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| 02/16/2021

Satisfied Customer

I did a lot of shopping around and for the money you can't beat RTIC. Durable, I can stand on it. Perfect size to hold my ratchet straps, reciever hitch ball mount, tow strap and fit on the floor behind my driver's seat in my truck. I own a variety of RTIC products and I am still a happy customer!
| 02/05/2021

Just perfect

I am very pleased with this case. The structure and design are not as typical as you may think and the foam inserts are well thought out and I found making adjustments a breeze - super clean cuts. Locking positions should have a metal collar, but are adequate and meet DOJ specs. The carrying handle is excellent. Perfect case, perfect shopping experience, and a class delivery from the RTIC team. Regards
| 12/03/2020

Excellent case

The best part about this product is that you don't feel like the latches are working against you. They lock well without being overly still or having an overly complicated latching mechanism. Of the several brands of case I'm familiar with, this is my favorite. I'll be buying more for all my needs. Hope they expand the line up!
| 07/24/2019

Awesome case

I purchased the 16in case and I'm really happy about it. At $27.00 for the 16 in case is a steal. I plan on getting a few more of them. Anyway time for a review. The case is well made. I can get up to 12 hand guns in it, 4 guns per foam layer. The latches are the best I'v which is e seen on hard cases. My only single complaint I have for the case is the pressure release valve, it's very small and harder to release pressure in the case compaired to another case. But at the current price it's an awesome deal compaired to a Pelican with the same dementions like the iM2300 Storm which is 118.00 more.
| 07/17/2019

Great Value

Money well spent!
| 06/18/2019

great case

Bought 2 of theses cases one for me and one for my brother in law Put my spotting scope and binoculars in it no dust great case lots of room for spotting scope and tripod and window mount on bottom and binoculars on top One thing there not F350 proof it did hold up well though only a long break down by the hinge on one side ordering a new one today to put the new glass in
| 06/04/2019

Great case

This case is great it’s well built plenty of room for 2guns with optics. I bought two only because they are discontinued so don’t hesitate like me I missed out on the tan cases!
| 05/21/2019


I purchased this case after finding a review video on YouTube. I was looking into a few other brands but for the money you cannot beat this. I was steered away at first bc I thought it was pluck foam but it is NOT pluck foam(on the 43") I'd say my favorite details on the case is the wide rubber wheels, very smooth and quiet. The latching system works flawlessly. Just an all around great case!
| 05/20/2019


This case is very strong and fits my 5.5 inch Browning Buck Mark Medallion. I chose this over the Flambeau HD case because it was cheaper and just as good, if not better quality. Thanks RTIC!
| 02/16/2019


perfect carry case for my handguns and ammo. Great value
| 02/12/2019

Custom Drone Case

I bought this case to customize for my drone...turned out great! This case really protects the drone and associated equipment.
| 02/09/2019

Quality and durable.

I purchased the 43” case. Best case I own hands down. RTIC hit it out of the park with their cases and didn’t cut any corners. I will definitely be buying a couple more. Keep up the quality work!!!!
| 02/07/2019


I just received 2 of these, they are solid units! Something that should be mentioned is that the bottom foam is 4 full size pieces, 3 at 1 inch and 1 at 1/2 inch thick giving you a lot of options. Well designed case, and more that worth the money!
| 02/02/2019

Very happy

Just received in the mail. Very high quality, I will be buying more while they are on sale.
| 02/02/2019

Awesome case

Nice and sturdy case, plenty of room for rifle and 2 handguns and a few mags. Love the ergonomic handle and treaded wheels for easy transport. Was really impressed with the shipping. Ordered Friday and got it next day. (but im in Texas as is RTIC). Will definitely by from again.
| 01/27/2019

Great case!

This case is built like a tank! When compared to the leading brand (the one named after a bird...), the handle is nicer, the clamps are heavy duty, and overall I like it better. It comes with two layers of pick and pluck foam for customization. My only opportunity for improvement would be for RTIC to offer one that is half as deep. I bought this for storage of a pistol and it only needs to be deep enough for one layer of foam.
| 01/25/2019

Top Quality Gun Case

The case is great, it seems very sturdy and durable. Will be buying another 43".
| 01/25/2019

Pelican quality, HALF THE PRICE

I cannot believe there hasn’t been a single review. These are INCREDIBLE cases. I have four of them. Solid as a rock. Great handles, foam, oversized wheels, and the construction is on par with Pelican. Keep it up RTIC!!!!
| 01/25/2019

paranormal case

perfect fit for the equipment I need to protect
| 01/23/2019


I received a different case for my action cam for Christmas, however, it was too small for my needs. When I looked to exchange it for a large case, the price was insane. So I started searching online and found RTIC. I just received the 18" case yesterday and am impressed. purchasing this item on sale is a great bargain and RTIC’s quality is comparable to other high-end manufacturers. I can not recommend them enough. I do wish they offered colors other than black in their medium cases.
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