. After hours of revJews, and not wanting to spend the price of a Yetti, I decided to buy the RTIC 145. Pre iced it the night before. The next day we loaded it with ice, 4 cooler shock packs and the food and put it in the back of my F250. Due to the weight of it, we chose to leave it in the back. It sat in the 95° heat in direct sunlight for 3 days. At the end of the 3rd day, there was less than a half of quart of water in the bottom of the cooler. I have had a variety of different coolers, including Yetti’s. I will not buy anything but RTIC from here on out. We camp every weekend, and need a cooler that will hold up, and we have found it. Save the money and buy an RTIC.
| 07/09/2020

Great Cooler

Love this cooler, kept ice all 4th of July weekend in heat the of Florida! Thumbs up!
| 07/09/2020

RTIC 65 Divider???

Still waiting on the RTIC 65 Divider to become available? Please restock for purchase!
| 07/03/2020

RTIC 145 divider

Excellent quality and fit, perfect for our needs
| 07/02/2020

House wife

Got this for the camper to put the kiddos drinks in they love it. Just didn't get the basket you were out. 🙁
| 07/02/2020

145 cooler

Great price for huge ice chest , got here quick
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