Ice Pack, Small, 2 Pack Image
Ice Pack, Small, 2 Pack Image
Ice Pack, Small, 2 Pack Image
Ice Pack, Small, 2 Pack Thumnail Ice Pack, Small, 2 Pack Thumnail Ice Pack, Small, 2 Pack Thumnail

Ice Pack (2 Pack)


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RTIC Ice is scientifically designed to provide maximum cooling at an ideal 23°F freezing point which allows maximum ice retention of any cooler. With the addition of RTIC Ice, the contents don’t have to be just cold, they can be colder than ice!

RTIC Reusable Ice utilizes a durable design that is break-resistant and shaped in a manner that reduces freezing time. RTIC Ice should be stored in a freezer for ease of access and will re-freeze in about 4-5 hours. RTIC Ice can also be used with ice to keep ice frozen up to 50% longer than an equal weight of ice would last alone.

RTIC Ice reduces freezing time and it works as an ice supplement in addition to regular ice to help ensure your contents stay colder for longer. Please note to obtain maximum performance, you will need to fill your cooler to the top with a combination of RTIC Ice and regular ice.

RTIC Ice draws out all the heat from regular ice, causing it to block together, preventing melting for hours, even days. To get the maximum block effect, pack your RTIC Ice on the bottom of the cooler then load your contents and regular ice so it can catch and re-freeze any melting water.

RTIC Ice is top-rack dishwasher safe, non-toxic, BPA free, food safe & reusable.

Multiple size options are available which means you can use RTIC Ice with everything from a day cooler to an RTIC 145:

  • Small: 6” L X 5 ½” W X 1 ¼” H, 1.1 lbs each
  • Medium: 8 ¾” L X 6 3/8” W X 1 ¼” H, 1.7 lbs each
  • Large: 9 ½” L X 8” W X 1 ¼” H, 2.3 lbs each
  • Extra Large: 16"L X 9¼" W X 1¼" H, 5.4 lbs each

Ratings & Reviews


Based on 121 Reviews

| 02/07/2021

Good Job

I ordered 4 medium of these to fit perfectly into my Day Cooler 8. I use 2 and keep 2 frozen. They keep drinks cold on overnight or 2 night trips and are easy to use.
| 12/21/2020

Ice packs

Nice, maintained shape didn't swell when frozen.
| 12/07/2020

Great cooler, a tad small

While the cooler is amazing the 8 can is a bit small for daily work lunches. When you add drinks and food it really doesn't fit. We also have the 20 can sized one and that's too big to carry daily. Wish there was one in between.
| 12/05/2020

Great Product

These 2 small ice packs keep everything cold in my RTIC cooler that I use for lunch. Best ice packs I have ever owned. After 12 hours they are still very frozen.
| 12/04/2020

Great gifts

I purchased these for my nephews for Christmas. We love ours, so I know that they will love them.
| 12/02/2020

Great Ice Packs

I have a bunch of these for my cooler and camp chairs. the small ones are perfect for the armrest cooler, and the large ones fit perfectly in the hard coolers. I'm detracting one star for the label, they are hard to get off (I had to scrub the glue with Goo Gone) and if you leave them on they can mildew underneath.
| 11/13/2020
Nice and compact ice packs works good
| 11/11/2020

Would buy again

I bought these along with the large size for our day coolers and was completely satisfied after the first use. They are durable and stay cold/frozen all day, a must when working outside for a living.
| 11/07/2020

Construction worker

It works great!!
| 11/05/2020

Ice Packs are cool

I received my new ice packs and like that they are thin but remain cold for a long period of time. Just like my other RTIC products these ice packs will work nicely with my new soft cooler.
| 11/02/2020


Basic ice packs. They work well and stay cold.
| 11/02/2020

Great Ice Packs

These ice packs work great. Well made quality product. I used them in the RTIC soft cooler and they stayed solid for over 12 hours on a fishing trip.
| 10/30/2020


I use them for my lunch with a small towel over it to separate food from ice pack. When I use my pack for beer I add ice to it. Love it
| 10/30/2020


Ice packs seem ok 1 week use
| 10/23/2020

Always cold

I use 4 of the small ice packs in my rtic soft pack 20 and they are always still frozen solid when I get home. I use my cooler for lunch just about everyday and work outdoors most of the time. Only bummer... I thought they would sit side by side but there is just not quite enough room, but still works to stand 2 upright and 2 on the floor. Still works great. Maybe I would get medium next time? Or both!
| 10/21/2020

Ice pack

Still almost completely frozen in cooler after 2 days 6 hours. Put 4 packs in 52 ultra packed full of food. Used no ice as we do not like water all over our food.
| 10/20/2020

Ice packs

Love the small ice packs keeps my soft 20 lunch box nice a cold all day and they barely thaw out. Keeps my food and drinks cold!! Very happy with them!!!!
| 10/19/2020


Best ice packs on the market and you can't beat the prices.
| 10/02/2020

Love the packs

Hard to go wrong with ice packs. I mix regular ice with the packs for a longer cold time.
| 09/26/2020

Great product

All those your camping or outdoor needs end up Rtic for good. Never go back! Great accessories and quality products.
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