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| 02/25/2021

Day Cooler

Well made and keeps our produce cold. Good size and light. Works great for shorter errands into town. Have not tested over a long period of time.
| 02/22/2021


I was truly impressed with this bag. The only drawback was the color. It seemed a bit more pink than coral. It’s all good though, I gave it to my daughter and she loved it. I will wait for another color to come back in stock.☺️
| 02/21/2021
This is a great tote at a great price. Keeps the water out when the waves come in.
| 02/14/2021

Perfect bag

We ordered the black bag, loved it so much we bought another one in Coral. These are a perfect size bag! Highly recommended!
| 02/03/2021

Great for short errands where you need to keep items cold

Well made and keeps our produce cold. Good size and light. Works great for shorter duration errands into town. Have not tested over a long period of time.
| 02/01/2021

Love this bag!

I can't say enough great things about this bag, it goes everywhere with us! I chose the Coral color & get tons of compliments on it❤
| 01/27/2021

Excellent value !!

Exceptionally good quality for affordable price point. Perfect for frozen food transport after shopping.
| 01/26/2021

$$$ well spent

I ordered this day cooler bag for my wife on her birthday. She loves it and has already used it several times. To show how much she loves it, her birthday was just January 1st!!! Exceptional quality and price, as always.
| 01/26/2021

Awesome Tote

Great size, nice color options, good price, quick delivery - winner!
| 01/26/2021


This bag is so awesome I ordered 2! It is going to be great for Kayaking and paddleboarding. So far everything I have ordered from here is amazing quality!! Thank you for making such amazing products!!
| 01/26/2021


Love this tote!!! I wish I had bought more!!
| 01/25/2021


I am so glad I purchased mine when I did. I love the light blue color. The bag was bigger than I thought it was going to be. It can hold soooo much. I use it when I go grocery shopping, fishing, and road trips. It is amazing. Big Value for a small price.
| 01/25/2021

Tote Bag

This bag is nice size and even though you shipped me the wrong color I kept the black one and hope to order another in the blue which was my original order but that's okay. I love the zipper pocket inside and look forward to using this often in the summer months.
| 01/25/2021

Too big

Bought these thinking I was going to use it for 4-20oz. water bottles I purchased from here, and it’s incredibly too big. I believe you should state the dimensions so us consumers would know. I did not want to hassle with getting it to a store to ship back for a refund. Hoping to find another use possibly for summer outings.
| 01/25/2021


I ordered these totes for taking down to Mexico to bring back the fish we caught. They were the perfect size but when we were hauling our fish back to the resort we stopped and put some ice in them to keep the fish cold. As we are walking the water is dripping out the bottom of the cooler. So if you don't want water coming out the bottom don't buy this cooler. This is sad as everything else is great.
| 01/25/2021

Not what I thought

This bag is RTIC quality so that is great. You can't use ice with this bag or it will leak, which makes it less versatile for me. I'm not mad I bought it as it will be useful with ice packs during roadtrips.
| 01/25/2021

Love this bag

Love this insulated tote! It is perfect for traveling and easy to carry. I’m looking forward to use it for all of our camping trips this summer.
| 01/24/2021
Quality! Love the color! This will be great!
| 01/20/2021

Expectations exceeded

I thought this would be useful for bringing perishables home from the supermarket. It is large enough to hold about two reusable grocery bags full of food. The best use we found was to keep six takeout meals piping hot from takeout restaurants. Expectations were definitely exceeded.
| 01/20/2021

Love it.

Like it because it stands up and doesn't fall over in the vechicle.
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