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Ratings & Reviews for 32 & 40 Lid & Bottle Boot


Based on 18 Reviews

| 10/23/2021


I really enjoy this lid. It goes very well with my 40 oz lime green bottle.
| 03/31/2021

Wish I would buy for Tumblers!! Love the Silicone boot!!!

I love the protection the silicone boot provides to the bottle. I also love if you have a dent at the bottom of your bottle it can be easy to hide the dent or scratch with the bottom boot. I wish these where also available for the tumblers. I would snap them up immediately.
| 02/25/2021

In love with RTIC products!

I received a travel mug as a Christmas present and fell in love with the size and kept my coffee hot, bonus was the handle to make it easy to use when using it in the car. Because of that gift, I ordered a water bottle, a boot to make it stand out and another travel mug. The prices are exceptional and the quality is well above anything I have had before. I use my water bottle everyday, keeps my water cold for hours. I highly recommend RTIC products!
| 01/26/2021


I brought these because of the price I had never used this product before. It keeps my water cold I like the wide mouth so I can put ice in tumbler to keep my water extra cold. Very good product.
| 01/23/2021

Great products

Very pleased with the bottles. Well made and designed. Works great keeping water cold. Haven't tried anything hot yet.
| 01/20/2021

32 oz thermos with lid and base

gave this to my daughter for Christmas. She uses it every day at work...loves it!
| 12/16/2020
My daughter bought these for the coaches on her son’s baseball team, plus for herself and her husband. I used it the other day and loved it. So I knew right then I had to have a couple, I'm so excited and anxiety waiting. Thank you for making such an excellent product that so nice looking plus affordable for everyone. Brenda
| 09/26/2020

Quality product

Love the fact that boot keeps bottle in place from slipping. Low price. Color matching.
| 09/24/2020


Very nice combo .. Quality at an affordable price ..
| 08/25/2020


I purchased the pink bottle and added a raspberry boot and raspberry top. It’s my favorite bottle! I just wish, that there was this drinking spout in the 36 oz bottle.
| 08/15/2020

Great lid

This comes with a black lid, but I wanted to color coordinate with my pink bottle and the price was definitely right!
| 08/05/2020
Good product!!
| 07/22/2020


I love the boot for the bottle of my bottle because I’m usually dropping the bottle. I don’t worry to much about smacking it around
| 07/18/2020

Excellent Product at a great price

Love everything from RTIC! Love the product durability and the excellent price point!
| 07/18/2020


It works.
| 07/13/2020


Loved everything. Came on time. Works like a charm.
| 07/05/2020

Awesome Buy

I take water to work and it stays cool the whole 10 hour shift Also love the lid, it's easy to drink from it doesnt splash out and end up all over you
| 07/03/2020


Love my new bottle, lid and boot been waiting for a long time for that specific color and I was able to buy it once it was available thank you so much =)
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