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Water Bottle Lid, Screw Top, Black Thumnail

Water Bottle Lid

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Accessorize your favorite RTIC Water Bottle with Flip Tops, Screw Tops, Open Flow Tops, and Pull Tops.

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| 12/19/2020

Great concept

I bought 3 of these, 1 for myself and 2 for my boys (4 and 8). The boys have tested their durability and it isn't there. The loop protruding from the side makes it vulnerable when dropped. It would be one thing if the loop broke but instead the lip sheers off at the neck. We are now down to 1 (mine) in two weeks.
| 12/11/2020

Quality seems fine, but falsely described

The product description says this lid is "Great for kids and adults alike to sip easily from any size RTIC Water Bottle." Any size?? I could drop this cap into his water bottle! It looked small in the picture, but I figured the product description would actually be accurate. I thought wrong. The lid itself seems to be a decent product, but BEWARE if you have any of Rtic's wide mouthed water bottles!
| 12/06/2020

Why would you not get this?

I got this for the 20oz water bottle and I will never go back! I kinda wish they came with this standard!
| 12/03/2020


We have spent a lot of money at Rtic over the years. When they came out with the flip top straw lid we thought it would be perfect for our kids. Sadly, we were wrong. The silicone straw coating is literally coming off on all of them. Huge disappointment since we paid $7 extra for each bottle we got to have this feature.
| 11/30/2020


Works better than expected
| 11/12/2020


I bought two of these during summer and they make a loud noise when sipping. Customer Service was kind enough to send me two replacements but the replacements are the same. Every time I sip I get stares. Now I just open the lid and drink
| 11/10/2020


Item is as advertised.
| 11/08/2020

Bad design

No water spill from it. It is hard to suck from. The handle is uncomfortable to hold and the mouth piece can rub against your hand getting it dirty. The plastic piece that sticks out to pull open the mouth piece broke off while I was trying to open it.
| 10/29/2020

open flow top

I'm sure this product would be great if it fit correctly. I have a 36 ounce water bottle and the opening is too large. When ordered, I did not see a size selection button. A size chart that tells what top fits which type of bottle would be helpful.
| 10/27/2020

Not tough at all

Had this too for about 2 weeks,it's already broken. Such a bummer! This went to school with my 7-year old and didn't last. So sad, because it would be so much easier than unscrewing the lid. Guess we need to order the straw to again.
| 10/17/2020

Lid sizing

I just wish that you would let us know which lid fit each bottle, ie. 26oz, 32oz, 36oz, 40oz. Makes it easier to order the right lid for each bottle.
| 10/15/2020

Great for kids

I ordered two of these for my kids' to use on their 16oz Rtic bottles. They use the bottles at school and are required to use bottles with straws that can slip under a face mask due to COVID. I usually hate straws (extra parts to clean) but these are actually very easy to clean and fit securely. It was easy to trim the straw to the proper length with a knife.
| 09/15/2020

Flip screw cap

This product works great , I recommend to anyone on the go
| 09/11/2020


Caps work great - only problem is the rubber tip on the lids deteriorate and become gummy. Need to sell just the spout tips or change design to just a hard plastic and throw away those rubber tip spouts.
| 09/11/2020
I bought these to add to the 16 oz water bottles I got for my kids. My 4 and 2 yr old can open these just fine and the best part is the lid don’t leak water everywhere even when tipped over. We didn’t have any problems with the air hole like other reviewers mentioned, ours worked just fine. Would purchase again!
| 09/08/2020

great product

purchased top and straw for my child's container. He is able use indepently and he enjoys. This water bottle is for his use at school and the lid/straw combo makes it less likely for him to spill.
| 09/05/2020


My purchase was delivered very quickly. Me and my husband love our new coffee cups. Also got a 30 oz. hot or cold beverages. I have to drink a lot of water and it stays cold with ice in it for 24 hrs. Love all RTIC Products!!!😍❣😇
| 09/05/2020


This is something that I use daily and would be lost without it!! Thank you, RTIC, for making such a wonderful product!! I am on the go from sunup until bedtime most days and this is something that I could not survive without.
| 09/03/2020

Quality lid

I think there was a manufacturing defect with one of the lids, and my kids found it. RTIC immediately helped me out and the three lids I have now are taking a beating daily and keep working like the day they were made. I'm incredibly happy with this product and everything I've bought from them. I can honestly say they have a customer for life.
| 08/25/2020


Please make this so that will fit the 64oz jug!!
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