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| 09/18/2021

Normal Person

This is my 2nd RTIC purchase. The first was one of the really big soft side cooler. This time I went compact. I needed a cooler to fit in a saddlebag on my bicycle. If my ride gets long and I run out of cold water, everyone with me suffers 😳. Sure this bag isn’t large. It’s actually fairly compact. Certainly big enough to hold 2 bottles of water. The fact that you can freeze the bag (it’s got freezable media inside) and then put cold bottles in and go is perfect. Also freeze the bag first, then put a 1 gal freezer bag full of ice inside…you have ice all day. You can probably tell I’m happy with my purchase, so happy I’ve purchased 3 of them…I really like having cold water. Hey it’s my life 😁
| 08/26/2021

Too small

I purchased a pair of these for my 6th grader to use carry his lunch Initial quality seems fine but they are just too small for a middle schooler’s lunch. Maybe grade school but only a very light eater.
| 08/11/2021

Love it but…

We love these so much but they’re just a little too small like said before fitting lunch Tupperware into it just doesn’t work. If it were a little bit bigger this would be a repeat purchase for us every year… Not that we would need to replace it every year we’ve had the ones we currently have for two years I believe
| 08/03/2021

Bad design

I got this as a gift and wish I had tried to use it before return period was up. It's on the small size, their bento box won't fit in it which is what it was given to me for. A normal size bottle of water doesn't fit either with the issue that follows. The gel that freezes is built into the bag which seems like a good concept until you freeze it and then try to use it. If you freeze it standing up, the gel settles at the bottom and is in a big clump so you can't really get anything in it. If you freeze it on its side, it's near impossible to open. Due to these issues, I haven't been able to use it. Overall, a very disappointing purchase since I have a few other of their items and love them.
| 07/29/2021

Nice but quite small

This is more of a snack bag. I couldn't fit a sandwich , bag of chips and a drink in it for my daughter. Very disappointing as she needs a good lunch tote to keep her lunch cold at school. If it was bigger, it would be perfect. It certainly keeps food cold.
| 07/24/2021

Nice little cooler bag

While I'm not returning it, this gel handle insulated cooler bag is exactly 1" too short. If it was 1" taller, you could put 3 bottles of water in it. As it is, you can only get 2 in it and even that is hard. It worked fine, but it would be so much nicer if it was taller.
| 07/21/2021


So I got this for my man, he works outdoors and has a larger lunch box. He can’t keep his food in a fridge so it just gets warm in his lunch box. (Fruits and cold things are a must for summer) we started looking into getting something to keep foods cold, and this was about the only thing I found, that looked good enough for what we needed. (Something compact that would fit nicely in his lunch box) Plus cheaper to buy on here! Don’t buy it on Amazon it’s twice the price. But anyways, it kept fruit cold, ham and cheese, avocado, pickles, etc. it fits a good amount, kind of small for a rectangular Tupperware container but good for a square one. Keep in freezer overnight and use the next morning. So I take it out the Freezer at 5:15am or so and it gets put into the lunchbox, then sits in there (while the lunchbox is outside) till about noon when he eats his lunch, and the food is still cold. I definitely recommend this.
| 07/12/2021

Small, probably not worth it

You would think that having the cold pack integrated into the bag itself would save space but it doesn't help that the bag is so small the space saving is marginal or nonexistent.
| 07/01/2021

Very durable & perfect for kids!

After 2.5 years of being thrown around on a playground and stuffed in a backpack, this lunch bag is still going strong! The zipper works perfectly and there is not one tear of the inside or outside. The velcro in the handles is losing grip, but, even that has outlasted my expectations. Afterall, it's velcro and to be expected after hundreds of uses. Also, this bag It keeps lunch item cool for a long time so I never worry about my kids' sandwhiches or fruit/veggies getting warm. It's a perfect size for them. Overall this was a smart buy and excellent value for the price which is so hard to fine these days. I've been beyond happy with this product.
| 06/28/2021

Not Wide Enough to fit Container

Perfect for sandwiches and a yogurt. However, b if you have a container holding your food, it most likely will NOT fit. Even the containers sold on this website do not fit. You have to freeze your lunch bag the night before. The best way is to freeze it open, which takes up too much room.
| 06/13/2021

Keeps cool but a little small

We are using this for camp lunches in Orlando (in June). It keeps the lunch cool so that everything is still cool at lunchtime. But I wish it was about 50% bigger so we could fit the whole lunch in it instead of just the cold stuff.
| 02/26/2021

perfect for school aged children

Lifesaver for school aged children! We love this.
| 02/15/2021

Lunch bag

It’s too small. Use occasionally but usually can’t fit what I need in it.
| 02/07/2021
Nice bag . Wish it was just a little bit bigger to get your average lunch container in it. Wider not taller.
| 01/20/2021

Not what I thought it would be

Says Gel handle lunch bag, more like water. When you fold it up and put in freezer, it's hard as a rock and one side is stuck down frozen. I can't put it in my freezer opened up. Does keep my stuff cold but limited on what I can put in it cause it won't open up fully.
| 01/15/2021

Easy lunchbag

My son likes this lunch bag because he doesn't have to fiddle with ice packs. Just pops it in the freezer the night before school. Easy to clean and the colors are cool.
| 01/14/2021

A little lunch

I bought this to take to work. We have no fridge so the insulation was needed , and it works great keeping my lunch cold. Unlike a lot of other reviewers I chose it because it is small! I didn’t want a big honking bag. It’s the perfect size. Wish it had a double zipper, but that’s minor. Love it!
| 12/27/2020
Nice bag. Wish it was 9 1/4 x 6 1/4 to get your common lunch dish in it.
| 12/21/2020


it really is a great product, the value compared to the competition is fantastic. I guess i should clarify that i'm talking about the lunch bag. i would like it to be just a little larger, 3/4" in depth and 1" in width. or maybe i shouldn't pack such a large lunch?? now that's an idea!! Durable, great value just a little large. well engineered.
| 12/19/2020

Well Made, But Small

It's definitely a well-made lunch bag. It's made of durable material with a durable inner liner. The handle is great. However, it's very small and doesn't hold that much. If you have a few things, no problem. We use it for our toddler's lunch. But if you are one who regularly uses plastic/glass storage containers for your food, this bag won't work. It's unfortunate because it's a nice bag. Rtic needs to make something a little bit bigger in this bag-style, rather than have to choose a larger, cooler-style.
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