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| 08/11/2021


I bought one of these backpacks a year or so ago. It was THE best backpack ever. But my son wanted a different color so I bought another this year. They have changed the style so much. It's smaller. It doesn't have as many pockets. It doesn't have the rain cover any more. It looks like it might still be as durable, but we won't be finding out. I have to order something else. I wondered why it hadn't sold out. Now I understand. I am very disappointed. I would not recommend this backpack anymore. :(
| 06/30/2021

Very nice backpack

This backpack has plenty of room and holds everything we need. My husband is using it as a carry on for all of his essentials for our next trip. RTIC products have always held up very good for us so I was happy to find it on their website when in the market for one.
| 06/27/2021

Love this pack!

My first summit pack was destroyed in a fire. I ordered a replacement immediately. The pack is light and comfortable to wear. Holds everything I need and more~
| 06/14/2021

Great…but zippers

These have been heavy duty, high-capacity bags for my kids in high school. They are rugged on the exterior and have tons of space for books and laptops. The only issue is that the zippers break too easily. I went on Amazon and bought replacement zipper pulls. Just bought another backpack, and I’m hopeful that RTIC’s zipper emplacement has improved.
| 06/09/2021

A sad step down

Just replaced my original summit backpack due to an accident. What a disappointment!!!! Only 3 pockets, the original has 6. No water proof bag , no ear bud or charger port, zippers are way less durable, and the carry handle on top is shorter. Overall not good. My family is an rtic family from coolers to cups, jugs, to bags we always choose rtic but I honestly would of shopped around if I knew I'd be getting a lesser version of what I originally had.
| 03/21/2021

Great pack!

I use this for work and it is light with plenty of protection and room for my laptop and supplies. I highly recommend this backpack.
| 02/08/2021

Great Backpacks

I love these backpacks. The quality is great and they hold a ton of stuff. Both my junior high kids use these and fill them up and they last for years. I will continue to buy these.
| 01/23/2021

Great Bag but...

We ordered this bag for my father n law. We loved everything about this bag except 1 thing. The RTIC patch on the front is crooked. Not just a little bit, extremely noticeable. We were surprised by this considering all of the previous items we've bought have been great. Other than that its great.
| 01/07/2021


Love it
| 12/19/2020

Amazing bag

I was replacing my work book bag and I was so happy when I got this on Black Friday! Honestly the best $50 I’ve ever spent! This bag has so many pockets and you can really fit ANYTHING in it. I was so impressed when I got it. It’s heavy duty but doesn’t feel heavy when you put it on. The zippers are nice because you don’t have to worry about them ripping off, the straps are padded and make it nice to carry heavy things around. I have no complaints about this bag. I know this will last me a long time!
| 10/27/2020

Very good EDC Backpack

This is an excellent backpack for EDC users who normally carry a laptop and accessories. It is big with many pockets and spaces so if you are an organizational freak, you will do well. I carry this to and from work every day and have been able to keep way more in it than I really need on a daily basis. My only criticism is this bag needs compression straps. Unless I am traveling, there is no way I will use all the space allotted in this bag. It would be easier to carry if I could compress it down to a more manageable size.
| 10/23/2020

Very satisfied and highly recommend!

Bought this backpack along with 2 ice packs. My brother works delivering packages and it keeps all his food and drinks cool and fresh. I will definitely buy more in the future for hiking and camping trips.
| 09/27/2020

Bought another one

We bought one last year for my daughter for school. She loved it so much she is using it this year. Due to Covid-19, they went to a block schedule with out use of hallway lockers and gym lockers. So we bought one so she has one for each block school day.
| 09/12/2020

Great Backpack

My wife and I have not used the backpack we purchased this year, yet. However, upon examining it, we both love it. We're just wishing we'd ordered it sooner so that while I was in the hospital and she was with me, she could have had everything she needed in it and still had plenty of extra room. We are going to LOVE IT.
| 09/04/2020

Perfect for Travel & Office commute

*Partnership with RTIC* I am in love with this backpack. The quality and size are perfect for hiking, a long weekend, airport travel & my office commute... and yes I use it for all of the above. Theres three different areas within the pack where you can out items including a laptop area. The little zipper pocket on top is perfect for keys, or passport, or a face mask for quick access.
| 08/26/2020

Worth the investment!

It may seem like $49.99 could be a lot for this backpack, but it is not! I bought 2 of these a year ago for my twins at $27 each which was a steal! Normally we buy High Sierra backpacks. This backpack has held up so well to the beating my kids have kids put it through. They have held up to being washed on the delicate cycle multiple times. They look brand new each time we take them out of the washer. My kids have returned to school in person and we have added spraying the bags down with disinfectant and letting them dry a few minutes before they bring them in the house. Because of the material it is made out of (similar to those microban lunch boxes) they take on the spray very well. I just ordered my son a graphite one. I wish they were on sale for $27 again, but these backpacks are worth every penny. The size, durability, and organization capabilities make this an easy choice.
| 08/13/2020

Amazing bag

I love the bag. It is really comfortable around my arms. Not heavy. Lots of storage. Good price. I've been wanting an insulated book sack. Finally ordered 1. It came super fast also. For only paying 5.00 in shipping it came quick. Thanks Artic
| 08/10/2020

Highly recommend

I purchased a backpack for myself last year. I’m very pleased with the size and light weight. I carry a laptop, a binder, and workout clothes everyday to work. I enjoy my summit so much, I purchased one for my son for school.
| 07/31/2020

Great Fishing Bag

This bag has so many compartments. The whole family can bring all of their gear and necessities for a full day on the water.
| 07/09/2020

Best backpack I've ever bought.

My son is ruff on backpacks. He usually goes thru 2 a year. This one held up so good he can use it again.
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