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| 06/29/2021

15 can day cooler

Got the day cooler to use as a lunch bag,I work in a extremely hot factory, I keep the cooler in my locker ,I also got the 2 pack small ice packs,I pack a frozen microwave lunch with the ice packs at 5:30 in the morning and it is still frozen at 3:00 in the afternoon. This cooler is AWESOME!
| 06/26/2021

Love this backpack

This backpack cooler is perfect! I spent weeks looking for a cooler that holds equivalent to 10 -15 cans without being too big and bulky AND costing a fortune. This cooler checks all the boxes. I have not tested cooling for more than few hours hike... but that is all I need. Plus it comes in cute colors (and camouflage!)
| 06/26/2021

Perfect for us!

Love this cooler! It was the perfect size for our family. Taken to the beach and ballpark and so easy to tote.
| 06/25/2021


I like me the bag smaller than what I actually thought.
| 06/22/2021

Great little cooler

I bought this for my daughter’s softball tournaments. The 52 qt RTIC stays in the car and I go back and restock the backpack as needed. One of the RTIC large freezer packs does just fine keeping things cold. Spent the day at an amusement park and went back to refill it once during the day. Had cold drinks all day long!
| 06/20/2021

Holds cold

Holds cold well. It’s kinda on the small side and hard to get in and out of with ice packs in it.
| 06/17/2021

Love it!

We use this backpack for all of our activities. Whether we are hiking, camping, roadtripping, etc. It is so helpful, lightweight, and packable. We really like it.
| 06/13/2021

Good cooler

Love the color keeps things pretty cool
| 06/13/2021

Convenient cooler

Love this cooler backpack! The extra pockets/compartments are so convenient for keys, cards & sunscreen for pool/lake/beach days! The only reason i gave it a 4 & not a 5 is because I wanted the larger size but it’s sold out.
| 06/13/2021

Bag for busy mom

Loving this bag as a summer go to for my pump parts and pumped milk. I use the Bella baby pump with spectra cera cups. I can fit all parts, one small RTIC ice pack, and my expressed milk in this bag. Which is perfect when I have to pump in between work and my kids activities, on a girls weekend to the wineries, and weddings. got the coral color and get tons of compliments.
| 06/13/2021


Love the cooler. I just wish the straps were longer.
| 06/10/2021

Awesome cooler!!!

Couldn’t be happier with my cooler. Yes it’s designed for ice packs but that helps you fit more in it. If you use regular ice, it will leak on you so be careful about that. Other than that I’m very happy with my purchase.
| 06/10/2021

Great for hiking, boating, etc.!

Took it out on the boat with us and it was great that I could throw it on my back and still have my hands free to carry other items.
| 03/31/2021

Cooler Can Leak With Ice

When I purchased these backpacks (50 of them), there wasn't a warning that they are intended for icepacks, not ice. A portion of the backpacks I bought for customers have started to leak all over once the ice starts to melt. Beware when purchasing this item. You may want to buy the one thats double the cost to avoid leaks.
| 03/30/2021

Good cooler

Good cooler i use bag ice in it .had it two years .keeps ny drinks and lunch cool 90 degree weather . Durable i throw it around a lot. Has some storage pockets .
| 03/11/2021

Perfect for Construction Worker

I purchased this for my husband when he started working in construction. He needed something that could keep his lunch cold all day since he doesn't have access to a refrigerator on site. It keeps his lunch cold for hours even when sitting in the sun! We do put a bunch of ice packs in there but the insulation is amazing! Even with the ice packs it has tons of room for his lunch tupperware, two drinks and lots of snacks. The extra pockets are also great for holding his wallet, keys, water bottle, etc. Also not to mention he's the cool guy at work with the "nice lunchbox". Haha!
| 02/27/2021

This is awesome

I got this as a safety award at my job 2 years ago and have used it as my go bag ever since. I keep my lunch and everything else I need in it (medicine, can opener, charging cables, etc). Still in perfect condition. Going to get my husband one.
| 02/25/2021


This is the best bag we have found that works for my husband working long hours and traveling. This is our 3rd bag we have purchased because the only down fall has been the zipper. I know nothing last forever but it has been why we are on our 3 bag. This was a great find.
| 02/11/2021

Camo Backpack Cooler

10/10 recommended this cooler! I was a little worried it would be the cheesy camo print, it’s not thank goodness! So far it’s very durable. We use ice packs with the cooler as the zipper isn’t waterproof. All in all it’s a great little cooler for under $50. Perfect day cooler for the beach or a hike.
| 02/06/2021

Just what I needed

This is the perfect size for a couple's day hikes and/or my big daily lunches! With two medium ice packs it keeps beverages ice cold all day long! Nicely made and very good looking.
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