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| 11/12/2019

Long Case

I bought the 53 last year for a hunting trip to Kansas, awesome case, you can fit three scoped guns in it, I wish they made a Bow case
| 07/20/2019

Love It!

I bought the 16" hard case for my 2speed corded andis clippers, blade guarded, blades, oil, and clipper brush. I love the durability! It's absolutely perfect!
| 07/13/2019

Great Buy

Picked up the 43" & 53" when they were 50% off. Wish I bought more and hope they become in-stock again. These are solid hard cases that I trust my precision firearms in. I feel confident tossing them in the bed of my truck and whatever is inside stays secured and dry. I would defiantly buy more and recommend!
| 04/18/2019

hreat case

I have several Pelican cases and decided to give Rtic a try. I purchased the 22inch carry on approved at a great deal several months ago, prob paid $90. I am pleased with the case and would definitely recommend it to others. I wish the exterior was smooth like in interior so my stickers would stick better. Other than that no complaints.
| 04/08/2019


When are y’all GE larger sizes going to be available again! I’ve been wanting one for months
| 03/05/2019


When are these gonna be available again? I’ve been trying to get one but it’s sold out for months
| 01/21/2019

Great Case!

Bought this case for my Nikon cameras and lenses for traveling in June 2018. Great quality and very durable. As advertised, a bit smaller than a standard size carry on suitcase, so it fits overhead and under seat as needed. My camera equipment has been very well protected!
| 12/09/2018

Great gear, but need replacement foam

I love this case! I use it as a portable music rig. My only issue is that I can’t find replacement foam for it. RTIC doesn’t seem to have that for sale individually yet. I recently changed some of my recording gear and it doesn’t fit into the mold I originally created.
| 10/16/2018


Using the cases to carry submersible remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and their accessories. Cases appear tough and ready for a hard life. A little heavy but not unmanageable. Highly recommended.
| 09/14/2018

22” hard case

I ordered two cases...solid, well made, sturdy.....I am very happy!
| 07/20/2018

Other sizes

Yes I was woundering if your Company makes these type of cases in a 30 to 36 or 40 as well as a 53
| 04/15/2018

World traveler RNVPOFC

I’m taking a chance on buying this case, might be a bit heavy for my travel. The soft case coolers are fantastic.
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