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| 04/02/2021
| 03/28/2021


The lids were great they’re made of good quality and are exactly what I asked for for working out at the gym they conveniently stay on the whole tight to allow no leaking would recommend them to my friends
| 03/25/2021


I agree the flip top is rubber and children chew it . Even adults bite it They should redesign these to be hard plastics . I spent over $200 on bottles and half of them are ruined on the flip. I contacted them and their answer was to buy more $7.99 for 15 bottles . I don’t think so .
| 03/23/2021


It would be really nice if you could select which top you want when you order a bottle rather than spend an extra few bucks to get the lid you want, knowing full well that you will never use the top it came with. I do love how long they keep your drink cold and they are very well built and I think giving this additional feature of customization would be amazing.
| 03/02/2021


These are good. Can afford to buy them when they are on sale. Normally too expensive.
| 02/28/2021


We really like the bottles we got for our kids but the lid has already broken. I came apart where the bottom half was stuck in the bottle. Wish it was more durable.
| 02/18/2021

Water bottle lids

Kills me that people can't read or don't ask question. There are 2 different water bottles, 1 that is wide mouth and requires the lid for wide mouth bottles - 1 that has smaller mouth and needs the smaller mouth lids. I also read the reviews but, when in doubt I check with the company. I contacted RTIC in regards to wide mouth and received information needed. Love all of the products I've purchased.
| 02/07/2021

Not impressed

It doesn’t carry easy on the handle and got my finger stuck several times.. otherwise ok..
| 01/27/2021

Not Great for a biter

Bought this for my child for school...who tends to bite/chew on straws. After only 2 uses, the flip straw is ruined and cannot be used. Very disappointed. We usually buy the Thermos brand with straw and the straw part last over a year before needing replacement. Hope Rtic reconstructs the flip straw for anyone who may tend to bite/chew...
| 01/25/2021

Flip-top solution for water bottle cap

The flip top works great - simple, easy to use, carry loop on top is a nice feature.
| 01/22/2021


The actual spout part breaks apart easily. I have 2 kids that I’ve gone they 2 of them in a month.
| 01/18/2021

Straw lid

Love the idea, but I’m ordering another one since this is not hard plastic it is split & I’m sure it’s from my granddaughter biting on it. Please consider redesigning with hard plastic not soft rubber.
| 01/17/2021


Honestly, I think this top should come with an extra little cover for the sprout where you drink from. I was planning on using it outdoors, but I can’t because insects and debris from outside can get on it. The extra cover would make a big difference especially during this pandemic. I can’t believe no one at this company thought about this.
| 01/12/2021


We bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it! Easy Clean! She takes it to school every single day since the kids are not allowed to drink out of water fountain anymore. Her favorite part is IT'S PRETTY
| 01/10/2021

Works great

Bought this to use on my 20 oz water bottle. Work great! It works like a sports bottle top. Rtic makes great products!
| 01/09/2021

The worst

I have numerous different water bottles and this is by far the worst lid. The flip straw broke within a day of use.
| 12/19/2020

Great concept

I bought 3 of these, 1 for myself and 2 for my boys (4 and 8). The boys have tested their durability and it isn't there. The loop protruding from the side makes it vulnerable when dropped. It would be one thing if the loop broke but instead the lip sheers off at the neck. We are now down to 1 (mine) in two weeks.
| 12/11/2020

Quality seems fine, but falsely described

The product description says this lid is "Great for kids and adults alike to sip easily from any size RTIC Water Bottle." Any size?? I could drop this cap into his water bottle! It looked small in the picture, but I figured the product description would actually be accurate. I thought wrong. The lid itself seems to be a decent product, but BEWARE if you have any of Rtic's wide mouthed water bottles!
| 12/06/2020

Why would you not get this?

I got this for the 20oz water bottle and I will never go back! I kinda wish they came with this standard!
| 12/03/2020


We have spent a lot of money at Rtic over the years. When they came out with the flip top straw lid we thought it would be perfect for our kids. Sadly, we were wrong. The silicone straw coating is literally coming off on all of them. Huge disappointment since we paid $7 extra for each bottle we got to have this feature.
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