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| 11/17/2021

Very good quality

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and no-spill top. Looking forward to this mug getting a lot of use during ski season!
| 10/20/2021

All I use

I love these coffee mugs so much, I have moved all "normal" coffee cups to the top of the cabinet and we don't even use them any more. Keeps hot for hours.
| 10/19/2021


| 10/13/2021


Great colors
| 10/04/2021

Love the cup, hate the flippy lid

Love the cup, keeps my coffee hot. Hate the little flippy thing on the lid the plugs the sipping opening. Flipped open, it sticks up and I always feel as if it is in the way when I drink from it. I'd give it 4.5 stars, but not 5 for that annoyance.
| 08/14/2021

Doesn’t fit my car

I like this mug when I need to be on the road, it’s a problem. I have a Toyota Highlander and the mug will not fit in the cup holders! Very disappointing .
| 08/05/2021

Coffee mug

Love my coffee mug. I hate cold coffee, and this mug keeps it hot for hours. Going to be buying more of them.
| 07/29/2021

Awesome coffee mug!

Unlike my wife, I can't drink lukewarm coffee. With this mug, that's never a problem. Coffee stay hot for hours. The only negative comment I could make is that it doesn't fit well in the drink holders of my truck. However, if you close the lid, it can fall over on to the floorboard and you won't lose a drop of coffee.
| 07/16/2021

12oz coffee mug

I bought one for work bc I had to get up too many times to "warm" up my coffee. Perfect size and I am not having to get up to warm up!! Color Purple my fav! I loved this one so much I bought another one for home. I now have the best of both worlds. I also just recently bought a 20oz travel mug for my water and also love it once ice is in its there to stay. It last at least 12hrs. The only thing I dont like is the screw on lid which there was another option like the one for the coffee mug.
| 07/04/2021

Coffee mugs for gift

Came on time and we’re greatly appreciated by receiver of gift, who had lost his coffee cup, also a trick.
| 06/28/2021

12 oz coffee mug in coral

I really like my mug! I will be using it while I'm camping.
| 06/24/2021

Excellent cup!

I use this cup to keep my coffee hot. I tend to sip my coffee for hours. It gets cold after 15 minutes so I heat it up, and it’s not as good. This cup is just what I needed! Love it!!!
| 06/23/2021


I love love my rtic mugs! Nothing better for the price. A little disappointed with how different the color Coral is from the pictures. In person the Coral mug is much closer to a NEON orange.
| 06/21/2021

Nice mug

I wanted to love this mug but then I tried to take it with me to work full of my freshly brewed coffee and it didn’t fit in my cup holder! The excitement of a cool new mug didn’t last very long. I do love the top suction as it locks in securely and the mug itself is great quality but unfortunately I won’t be using it for my commute which is what I originally intended for.
| 06/19/2021

LOVE the Style

My favorite coffee mug! Keeps my coffee drinkable for at least 2hrs. No having to get up from my desk to warm up 2 to 3 times. The purple color is beautifully vibrant, purple is my favorite color. I will be buying a couple more! Thank You RTIC
| 06/19/2021

12 oz Cofee Mug

I love my coffee mug it keeps my coffee so nice and hot.
| 06/17/2021


Works awesome. Keep it in my camping tote
| 06/16/2021

Love it!

I love my coffee mug. It really keeps my reshot for hours. Of you want one for the car try a 16 or 20 oz with a handle. That one I have is great too.
| 06/16/2021

Keeps coffee hot

My husband loves it. It keeps his coffee hot.
| 06/16/2021

Coffee cup

Love it. Keeps my coffee hot for hours!
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