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| 10/14/2021

Bought it for my husband

My husband was having a hard time keeping his coffee hot until I got him this tumbler. He says the coffee also tastes better than it did coming out of our other travel mugs.
| 10/14/2021

Love it

I drink iced tea all summer long and I’ve always had to be careful of the condensation ruining a table top or desktop. But with my new tumbler, there is no condensation and I love it! Plus it stays cold waaay longer!
| 10/13/2021

30 ounce Matte Blue cup

My husband loves his new cup! He still uses his silver 30ounce I bought him In 2016! We love Rtic cups!❤
| 10/13/2021

Rtic 30 ounce cup

I absolutely love it! The color is just beautiful! I started buying rtic in 2016 and the quality is just as great if not better! Rtic beat all the other competitors hands down!
| 10/12/2021

Thanks RTIC

Great products that perform as well as their counterparts from other more expensive Brands. Great finish and colors will be ordering more!
| 10/11/2021

Great buy

I did a comparison of the RTIC 20oz tumbler and the other popular brand. Performance wise they were equal. The 2 differences I concluded too was the RTIC is hand wash only and 1/2 the price. I would recommend the RTIC tumbler.
| 10/11/2021

Scratched on the first day of use.

I love my new tumbler, but within a day of opening it and using with the handle, the cup’s surface around the handle is all scratched. That was just with it sitting in my truck’s cup holder.
| 10/11/2021

Fantastic product

I was sent a 20 oz tumbler as a reward for attending a seminar online - it's amazing. Keeps the hot stuff hot and the cold stuff cold, and all for much longer than anything else I've used.
| 10/11/2021

Very Nice!

I bought this tumbler for my wife and she loves it. It performs well - better than other brands. This is the second 'drinkware' item that I have purchased; both have exceeded my expectations.
| 10/09/2021


Love it!
| 10/06/2021

Love it

I live the tumblers and the no leaking lids. I received my first one a few years ago as a gift and have used the heck out of it.
| 10/05/2021


My new 40 oz tumbler is wonderful stays cold for more than 24 hours. RTIC has great customer service and great products
| 10/05/2021


I was given a 20 oz Rtic , after using it for a short time I gave up the competitors tumbler as the Rtic held my hot coffee much longer. To my sorrow I lost the Rtic , so I ordered two 20 oz , one used exclusive for my coffee, I love my coffee Hot! and Rtic keeps it hot.
| 10/04/2021

30 oz tumbler

I have had my 30 oz tumblers for years already, I have driven off many times with them on my truck. They have hit the ground many times, they still work just as good as the day that I bought them. I drink out of them everyday. Thanks Artic.
| 09/29/2021

It works -- and is so pretty!

This mug kept my coffee hot for hours (and hours!) and it also works great for cold drinks too -- even in a wicked hot car, it kept my water cold for hours. We got the coral colored one -- and its so pretty! Love the colors. RTIC sent me this mug in exchange for an honest review. I love it!
| 09/25/2021

Great tumbler, buy extra lids.

These tumblers are great. I use mine every single day. One thing stops me from giving 5 stars. The lids break easily. One drop on tile floor and that's all she wrote. I wouldn't let that stop me from purchasing, but if you are buying one you might want to throw an extra lid or 2 in your cart. You'll be glad you did.
| 09/22/2021

It actually works!

This tumbler is amazing. I put ice in it at night, and most of the ice is still there when I get home from work the next day. Well worth the price.
| 09/22/2021

Love them, want more colors!!

Ordered 2 of the 40oz in black. I really like them, they do a great job, wish they had more colors.
| 09/17/2021


Keep you mixed drink nice and tasty without the ice melt, and watering down your favorite alchohol!!! Skol, 🍻🥃🍹
| 09/13/2021


They are all amazing and keep drinks cold for more than 24 hours. Would love more color choices in the 40oz tumbler. Would also like to see a different lid for the 40oz water bottle. The lid hits our noses every time we drink. They're available for the smaller version, why not the 40oz?
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