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| 10/15/2021


I absolutely love everything about this jug!!!! Love the boot, the lid, the handle everything. The only thing I could ask for is A MINT BOOT FOR MY JUG!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider making a mint boot for the jug!!!!
| 10/09/2021

Worth it!!!

Not disappointed at all. I read some reviews about the drink hole being too small but it’s really not a problem. The durability and quality has been fantastic so far and I’m excited to continue using my jug every day!
| 10/07/2021

Lid spout pouring trick

Great jug. As many other reviewers have pointed out it would be better if the lid had a vent hole but I realized a workaround to give a smooth pour. If you flip the position to pour to where the spout is on the top then the spout is able to breathe as you pour and it is much smoother (though not intuitive and a bit awkward).
| 10/07/2021

A necessity for Long Distant Motorcycle Rides!

I use my one gallon jug as part of a hydration system that uses hosing and a Bite valve. Motojug houses my gallon jug on the bike, so I have ice cold drinks for 500 to 1,000 mile per day rides! It’s essential to keep hydrated and the RTIC is perfect for the job!
| 10/05/2021

Equipment operator

Love it
| 10/04/2021

great jug, bad lid

Jug works great, keeps water cold for hours in the summer. The hole in the lid needs to twice as big to allow water to come out faster. It could use a vent to stop it from having air bubbles when pouring. If they get a better lid figured out it would be 5 stars and I'd buy more and recommend them to everyone.
| 10/03/2021

I Love This Jug

Holds ice all day even when I refill it out of the water fountain at work. It’s always warm in the weld shop and I always have cold water
| 10/02/2021

Well worth every penny!!

Gallon is awesome it stays cold for well over a 12 hour shift so if your in LE or even security. Yes do yourself a fav and get it. Only thing I wish it had is an option to change the top to something with a straw. So Rtic if you reading this hint hint
| 09/26/2021

Good rugged jug

I work construction, even on the hottest days I can count on a cold drink in the afternoon with my Rtic jug. I have no problems with the top or handle. It's gone through its first summer, I hope to use it for many more
| 09/22/2021

Very nice!

Great gallon jug. keeps my water cool all day long. Only down side is the lid. If there was an option for a straw top it would be an easy 5 stars.
| 09/21/2021

Poor lid

The hole needs to be twice the size that it is. Also need to add a vent hole. The jug itself is great. Fix the lid and 5 stars.
| 09/14/2021

Lids needs to be redesigned

Would be 5 stars if the lid had a vent to make pouring/drinking from it easier. The jug is great, works as advertised. Please redesign the lid.
| 09/14/2021


Not saying you SHOULD roll it off the side of a step-side truck at 55mph but I would be lying if I said I didn't do that and the cantene just laughed it off
| 09/14/2021

Great hug!!!

Great for people who work outside!!! More color options would be great.
| 09/12/2021

Hard to drink

No vent so it is hard to drink out of. Other than that it’s great
| 09/12/2021

Need More Colors and the Lid - not so great

I really like the jug and have several - 2 this generation and one from the previous generation. The lid still needs some work - one of them leaks a little and the colors are really boring. Still a good deal and a good jug
| 09/09/2021

Just the Lid
| 09/07/2021

Good Jug

The jug itself is great. Keeps water cold, holds a lot. However, the cap/lid is not so great. The gasket loves to spin out from the lid, and there is no vent hole in the lid - making it incredibly annoying to drink from unless you remove the entire lid, or have a giant straw you want to keep cleaning. Still, not the worst product.
| 09/07/2021

1 gallon jug

Bought my gallon jug it’s awesome! I’m a truck driver and it keeps my water cold all thru my shift. I just wish y’all made a straw lid for this jug. It would make things a lot easier going down the road and drinking my water.
| 08/31/2021

Awesome Jug!

I bought this to take to work due to I love water and staying hydrated and I do not like the taste of the town water we have at work, so I bring my own. It keeps my water super chill and always have ice left over into the next day. My one & only issue is with the lid- but not like everyone else - I pour my water into a cup to drink at my desk. I really, really wish there was a straw lid I could purchase for this! That is all! IF I had a straw lid for it .... COMPLETE PERFECTION!!! Thank you for such an amazing product!
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