RTIC 16" Carrying Case, Black Image
RTIC 16" Carrying Case, Black Image
RTIC 16" Carrying Case, Black Image
RTIC 16" Carrying Case, Black Image
RTIC 16" Carrying Case, Black Thumnail RTIC 16" Carrying Case, Black Thumnail RTIC 16" Carrying Case, Black Thumnail RTIC 16" Carrying Case, Black Thumnail

Waterproof Hard Case


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RTIC sets the standard for quality hard cases. Our cases make the perfect protective addition to hunter, musician, and military gear, scientific instruments and more. Our cases are virtually indestructible, look great and come with a limited lifetime warranty!

Protect your valuables from:
  • Dust, dirt and moisture
  • Collision, scratches and dents
  • A heavy amount of general abuse
Our cases are:
  • Made from tough light-weight polypropylene copolymer
  • Have a rugged o-ring seal that makes it air and water tight up to 3ft deep
  • Utilize an automatic pressure release valve so that it adjusts to its environment
  • ATA/TSA ready for airline travel
  • Lockable with comfort molded handles and spring loaded latches
  • Made in the USA

Our cases include convoluted foam glued into the lid with pluckable foam interior that allows you to customize the fit to anything you want to protect!


RTIC 16" Carrying Case, Black Dimensions

Ratings & Reviews


Based on 71 Reviews

| 12/04/2020

Best I ever used

So glad you brought this back. This is the best hard case bar none! Now how about some different sizes again????
| 12/03/2020

Excellent case

The best part about this product is that you don't feel like the latches are working against you. They lock well without being overly still or having an overly complicated latching mechanism. Of the several brands of case I'm familiar with, this is my favorite. I'll be buying more for all my needs. Hope they expand the line up!
| 12/02/2020

Yes theyre back!

I use my 16 and 53 hard cases in all kinds of weather and they hold up great. Bought on the clearance sale cant wait to get more
| 08/18/2020

Great products

Love my new 53” rifle case. Great and protected my custom build rifle. Online service was easy and quick delivery.
| 11/12/2019

Long Case

I bought the 53 last year for a hunting trip to Kansas, awesome case, you can fit three scoped guns in it, I wish they made a Bow case
| 07/24/2019

Awesome case

I purchased the 16in case and I'm really happy about it. At $27.00 for the 16 in case is a steal. I plan on getting a few more of them. Anyway time for a review. The case is well made. I can get up to 12 hand guns in it, 4 guns per foam layer. The latches are the best I'v which is e seen on hard cases. My only single complaint I have for the case is the pressure release valve, it's very small and harder to release pressure in the case compaired to another case. But at the current price it's an awesome deal compaired to a Pelican with the same dementions like the iM2300 Storm which is 118.00 more.
| 07/20/2019

Love It!

I bought the 16" hard case for my 2speed corded andis clippers, blade guarded, blades, oil, and clipper brush. I love the durability! It's absolutely perfect!
| 07/17/2019

Great Value

Money well spent!
| 07/13/2019

Great Buy

Picked up the 43" & 53" when they were 50% off. Wish I bought more and hope they become in-stock again. These are solid hard cases that I trust my precision firearms in. I feel confident tossing them in the bed of my truck and whatever is inside stays secured and dry. I would defiantly buy more and recommend!
| 06/18/2019

great case

Bought 2 of theses cases one for me and one for my brother in law Put my spotting scope and binoculars in it no dust great case lots of room for spotting scope and tripod and window mount on bottom and binoculars on top One thing there not F350 proof it did hold up well though only a long break down by the hinge on one side ordering a new one today to put the new glass in
| 06/04/2019

Great case

This case is great it’s well built plenty of room for 2guns with optics. I bought two only because they are discontinued so don’t hesitate like me I missed out on the tan cases!
| 05/21/2019


I purchased this case after finding a review video on YouTube. I was looking into a few other brands but for the money you cannot beat this. I was steered away at first bc I thought it was pluck foam but it is NOT pluck foam(on the 43") I'd say my favorite details on the case is the wide rubber wheels, very smooth and quiet. The latching system works flawlessly. Just an all around great case!
| 05/20/2019


This case is very strong and fits my 5.5 inch Browning Buck Mark Medallion. I chose this over the Flambeau HD case because it was cheaper and just as good, if not better quality. Thanks RTIC!
| 04/18/2019

hreat case

I have several Pelican cases and decided to give Rtic a try. I purchased the 22inch carry on approved at a great deal several months ago, prob paid $90. I am pleased with the case and would definitely recommend it to others. I wish the exterior was smooth like in interior so my stickers would stick better. Other than that no complaints.
| 04/08/2019


When are y’all GE larger sizes going to be available again! I’ve been wanting one for months
| 03/05/2019


When are these gonna be available again? I’ve been trying to get one but it’s sold out for months
| 02/16/2019


perfect carry case for my handguns and ammo. Great value
| 02/12/2019

Custom Drone Case

I bought this case to customize for my drone...turned out great! This case really protects the drone and associated equipment.
| 02/09/2019

Quality and durable.

I purchased the 43” case. Best case I own hands down. RTIC hit it out of the park with their cases and didn’t cut any corners. I will definitely be buying a couple more. Keep up the quality work!!!!
| 02/07/2019


I just received 2 of these, they are solid units! Something that should be mentioned is that the bottom foam is 4 full size pieces, 3 at 1 inch and 1 at 1/2 inch thick giving you a lot of options. Well designed case, and more that worth the money!
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