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| 04/02/2021

I love it!

I love the 1 gallon jug! It keeps my water ice cold, which is the only way I can drink it. I was amazed that Rtic's jug is under $100 which I cannot say about their competitors. It is worth buying.
| 03/31/2021

Good item

Love my 1 Gallon jug, I take it to work with me everyday. The only downside is the foam/rubble that goes over the handle. The company should make a more sturdy foam to cover the handle.
| 03/24/2021

Love it!

I try to drink a gallon of water a day and can handle that task better if the water is cold. Perfect jug for me, will keep ice all day.
| 03/22/2021


You're going to be impressed when you jug arrives! And each time you use it, you'll be glad you chose to purchase it.
| 03/07/2021

Excellent quality

Top notch and great customer service
| 03/04/2021

1 Gal Jug - Great except the lid

I bought the one gallon jug because I needed a source of hydration at work since they shut off the water fountains and the sink water tasted off. I went with the navy color and it looks great. No flashy logo, just a subtle R. The jug itself feels solid and well built. The stainless inside looks cleanly finished with just the one seam. The mouth opening is plenty large - I have fairly large hands and have no issues reaching inside to clean. Most importantly for me, it keeps water cold all day, without any ice. I'm sure you could easily last 24 hours of cold water using ice. Last positive is the cost. This is a very affordable option for the quality you get. This jug does the exact same thing for a third the price. Much more reasonable than the competitor (the name I can't remember, starts with Y...). The negative for me, like others have reviewed, is the lid. It looks good, but it doesn't feel good. It feels like cheap plastic that's going to break if dropped. The handle is wrapped in a foam tube, which although comfortable, feels like it's going to wear out fairly quickly. After just a few days, I can see it compressing and loosening from being carried. I think rubber would have been a better choice for durability. Worst of all the opening to drink from is WAY too small. It's about a 1/2" in diameter, so the flow comes out as a medium-trickle. About half of the time I get impatient and take the lid off to drink straight from the jug. A larger opening or a small hole to equalize the air pressure when drinking are really needed to fix this. Honestly, not even a fix - that's the way it should have been designed. It's a real shame cause the jug itself is fantastic but the lid seems like an afterthought. Or that they spent all the cost in the jug and only had a couple bucks left for the lid. I hope RTIC releases a better lid; I would gladly shell out for it. All in all, it would be worth 5 stars for the quality you get for the cost, but I took two stars off because of the lid. Pros -Looks good and cleanly finished -Feels durable and well built -Does what its supposed to do (keeps cold cold, keeps hot hot) -Cost for the quality cannot be beaten Cons -The lid is terrible and needs redesigned (poor construction materials, too small drinking opening, feels cheap)
| 03/03/2021

Better Lid

The quality just isn't there, the foam piece on the handle isn't going to last long. I hope the lid holds up
| 03/01/2021

1/2 Gal

Excellent product , great desing and very good looking once again RTIC overbuilt not over priced
| 02/28/2021

Love it

Great size and I love that it has a handle! I use an rtic plastic straw to drink out of it and the top goes right on without me having to remove the straw.
| 02/28/2021


1st I love your products, I would of have this a 5star for certain. Please go back to your R&D department, the lid spout is terrible, the flow rate could be bigger, and it would be nice to design a handle system to use when drinking out of the unit. You could make an add on that folds out to slip you hand in on the side of the unit.
| 02/23/2021

Great choice

I bought so I've been looking for something that held at least a gallon for work because I spend long hot days in the Sun during the summer and there was hard to find a place to fill up all the time. So I just fill this up with some ice and whatever I want to drink for the day and it lasts all day and then some. The only thing I wish was different was the design for the top other than that it works flawlessly and takes a beating as well
| 02/23/2021

Lid Issues

Great jug. Durable. Only issue I have is the pour spout on the lid. Water is slow to come out, and without a breathing hole it is splashy and inconsistent. Opening could be larger to avoid the need for a breathing hole.
| 02/17/2021

1G jug

I received the 1G jug as a Xmas gift. I LOVE the size and the length the ice stays intact to keep the water cold. If you like a good flow of water to come out, then you won’t like this jug. I personally dislike the size of the mouth piece, as it’s kinda small and wished it was a bit bigger for better pouring and actual drinking from it.
| 02/09/2021

Better lid

I would have given this jug 5 stars, but the lid quality is off. The lid alone fell one day when I was refilling and cracked. Had it fallen while on the bottle it might have broken more, but it was off the bottle. I'd like to see RTIC develop a better replacement lid maybe WITH A STRAW option. That would be a great improvement.
| 02/07/2021

Great for use in 12V fridges

I have a large (78 liter) 12V fridge/cooler and i use this jug for milk or juice. It stays cold the way I use it and it doesn't leak like milk jugs do. I will also make juice from frozen concentrate right in the jug. it's 64oz (1/2 gallon) instead of 70 ounces (2 liters) like the juice container recommends but it has more flavor! I don't own a normal fridge so this is perfect for me. Thank you for making it affordable!
| 02/05/2021

Excellent for the price

I have the 1 gallon jug. Works absolutely great for field work here in the desert. Does it hold ice for an insane amount of time? No. But it gets the job done as long as ya keep it in a shaded area. Mine has also taken a hell of a beating and is holding up great!
| 02/01/2021
Over the last 30 years I've gone through probably 15 or 20 Rubbermaid or whatever plastic drinking jugs. My wife gave me the Rtic jug because she knew I'd never get one for myself. Thing's awesome. I'd never go back to plastic, or even any other brand of jug.
| 01/30/2021


I bought a blue half gallon jug for my son's birthday! He loves it and takes it with him to work!!
| 01/30/2021

Excellent product

This is a great jug. It keeps water cold all day long and is nice and sturdy. The only thing I worry about is the lid. It seems like it could break easy but has held up for the month I have used it. I use this every day and am very happy with it.
| 01/26/2021


Amazing product, really kept my water cold for 5 days. No cap
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