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| 07/20/2021

Awesome cup

I haven't even tried my coffee in it yet but it kept my Gin & tonic cold. 😳🤣, which made me a happy happy girl. And so glad it didn't leak all over like that overpriced piece of crap that I bought that leaks and doesn't keep drinks hot or cold🤨😡, and my husband loves the cooler that we got he uses it for his lunches. I just recently bought the 4th of July bundle amazing deal !
| 07/05/2021

Perfect travel mug

I loved my travel mug. Coffee stays super hot. Fits perfectly in my Jeeps cup holders. It disappeared one day 🙄. Time to replace.
| 07/03/2021

American pride

I love the patriotic symbolism.
| 06/26/2021

Love it

This is my favorite coffee mug/travel cup of all time !! An hour after I fill it I have to open the lid so it’s not too hot as to burn my tongue !! Love RTIC !!
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