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Ratings & Reviews for Day Cooler


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| 03/27/2021

Always great

Perfect lunch bag. We only use RTIC products. Coolers, craft can, cans, tumblers, hard and soft coolers and now the lunch bag. Thanks RTIC!
| 03/25/2021

ok cooler

for the price it's ok but I was expecting better quality. the stitching is coming apart already on the underneath of the should pad and on the ends of the lid by the strap clips. I've barely used it and this started happening
| 03/24/2021

Love My Cooler

I ordered this cooler for my son who is a trucker driver and we love it. It is the perfect size. The pocket on the front comes in handy and it is very durable. The ice packs stay cold for hours. Happy customer!!!
| 03/23/2021

Nice product but handle failing

I have had this cooler for just under 1 year. So far it has been a great cooler and perfect size. My only complaint is the plastic handle is splitting and creates a sharp edge. Most products have much longer life.
| 03/21/2021

size up

Two ice packs (one on bottom and one on top are needed to keep things cold. The cold packs last a good amount of time. Size up because you need to pay for the room for the ice packs in addition to your food/beverages. It's annoying because you're paying for ice pack space. That seems to be consistent with similar products.
| 03/13/2021
| 03/02/2021


Nice cooler, holds as much as I want. It's well made. I'll recommend.
| 03/01/2021

Great lunch cooler

This is my new daily lunch cooler I take on my RR trips, I bought two ice packs so one is at home in the freezer while the other keeps lunch cold on the train. Great cooler for a day trip or overnight.
| 02/25/2021


Love it... this cooler has been an essential part of my meal prep for my 10/12 hour days of work
| 02/22/2021

15 can cooler

I got the 8 can and it was a little to small for my needs. I really like both of the bags. I use them for my lunch box and holds plenty of drinks plus extras.
| 02/22/2021


This is a nice little cooler. I got it for my lunch when we are able to do dog activities again. I have been buying pink for my dog event things. (It keeps them from disappearing should my husband borrow them. He doesn't. LOL!)
| 02/13/2021


I ordered the small cooler in Orange. It is perfect for what I needed. I also ordeed a 20 ox cup in pink, it is perfect. Very pleased with the quality of the items and of the customer service.
| 02/10/2021

Great little lunch cooler

I bought the size 6 (pack) for lunches and have used it for a week and have to say that I'm impressed. It's very well made, keeps my lunch cool and I like the fact that it doesn't crush down. Normally I'd have bought the size 8 but I'm trying to lighten the load.... Mainly around my gut.... So the size 6 works for what I'm not packing.
| 02/10/2021

Day Cooler, 28 Can, Aqua

Love the cooler but one zipper stopped working after 6 months and the other stopped working a year later. Its a shame to to have a great cooler that doesn't close.
| 02/07/2021

Good Job

I have a larger hard side cooler that I would take religiously everywhere I traveled. Most of my trips are 2 or 3 days and I was finding that I would bring home more drinks than I drank. The hard side cooler is heavy and a pain to move around. This little cooler keeps exactly what I need cool, as long as I need it and it is a dream to move around. Good job.
| 02/06/2021

Day Cooler 15 - Very pleased

This is the 2nd Day Cooler 15 I’ve purchased. I bought my wife the Aqua about a year ago and she liked it so much and it’s held up very well that I just bought myself the Navy. I bought 2 Rtic medium ice packs that fit perfectly on the cooler bottom. I’ve been using mine a week and holds a good amount of food for lunch and combined with the ice pack, food stays nice and cold throughout the day! They were a very reasonable price and are made well. Very pleased!
| 02/05/2021

Survives Texas outdoor work!

I am in love with Rtic products. I work outdoors in the Texas heat in a delivery truck without air conditioning. Enough said. I have tried every product there is to try to maintain cool water and fresh, cold, dry lunch. All others have failed. Even coolers that under normal circumstances work great, nothing survives the 120+ temps in the summer in my truck. The Rtic ice stays coldest the longest without melting and my lunch is well chilled, fresh and dry. The Thermos keeps ice. Most impressive. Products are durable and very affordable considering the quality. I would highly recommend to anyone, especially those who work outdoors and need to be refreshed.
| 02/05/2021

Great products

By far my favorite lunch box that I have ever had. Hands down the very best.
| 02/04/2021


We love the small day cooler. So easy and portable. Went to the snow and brought a little back with us!
| 02/04/2021

So far it's great!

I bought the Day Cooler 15 for double duty. It's my lunchbox for work and keeps a few drinks cold for a day on the lake fishing. So far it's been great. I work 12-15 hour days, 4 days per week and my ice pack is still mostly frozen when I get home from work. When I take the boat out fishing, this cooler has been fantastic keeping drinks cold but the real test will be when summer gets here and it's 90+ degrees. I am pretty confident that this cooler will keep my drinks cold though.
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