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| 10/12/2021

Top of the line!!

As advertised it is the best can cooler for the lowest price. Keeps beverages cold from start to finish, even in extreme temps. Love it!
| 09/04/2021


Fits my Monsters perfectly and keeps it cool from first sip till last gulp. Will be ordering more for my wife and all my tall boy drinking friends.
| 09/02/2021

Amazing customer service

I had one craft can cooler and loved it so much I ordered another, but my shipment said delivered and I never received the package. I called customer service and they immediately resent the package. I cannot brag enough on how easy they were to deal with and how accommodating. Excellent customer service, excellent company. I will order their products again and again because of how great the company is to its customers. Also, this craft can keeps my beer cold on hot pool days for a long time. An amazingly long time. It’s well designed and works beautifully!!!
| 08/20/2021

Perfect for Coors 16oz cans

This is great for the Coors 16oz bottle cans. Just roll a piece of paper towel in a loose ball and place in the bottom as a spacer and this thing works great. Outstanding build quality, way better than the competition. Love it.
| 08/08/2021

rubber "plugs" fell out

I like it, but the small plugs from the lid that help hold it tight keep falling off. Eventually i lost one. My friend lost all 4, so the fit isn't as tight. Too much work to keep an eye on them.
| 08/01/2021

Too tall

I love the skinny can cooler except for one thing. It’s too tall. My lip hits the edge of the cooler which makes. It difficult to reach the can. The drink then spills on my face and shirt. Love the colors and price. I suggest that RTIC decreases the cooler hear by 1/4”.
| 07/19/2021

Lid doesn't screw on

Hold the beverage cold but the lid does not screw on easy on the 2 I bought serious down pressure required to get threads to catch
| 07/13/2021

Loved it so much, bought 3 more

I want to start off by saying RTIC sent us one of these to review, but we loved it so much I bought three more on my own so we now have two in our RV and two at our house! IT works great to keep your drink cold, stays discreet on evening walks around the campground or at the beach, and I really like the that the top screws on and off to get the can in and out rather than just pushing it in and out.
| 07/09/2021


I love my new can cooler! Great color. It keeps my beverage cold a lot longer! It did take a really long time to arrive.
| 07/07/2021

Should’ve bought one sooner

True. Can’t believe I waited so long to buy one of these. Say goodbye to warm cans of anything. Even keeps my wife’s Coronas cold. Loving this!
| 07/07/2021

Love it, very high quality

This is the first can holder I have found for 16 oz cans and it works great, well constructed.
| 07/06/2021

Great for around camp

This product was sent to us to review and it has become a go to product around camp. With how hot this summer has already been having these to keep our drink cool around camp has been great. I like that the top is a screw top rather than a push in because its easier to switch cans in and out.
| 07/05/2021

Great for cans not so great for bottles

The can cooler works great for 12 oz. cans keeps beer and soda cold longer than any other can cooler I have ever had. I just wish it worked as well for 12 oz. bottles.
| 07/03/2021

Skinny Can

Love this can so much better than anything else I have tried... Even holds vinyl great for personalization! Already ordered more!
| 07/03/2021

16 ounce can cozzy

When you put a 16 ounce budwiser can in the ring will not screw down
| 06/29/2021

Slate blue can cooler

Slate blue is a great color for this product. I use it for 12oz cans. It is a little heavy in weight. You can slide a 12 oz glass bottle into holder without unscrewing the top.
| 06/27/2021


Beats the other name brand hands down in all categories. Especially price! Well worth the money. I shove mine in the cooler or fill it with ice before I drop a beer in it, beer stays cold until I reload!
| 06/27/2021

12oz can graphite

| 06/25/2021

Fathers day Present

My husband loved this. Great gift. It kept his tall can cool for a 8hr shift
| 06/24/2021


Great product, exceed expectations, the can fits perfectly and stays cold until the last sip 😃
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