Lightweight Backpack Cooler Image
Lightweight Backpack Cooler Image
Lightweight Backpack Cooler Image
Lightweight Backpack Cooler Image
Lightweight Backpack Cooler Image
Lightweight Backpack Cooler Thumnail Lightweight Backpack Cooler Thumnail Lightweight Backpack Cooler Thumnail Lightweight Backpack Cooler Thumnail Lightweight Backpack Cooler Thumnail

Lightweight Backpack Cooler

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Our Lightwight Backpack Coolers come in a 32 Can and 52 Can capacity. These backpacks have plenty of room to store what you need to keep cold for up to 24 hours. Two mesh side pockets for easy access & storage of water bottles. The top lid has an interior mesh pocket perfect for dry snack bag storage. The outside is made of heavy-duty polyester with an interior utilizing high density insulation.

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| 01/06/2021

Backpack cooler

Love the cooler an service is great
| 01/05/2021

Wife acquired

I bought it to take drinks to softball practices but my wife borrowed it for a field trip with the kids and never returned it. I loved it ice pack and 4 drinks. She uses ice block then drinks then ice block and snack pack lunches. When they got back that nights the left over drinks were still cold.
| 12/29/2020

Zippers Break...RTIC Won’t Replace

This cooler was great! I used it one or two times for simple hikes and kept it very well maintained. I went to use it about 6 months after purchase, and the top (main) zipper now won’t work...if you do it very carefully (~5 minutes) it will close, but any resistance and it will open back up. I contacted RTIC and they informed me it’s only a 90 day warranty on these. I was pretty bummed since I have given them a lot of business in the past, but disappointed they won’t stand by their products when it’s clearly a manufacturer defect.
| 12/21/2020

Great gift

I got this for a gift and they loved it it’s the perfect size to hold all there things I would suggest getting one if you are looking at getting one.
| 12/19/2020


Does not hold ice. Bottom leaked all over car. Would not recommend.
| 12/17/2020

Absolutely love these

I have bought 2 for myself and 3 for gifts. Mine goes everywhere with me. I have enough ice packs to rotate out. Never buy drinks when at work or out running around. Pay for themselves quickly if you use them. Perfect amount of pockets. Please never stop making these.
| 12/16/2020


Bought one for my husband who travels a few times a week. He uses it often, the backpack keeps everything cold, doesn’t sweat or leak. Bought 4 more for Christmas presents ! Love RTIC products!
| 12/16/2020


awesome product. I totally love this cooler.
| 12/12/2020


I purchased 3 items including this cooler on Friday night and received it Saturday by noon! Genuinely impressed with how fast this was delivered!
| 12/12/2020

More than I expected ...

packed to the gills and this backpack is way way way bigger it holds so much ice so much c this 15 key in backpack is way more than I expected it to be it is really really awesome… My boyfriend and I go camping out west all the time and we camp in New England mountains and we have been taking long day rides since COVID-19 started ... and I am a foodie big time !! And I will be able to fit 15 cans of soda or beer or whatever I choose plus a bunch of sandwiches , snacks, ice, meatloaf , chicken , salad pretty much Nything I want !!!! Plus it has ample pockets for your loose bills or walker , keys , bandaids cell phones, and much more !! I can use this for a wknd of tent camping and dry camping in my trailer no problem !!! It’s way bigger in person than on the website ... so this is perfect for family with kids who r always hungry and thirsty !! Perfect for hiking and biking to the beach or 4th of July festivities or for hanging out with friends at a bon Fire ... I love the ease of just packing and putting it on my back and going on my adventures ..... one more thing .. during covid -19 .... I got this because I visit my mother outside 12 ft apart and pack her a lunch and drinks and snacks so she won’t want to go to a restaurant to eat ... so having food readily available for my 80 year old Alzheimer’s mother is so perfect .. it’s a great divertion for my situation ... I highly recommend this .. it seems pretty sturdy durable and I do love the zippers.. they have good t-like bar that is easily able to zip open ... if I could post a photo I would ... that’s all for now
| 12/11/2020

I love it but...

I love this backpack day cooler, I use it several times a week to load up beer and Fireball to head over to my neighbor's house. The only problem that I have a complaint about is the quality of the thin nylon material and sewing in the front zippered pocket divider/pocket. Within 3 months, and without much usage of the pocket, the hemmed top lip on the inside divider has ripped. Thus leaving what is an awesome product looking like it was poorly made. Other than that, it keeps the beer and Fireball cold.
| 12/08/2020

Just got it a week ago

It looks good, but it would be ludicrous to write a review based on it just sitting next to me on the shelf for a week. I guess I can give three stars for now. I have RTC hard and soft coolers and they are five star units. I like them as well or better than other high end coolers we have. I will come back and write a review after I have put some miles on it.
| 12/06/2020

Other products are great this one failed

Have several Rtic coolers both hard and soft, and have been extremely pleased with all other products, however, this one leaks profusely. I had been using the ice packs in it so didn’t notice the leaking until put actual ice in it. Unfortunately, that happened to be when taking road trip so it leaked all over back of car.
| 12/05/2020

Soft Pack 20

Love this for my kayak. It’s the perfect size and is very durable. The zipper is a little stiffer than I expected, but it is getting better with use and lubricant. Great product!
| 12/04/2020

Good Value

Good sturdy construction. only got it for late fall but it can pack my lunch plus all the heavy accessories for stand hunting that caused my previous soft side cooler seams to tear out.
| 12/03/2020

Proud owner

I bought 2,one or a great friend and I,This is absolutely the perfect cooler for any occasion,I use mine for work .
| 12/02/2020

Great cooler

Love everything about it. I just wish the zipper would hold up
| 12/01/2020


Been impressed with the durability of this product Goes with me everyday everywhere
| 11/30/2020

Will stay here again in the near future

Awsome cooler and so far used it once and kept my goodies cold for a long time, been telling my friends about this buy hopefully they will fallow and buy from you guys so I rate this product 100 stars out of 5
| 11/09/2020

You get what you pay for...

I own various Rtic products and really like them but I have to say I'm extremely disappointed with this product. I used it twice and had to throw it out because it was leaking.
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