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Ratings & Reviews for Day Cooler


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| 09/08/2021

Love this

Bought the 8 can cooler for my 8th grader who eats a ton. It works great for game day trips. Bought the 6can for my kids in elementary, with the lunch container it’s a win win. One request, please make the 8 cooler in the darker green instead of the ugly lime green!!!
| 09/07/2021

I Should Have Read Better

First off the cooler has been used a couple times. I should have been better at reading g the description but I failed. The cooler is not meant for bags of ice and more for ice packs. It leaks a lot with loose ice. Just know this. I bought it for golf carts and it's soaked by the end of 9 holes.
| 08/04/2021

Love this cooler- size 28

I work inside a correctional facility. This holds all my food snacks and drinks for those 16 hour days. On the 8 hour days it holds the same but also my duty belt which is awesome. It's incredibly durable. The side mesh on mine has started to tear but for what I've done to it, is completely understandable. I love the front pouch as well. I would highly recommend this product!! Checking measurements prior to ordering will prevent a lot of the disappointment I've read about in other reviews. I measured mine and was VERY happy with it.
| 07/26/2021


This is a decent little cooler. My husband uses soft sided coolers as a lunch box. He has several different criteria must have a handle and side pockets. This meets his requirements. I will say the side pockets are cheaply made and not quite as sturdy others that he's had. They ripped very early on so his chapstick and such fall out. Wouldn't buy this one again but wouldn't be a bad product for seldom use.
| 07/08/2021

6 can

Its not big enough for meal prep containers.
| 07/07/2021


I have been a backpack cooker owner for a year now. Decided to change to a day cooler because it is easier to different size containers inside vs the backpack version. However I do miss the extra storage from the backpack cooker like the zipper compartment on top and on front pocket. Plus the extra pockets inside the front zipper pocket. Please say you are upgrading the day cooler with extra compartments. They are very very useful
| 07/07/2021

Red is the best

Was very pleased w the size and color. Exactly the way the description said it would be. Nicely packaged.
| 07/06/2021


Cooler is perfect! Looove the color! Pockets on side perfect for speaker for music!
| 07/04/2021

Rtic coolers

These things are awesome. Great product
| 07/04/2021


So impressed with the quality of this cooler that we ate considering getting another. Try it,you'll like it
| 07/04/2021

Great Soft Cooler

Great Soft Cooler at a really great price. I have been looking for something like this for awhile. Good looking, love the color. More importantly it is a great medium size for all day use for drinks and food.
| 07/03/2021

So far so good.

Got this cooler to use on my ATV. Haven’t used it for that yet however did use it to give it try seemed to work well. Happy with the size. Seems just about right for six cans and ice.
| 07/01/2021

Day Cooler 28

This cooler is a great size for going to parties or picnics. I like the side pockets for putting kousie, suntan lotion or sunglasses in.
| 07/01/2021

It was ok

I didn’t like that the stitching was in poor condition coming off when it’s supposed to be brand néw
| 06/28/2021


It was smaller than I had anticipated. I had wanted to use it for my lunch box but is too small for my food container.
| 06/27/2021

take it to the beach

perfect for a day at the beach. love this cooler!!!!
| 06/27/2021

Day cooler

Very nice, I was looking f or something to put my medicines in when I came across this cooler. Works very nice, my meds fit in it perfectly.
| 06/27/2021

Day cooler 15 soft black

Zipper hangs up on back corners
| 06/27/2021

Awsome color

Bought this cooler for my wife, a cancer survivor. She loved the color and how well it retained the cold. Made a bunch of points with this cooler.
| 06/27/2021

Awsome cooler

Bought this cooler for my granddaughter. She loves the size and the color. She plays softball and it holds the bottle water cold in this very hot area.
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