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| 03/31/2021

Cooler Can Leak With Ice

When I purchased these backpacks (50 of them), there wasn't a warning that they are intended for icepacks, not ice. A portion of the backpacks I bought for customers have started to leak all over once the ice starts to melt. Beware when purchasing this item. You may want to buy the one thats double the cost to avoid leaks.
| 03/30/2021

Good cooler

Good cooler i use bag ice in it .had it two years .keeps ny drinks and lunch cool 90 degree weather . Durable i throw it around a lot. Has some storage pockets .
| 03/11/2021

Perfect for Construction Worker

I purchased this for my husband when he started working in construction. He needed something that could keep his lunch cold all day since he doesn't have access to a refrigerator on site. It keeps his lunch cold for hours even when sitting in the sun! We do put a bunch of ice packs in there but the insulation is amazing! Even with the ice packs it has tons of room for his lunch tupperware, two drinks and lots of snacks. The extra pockets are also great for holding his wallet, keys, water bottle, etc. Also not to mention he's the cool guy at work with the "nice lunchbox". Haha!
| 02/27/2021

This is awesome

I got this as a safety award at my job 2 years ago and have used it as my go bag ever since. I keep my lunch and everything else I need in it (medicine, can opener, charging cables, etc). Still in perfect condition. Going to get my husband one.
| 02/25/2021


This is the best bag we have found that works for my husband working long hours and traveling. This is our 3rd bag we have purchased because the only down fall has been the zipper. I know nothing last forever but it has been why we are on our 3 bag. This was a great find.
| 02/11/2021

Camo Backpack Cooler

10/10 recommended this cooler! I was a little worried it would be the cheesy camo print, it’s not thank goodness! So far it’s very durable. We use ice packs with the cooler as the zipper isn’t waterproof. All in all it’s a great little cooler for under $50. Perfect day cooler for the beach or a hike.
| 02/06/2021

Just what I needed

This is the perfect size for a couple's day hikes and/or my big daily lunches! With two medium ice packs it keeps beverages ice cold all day long! Nicely made and very good looking.
| 01/29/2021

Good Enough

I have had my backpack cooler for about two years now; and it is time for a new one. This is my 3rd backpack cooler and the two previous were not RTIC but lasted around the same amount of time. In returning to the website, I am hesitant on purchasing the same one. Two weeks into owning my backpack, I had frayed treads all over the top of the pack, but after two years it has held together until now, the top strap broke off, and one of the arm straps is almost all the way off at the top stitching; it is the side that I typically carry it on. The mesh pockets separated from the elastic in multiple places these separations started long ago but have survived enough to still hold a water bottle and coffee tumbler. I use the backpack as my lunch box it goes with me everywhere, so it makes it out to my truck, I carry it into the office, I carry it into my work truck, I drag it out to the site and then back to home the same way; it is handled often. I have never considered using actual ice in the pack; I would not do it; I have a couple rips inside; use ice packs. I use two good sized ice packs and it keeps my food and drinks cold all day even during the summer months here in Arizona. Hint; start cold; stay cold. Don’t throw a warm drink in there and expect to get cold in time. My recommendation to RTIC would be to improve the stitching, I don’t know what you can do about the mesh, perhaps use double stitched double cloth with elastic in the cloth instead. The side pockets are almost useless when you place a water bottle in the mesh pocket. I use an RTIC water bottle and place it in the mesh pocket, however the bottle falls out, I use a carabiner from the top strap to water bottle lid to keep it in place; perhaps you can incorporate one. The bag could be a little wider; enough to be able to use a standard sized food container without forcing it, especially when you have a water bottle in the mesh and something in the side pocket. Overall, I think the backpack did its job. It lasted me two years at work with heavy use. If you have a “light” use for it, then it should last you a long time. My hesitation for a new one is because of those reasons I detailed as recommendations. I am looking for one that meets my needs. I also use the front pocket for things like medicine/Advil, napkins, forks, first aid, things I might need; the pocket is not really that big, but perhaps maybe big enough. I want to be able to stuff one bag with everything I need and go… and hold. Also, I don’t want it to be too oversized. I’ll probably just get another one.
| 01/28/2021

very happy

I love the cooler it is great i wish the pockets on the side where a bit larger but over all i am impressed
| 01/23/2021

Back pack cooler

Got it for my wife and she loves it.
| 01/22/2021

Great product!

Great product works just as one would expect. This unit is very comfortable when used as a backpack. I could carry it on an all day hike with no issues.
| 01/19/2021

Son loves it

Got this for son for Christmas he loves it He took it on trip used it as actual backpack then used on beach for cooler ! Great quality great price
| 01/17/2021

Best backpack cooler

Purchased this backpack cooler for my husband so when he leaves for work he has one less thing to hold in his hands. He is a truck driver and travels all over the island so this is perfect for him. He usually leaves around 6am and arrives home around 6pm and his cooler is still cold.
| 01/15/2021


I bought this for my trip to Hawaii in April. I wanted a cooler my kids and I could easily take on a plane and pack to the beach. I'm pleased with it so far, but time will tell how well it stays cool on the beach!
| 01/14/2021

Navy & black Backpack

Love it!!!
| 01/13/2021

Cannot wait until summer

I am so excited to get this backpack cooler. Cannot wait until summer to use on our kayak trips. Seems very well made and I can see it has a lot of room and extra pockets for other supplies
| 01/13/2021

Backpack cooler

Love it!!!
| 01/12/2021


Perfect size for a personal cooler fishing all day on the creek! These are awesome!
| 01/06/2021

Backpack cooler

Love the cooler an service is great
| 01/05/2021

Wife acquired

I bought it to take drinks to softball practices but my wife borrowed it for a field trip with the kids and never returned it. I loved it ice pack and 4 drinks. She uses ice block then drinks then ice block and snack pack lunches. When they got back that nights the left over drinks were still cold.
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