Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Image
Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Image
Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Image
Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Image
Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Image
Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Image
Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Thumnail Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Thumnail Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Thumnail Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Thumnail Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Thumnail Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Thumnail


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RTIC Jugs are stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated. Keeps your drinks ice cold longer - works great for hot beverages. Extra wide opening for easy filling, drinking and cleaning. Made with durable kitchen-grade steel.


Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte Dimensions


  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Maximum temperature retention & insulates hands from the cold
  • No Sweat ExteriorThe outside stays dry. No need for a coaster.
  • 18/8 Stainless SteelStrong stainless steel construction
  • Keeps Ice LongerHolds ice for up to 24 hours
  • Keeps it HotWorks great for hot beverages
  • Air Tight SealHeavy duty lid seal locks in the cold
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Based on 625 Reviews

| 01/06/2021

Great product

Love the product for the great price. Good to see better color choices.
| 01/04/2021

Needs some improvements

I received the gallon jug as a Christmas gift. After only a few uses I must say I’m very surprised. My old igloo thermos holds ice better. I did a test today and put an entire tray of ice cubes in the container at 12 noon. By 10:30 it had fully melted. I kept it in a 50 degree basement and drank from it 3 times. Great deal but very surprising build.
| 12/20/2020

Excellent product

As usual an excellent product and good pricing
| 12/20/2020

1 gallon jug

Good jug. No vent when pouring out of spout, hard to pour. Difficulty screwing top to jug and cap to spout. Got to take time to line up threads. Wide mouth- easy to add ice, can get your whole hand inside to clean. It’s alright I guess. The gallon jug is BIG.
| 12/18/2020

Great Jug

This thing is great for those super hot long summer days at the baseball park. It would be nice if the spout was a little wider, but not a big issue. I have bought several of these and given them to my employees that work in the summer heat all day.
| 12/17/2020

1/2 gallon jug

Bought for my husband for coffee. Preheated it with very hot water. After only 3 hours, he poured a cup, only like warm. Maybe a steel lid would work better than the plastic one? A bit dissatisfied. Love your cups thogh.
| 12/15/2020

Best investment ever

Best Buy ever for me this year! Sold all my other Hydroflask containers! Plan on purchasing other products from RTIC! Thank you from Waianae Hawaii 🤙🏽
| 12/14/2020

These are fantastic

Love them
| 12/13/2020

Great product

GREAT PRODUCT, but at $41.99 that is ridiculous!
| 12/12/2020

Perfect size for me and my guy on long trips

This is the perfect size for me and my boyfriend as we travel out west with our travel trailer !! Since COVID-19 began we have obviously Have not been going to any restaurants or any Diner’s or any coffee shops we’ve been making our own lunches and make it our own coffee drinks and lately this whole 2020 we have been drinking iced coffee and my boyfriend can I get a price coffee when we go on our daily trips… This will hold so much ice coffee for him and I with ice in it and I know it was going to stay cold for the 10 1215 hrs. at we’re gonna take another road trip just to get outside… I love the color I love the handle I love how you can screw it on and off with the handle it has a spout that you can drink out of a straw or rate from it it’s self it is very very user-friendly and I love it love it .... I cannot wait for him to open this up for Christmas I wish again I could take a picture of this to show you because the picture does not do it justice it’s really big and it’s awesome definitely worth the money and definitely durable sturdy and really great looking
| 12/12/2020

Love it!

I have admired RTIC's stuff and thought I'd order me some samples of things I'd like to give out as Christmas gifts. This jug is built so good. I love it. I have ordered more!
| 12/12/2020

One gallon jug

Great product! A repeat customer. Have now purchased 3 of these for grandsons and then have them engraved! Great gift!
| 12/11/2020

perfect jug

This jug is just what i needed to go hunting or play golf. Keeps my water super cold all day.
| 12/10/2020

Beautiful design, lackluster performance

I was quite excited to receive the 1/2 gallon jug, which I intended to use to store hot beverages while I'm skiing this winter. The jug is as aesthetically pleasing as a jug can be. The first thing I did when I took it out of the box was to test its insulating quality: 1) I filled the jug to 75% full with near-boiling water, waited a couple minutes for the water to heat the interior, then measured the temperature of the water: 179.5F. 2) I screwed the lid on tightly, and then let the jug sit inside (at 68F ambient temperature) for 9.5 hours. 3) I opened the jug and measured the water temperature: 107F. It's pretty, and I'll use it to store cool water. But given its lackluster insulating ability, this jug just doesn't compete with other thermoses I've used. For hot beverages, it doesn't come close to the old-school Stanley vacuum thermos that many of us have owned at one point or another. I wish it did...
| 12/10/2020


This keeps ice for a while when closed. I checked and 3 days later there was still a big chunk of ice in it. It's gonna be nice for traveling too. As much as I drink fluids, this is gonna save me a lot of time refilling. Wish I had this long ago.
| 12/08/2020

Great for cold, Hot not so good

LOVE the size of this container. The lid seals perfectly for a spill-proof container. We used it to pack brewed coffee for 2 days. We preheated the container for 20 minutes with boiling water. Dumped the water and added the pipping hot coffee as soon as it was brewed. The container traveled in the cab of the truck then was placed inside a house. 24 hours later it was cold. We were disappointed about this performance. No hope of keeping hot in outside colder temps. We were hoping to utilize it for hot soups and beverages but not sure it is going to work for this purpose. Will experiment with soups later to see if the viscosity of the liquid will help it keep hot longer. Cold beverages on the other hand have done very well.
| 12/07/2020

Great Jug & Awful Lid

The jug (5 Star) is well worth the money. The lid (1 Star) broke on the first drop and getting a replacement isn't possible. Would gladly pay a few more dollars for a lid quality that matches the jug itself.
| 12/05/2020

Great size

I bought the 1/2 gallon size for when I play golf. In the Texas 100 plus summer heat it’s so hard to have cold water in a 4 hour round of golf. This does the trick, four hours later I have the same amount of ice as I started with!
| 12/04/2020

Stops the crave!

If you are thirsty all the time then look no further, I'm so happy I got this I love my drinks and I always wanted a big cup so I finally got one and this will be great to have for those long trips or even short ones, stay hydrated.
| 12/03/2020

Not a full gallon of liquid.

This 'gallon' jug does not hold a US liquid gallon. The only problem this has is when I go to fill it up at my local spot, it releases 1 fluid gallon which will overflow and go everywhere when I am trying to fill it up. It will only hold about 3.6 Liters and not 3.79
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