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| 08/14/2021

Great bowl

I absolutely love this for my grand dog. I bought the large one and it was worth the price and size of the bowl. So thank you again for another great product.
| 07/06/2021


Love the dog bowl but need one Great Fane sized…..
| 06/30/2021

The Furbabies seems happy so far!

Been looking to replace some light weight stainless bowls with something more sturdy for a few years now... Researched options and it came down to testing the large RTIC bowl... to start for the water. In extreme heat (115f by noon) my dogs will consume more than what is typical and while I am accustomed to refilling and cleaning bowl daily I wanted a bowl that would hold enough to get them through more than one drink... (45 pounder and a 25 pounder). The large seems a bit small compared to the bowl I'm seeking to replace, and did fall short on ounces... but we are trying it out regardless to see how it goes... as it may be that the insulated bowl keeps water cooler and less is consumed. Eventually, will replace the kibble bowls for sure, definitely more than enough for dogs that graze when they feel the need. Sturdy design, weighted and does not slide around at all ... so I find it where I put it down and not somewhere else because it slide away as the pups are trying to drink! Also helps that its a brushed stainless so the dogs don't get spooked by reflection!
| 06/23/2021

Small request

I really like the way these bowls are constricted.... If you are looking for a sturdy well made dog bowl this is it. My only request is that you produce smaller bowls for small bread dogs. Looking forward to any response.
| 06/14/2021


I ordered this bowl for our German Shepherd. Its a solid deep aluminum bowl with rubber on the bottom. When my dog eats out of it, he is not pushing it across the tile floor as it stays where I placed it. I would definitely buy one again.
| 02/10/2021

Love these!

We absolutely loves these for our big dog. They’re heavy duty making it great for pups that tend to chew everything. We’ve had ours for almost two years and they still look new.
| 01/20/2021

Best Ever

This was my 5th Rtic Dog Bowl to purchase. I have replaced all 3 of my Labradors' food and water bowls with these (3 for food and 2 for water). These bowls work better than any other bowls that I have tried. They stay in place and are easy to clean. 100% satisfied.
| 01/11/2021

Worth the $

Not only are these the cutest dog bowls ever, they seem to stay cleaner for both food and water because of the curvature of the bowl.
| 01/11/2021

Great dog bowl

We bought the dog bowl for our hunting camp. The dog didn't hesitate to drink from it, Was wonderful
| 12/21/2020

Excellent Dog Bowl

We have three dogs and love these Rtic dog bowls. They look great and very well built. I looked at several others before deciding on these and could not be happier. We bought four of them.
| 12/21/2020

Good product, arrived damaged

This is a great dog bowl. I really do love it. I just wish the item didn’t arrive damaged. There’s a dent in the bottom side. Not a huge deal. I’m sure my dogs will do worse. Just was slightly disappointed.
| 12/19/2020


I live in Florida and it's super important for me and my dogs to have cool water in the summer. Bought the dog bowl because I love the tumblers for me. The bowl kept the water so cold - I always put ice in the water and now it doesn't melt!
| 12/15/2020

Dog Bowls

We got two!! These are great!!
| 12/14/2020

Great product.

This bowl is awesome. A smaller size would be a great idea. My dachshund is using the big one now, little smaller would be cool. Otherwise works great for my lab. Buy it!!
| 12/10/2020


Perfect to have
| 12/08/2020

Needs smaller bowl for smaller dogs!

Great bowl. Need a small bowl for a small dog. Why not make them?
| 12/06/2020
Love these water bowls. They look great and will last a long time and will hopefully never rust like others I’ve bought through the years. My only wish is that you come out with a bigger version. We have 3 dogs and they drink a lot of water, especially our Golden Retriever. Love you products!
| 12/02/2020

Awesome bowl

I bought one of these for an extra bowl when we upped our Golden game to three puppers. When the RTIC bowl was the only one being emptied I quickly realized that it was just liked by the dogs better. That is all I needed to get another as soon as they were back in stock. The dogs like them. And they look pretty cool.
| 11/30/2020

Big bowls for big dogs

These are great, no reason to spend twice as much for the Y brand. They are heavy and have a nice rubber feet/bottom for not sliding. I purchased 3 stainless ones for my large breed dogs.
| 11/30/2020

Great ice cream bowl

I'm gonna order one of these just so I can eat ice cream out of it without getting cold hands while watching tv. Sorry doggies.
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