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| 09/14/2021

Lids needs to be redesigned

Would be 5 stars if the lid had a vent to make pouring/drinking from it easier. The jug is great, works as advertised. Please redesign the lid.
| 09/14/2021

Great hug!!!

Great for people who work outside!!! More color options would be great.
| 09/14/2021


Not saying you SHOULD roll it off the side of a step-side truck at 55mph but I would be lying if I said I didn't do that and the cantene just laughed it off
| 09/12/2021

Need More Colors and the Lid - not so great

I really like the jug and have several - 2 this generation and one from the previous generation. The lid still needs some work - one of them leaks a little and the colors are really boring. Still a good deal and a good jug
| 09/12/2021

Hard to drink

No vent so it is hard to drink out of. Other than that it’s great
| 09/09/2021

Just the Lid
| 09/07/2021

Good Jug

The jug itself is great. Keeps water cold, holds a lot. However, the cap/lid is not so great. The gasket loves to spin out from the lid, and there is no vent hole in the lid - making it incredibly annoying to drink from unless you remove the entire lid, or have a giant straw you want to keep cleaning. Still, not the worst product.
| 09/07/2021

1 gallon jug

Bought my gallon jug it’s awesome! I’m a truck driver and it keeps my water cold all thru my shift. I just wish y’all made a straw lid for this jug. It would make things a lot easier going down the road and drinking my water.
| 08/31/2021

Awesome Jug!

I bought this to take to work due to I love water and staying hydrated and I do not like the taste of the town water we have at work, so I bring my own. It keeps my water super chill and always have ice left over into the next day. My one & only issue is with the lid- but not like everyone else - I pour my water into a cup to drink at my desk. I really, really wish there was a straw lid I could purchase for this! That is all! IF I had a straw lid for it .... COMPLETE PERFECTION!!! Thank you for such an amazing product!
| 08/28/2021

Texas run jug

I've used this to run Texas trails in 100 degree heat for years, Love this thing. Keeps water ice cold for hours, there is usually ice the next day when i leave it in my garage. Wide mouth makes it easy to load ice. Handle is sturdy. It's a bit big to run with, but at half full doesn't slow my run times much if any. My son broke the lid by hitting it with a sword in a martial arts class - short of that it has been indestructible. I just bought a new one. Wish I could buy just a lid.
| 08/23/2021

The lid

The lid is the only bad thing. Not a big enough opening. Everything else is good. Made well
| 08/16/2021


Everyone in my family has one for the boat! No more half full water bottles. No more trash! These are perfect for kayaking too😁
| 08/13/2021

1 Gallon

Amazing how well this works. I fill it up with ice and water and still have some ice 48 hours later. No issues with the spout at all. Have bought 2 more for family.
| 08/10/2021

1 gal.

OMG. Boy was I surprised. After the first day I acquired my RTic 1gal jug. Welding all day. And to reach over time after time and have ice still in there. Finally I have found my last jug I will ever need to buy and hopefully get more things as a gift. Thank you
| 08/08/2021

Redesign the Lid

The jug is great, but the lid needs to be redesigned. Increase the size of the drinking spout. It needs to be wider to let more water out at one time.
| 08/04/2021

Not as good as espected

The insulation doesn't seem nearly as good as my RTIC mugs. 1/3 full of ice at 7 AM, all ice melted by noon. The Jug was not in direct sunlight. After a few years with the mugs, this was pretty disappointing.
| 08/02/2021

1 gal

Got this for my husband a year ago. So here is our review. We love the jug. We don’t have any issues with the spout as some have mentioned. It doesn’t require ur whole mouth over it to drink from. Keeps ice for a good 36 hours. It slowwwwly melts. Keeps the water cold and fresh also in that amount of time. Our 1 problem lowering to a 4 star is the gasket. It swelled up/weakened over time. It doesn’t really have a good STOP signal when twisting the cap back on so it gets twisted on pretty tight before you notice any push back from the gasket. So we have a leak if it falls over in the car. Trying to order a replacement now. Overall I’d recommend the 1 gal for sure.
| 08/02/2021

This thing is amazing

I know a lot of people didn’t like the spout but I don’t see a problem with it. This jug is a game changer for me, I work in a BIG factory that’s hot ALL the time. Having a water jug that can keep ice for 36 (yes, 36) hours in my tool bag which is in my tool box which is next to a hydraulic skid that is heated if it drops below 50°C and runs a lot hotter than that, is amazing to me. So amazing that I bought another (along with an extra lid and set of gaskets) so I won’t be without it if something happens at work. Thinking about getting a couple of the gallon jugs too. I can’t stop recommending this thing at work.
| 07/30/2021

1 gallon

1 gallon jug was great.
| 07/29/2021

The jug

This jug is the truth! It keeps ice for 3 days and it's the best thing I've bought.
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