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| 10/12/2021

Looks Good

Bought as a Christmas gift to replace a worn out beach bag. Like that I can rinse this out to keep it clean. Will see how it works during the next beach trip.
| 10/03/2021

Large Tote/Navy

I just received my bag a few days ago and used it yesterday for the first time. It was the perfect size to take out on the boat for the day with towels and snacks. The pocket was great size to hold a wallet and a few other small items. LOVE IT!!
| 09/16/2021

Awesome bag

This bag is amazing quality!!! We use it boating and it keeps everything dry. I only wish it had a zipper because sometimes boating you hit a wake and water goes over the front of the boat into the bag. A zipper would make this bag the best bag out there!! Definitely better than the competitor we shall not name ;) because this bag is affordable! Thank you Rtic!
| 09/12/2021

Great Bag. Need more size optoins.

This is a great bag. I got the small. The measurements shown did not include how large/wide the bottom is. The bag is great, but does not work for the purpose I intended because it is too big. The small should be medium and there should be another size for small. Or, make an extra small. If it comes out, I will buy at least one, maybe more.
| 09/09/2021

The best bag ever!

This is one of the best bags I've ever purchased. It's so nearly indestructible. I just wipe it out after each trip, and since it's not cloth, it never stains. It holds the exact amount I always need. It's my boat bag, beach bag, swim bag, it holds everything! I thought I would wish it had a zipper, but I never have once because I over stuff it consistently and wouldn't use a zipper anyway. Highly recommend this one! Great job Rtic!
| 09/01/2021

Beach trip

This bag is incredible. Put our chairs at edge of water. Surf came up got our feet wet. My friend yelled our bag was getting Wet. I said no biggie it's waterproof. Was great, dry towels, dry cell phones. Love it.
| 09/01/2021

Perfect pool/beach bag

I purchased this bag in large. I am so glad that I did. I took it to the pool with me all summer long, then I took it with me on my two week vacation to San Juan ,Pr. It held everything that I needed and more for the beach. It is very durable. I washed it off with sprinkler water to get the sand off of it and no damage was done to my wonderful bag. I even used it on the plane and it fit underneath my seat perfectly. I do not regret the purchase of this bag.
| 08/30/2021

Small tote

Love this bag. Bought the small . Slate blue. It is awesome. Didn't need the large one. Love the closure at the top. Will soon buy another .
| 08/29/2021

Please add a zipper!

I love the material of this bag BUT it does need a zipper on top to seal it, specially if you are buying it to take it with you on the boat. I took it to a boat trip this wknd wave came on boat and all my friends' bags were fine... mine the Rtic got full of water, my book, towel, wallet... etc was drench wet. I think it is good for a beach or pool day, not for hard core boating 😅
| 08/09/2021


If you think you want this bag, buy it!! I have taken this to the pool and beach. It could easily fit 6 towels if you roll them. We are a family of 4 and I am able to carry 4 towels, sunscreen, goggles and snacks. It is an amazing bag. It cleans very easily and you don't have to worry about wet towels ruining the bag. I may purchase the small one for work.
| 08/04/2021

Awesome Tough Bag

This bag is awesome. Wife had hers for a year, used it everyday and it still looks brand new. Too bad someone just stole it off our deck along with all the kids beach toys. Wish her color was in stock, I'll be ordering a replacement as soon as it is.
| 07/27/2021

Boat and beach bag!

I love these totes so much that I bought one for the beach and one for the boat-HMM-I may just use one for a purse!
| 07/24/2021

Perfect Beach Tote

I use this for 10+ beach trips every year. Durable, functional and just the right size. Never make a trip with out. Easy to clean and go again!
| 07/19/2021

Wish this bag had a zipper

Perfect bag except I wish it had a zipper closure to make it more water resistant.
| 07/16/2021

Nice Size

Great bag for the pool and the beach. Nothing gets wet inside. The pool we go to the ground is always wet and its nice that you always have a dry towel and belongings. I keep my kindle and phone it there with no problem.
| 07/12/2021

Great Gift

Bought this bag as a gift for my girlfriend who loved it! It was big enough to fit all of our beach supplies inside and kept them dry as well.
| 07/12/2021

Awesome e bag

Bought one bag and love it . Want two more but they are sold out. Please bring back in navy and if possible ke create one in the black color.
| 07/10/2021

Love this bag!

I bought this to take to the beach and lake. I was able to pack 8 beach towels, sunscreen, hats, and more into it. It helped me stay organized and easily transport to and from the beach. With it being waterproof I didn't have to worry about sitting it in the sand or it getting wet and everything inside getting wet. Great bag!
| 07/08/2021


I love this bag! It is big so it holds our 4 towels, kids toys/goggles, and water bottles and snacks. I clip the swimmies onto the hooks on the outside of the bag, so it truly carries everything we need for the pool. If I had to say only one critique, it’s that the handles could be a smidge longer. When I super pack the bag, it makes it challenging to get it on my shoulder. This is only if the bag is over ally packed though….I love it! Buy this bag!!
| 07/07/2021

Great Boat Bag!

This bag is the perfect size for the boat or beach. We use it for snacks :-) I like the clip at the top so it stays partially closed.
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