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Ratings & Reviews for Insulated Tote Bag


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| 11/02/2021

Plenty of room, lightweight and well made

Excellent quality and plenty of room for my needs. And at a very reasonable price.
| 10/30/2021

Great Quality

Sturdy insulated bag. Perfect for keep cold items cold when going home from the grocery store.
| 10/19/2021

Lightweight, well made

Really like this soft side cooler. Very lightweight and well made. Was bigger than I expected which was great.
| 10/01/2021

Isolated tote bag

Isolated tote bag loved my initial soft bag so I wanted an insulated …ordered three one for myself and two for gifts for my girls for Christmas but couldn’t stand it because I love mine so much already given them early Christmas gifts!!! great bag
| 09/27/2021

Love It!

This is a fantastic bag! I am very happy I purchased this! Makes my shopping trips a lot easier knowing everything I put in this bag will stay very cold until I get home!
| 08/20/2021


Absolutely love this item. I have been dying for this tote! I would take Rtic over any other brand any day!
| 08/07/2021

🥵 in Alabama

Just got my bag and I love it nice and rooming . Going to order more for Christmas Gift . How can you go wrong ? Very nice and I love the slate blue
| 07/24/2021

Great Quality!

This tote was on back order briefly, but atill arrived quickly. Ion unpacking, I was so impressed with quality of this tote. Plenty of space! can’t wait to use it when I head to the beach or to the market!
| 07/22/2021

Decent bag, Needs Shoulder Strap

I want to like this bag, it holds up well and has good construction, I use it everyday as a lunch tote and it keeps everything cool as expected. My biggest complaint is the no shoulder strap, with the icepack I use and the amount of added ice and water I carry on top of my lunch gets the bag pretty heavy and carrying it with my hand across the lot at work is a chore, I can sling it up on my shoulder but it's pretty hard to do since the straps are so small, it kind of reminds me of the over sized purses of the 80's. Another issue I'm having is side storage, there is a netted pocket on the inside that can just fit a fork and spoon into width wise, but nothing external, so I have to put my phone and BT charger in a plastic ziplock to carry it with me. If you are a trucker/tradesman looking for a all in one bag I would probably check out a different style bag like the cooler backpack, or something with side pockets and a shoulder strap. It would be a decent beach bag, but I can't really imagine a scenerio that wouldn't be better without a shoulder strap.
| 06/22/2021

Great Bag

I love how wide this bag is! It is great for my Sam's Club trips. However; I would love if this bag was a little taller to fit my Members Mark Pizza's.
| 06/20/2021

Bag cooler

Awesome for our beach trip! Holds ample amount of food and drinks! Could use a shoulder strap bout all and all great cooler!
| 06/20/2021


Another great item from RTIC! The best!
| 06/15/2021

Great tote cooler

I absolutely love this tote. It keep ice for a long time. Completely waterproof.
| 06/15/2021


Love it! Wish it was slightly bigger! Wish it had a counter part that was open to carry my towels boating in that isn’t insulated. A tad bit expensive so dropped it a star for price considering you can get a great insulated cooler for under $40 but this seems to be very well made and I love it so far.
| 06/15/2021

Day Cooler

Awesome cooler for camping, beach or shopping. It hold a lot of stuff and keeps it cold. Great purchase!
| 06/13/2021

Looks and works GREAT!

Like every thing RTIC we own, this is first rate! Quality and fit & finish is perfect. We’re going to keep this permanently in our pickup for runs to the grocery. We winter in the SoCal desert, and it’s at least a 45 minute one way trip home, and this cooler bag will help keep our cold stuff cold!
| 06/09/2021

Love this cooler

Used my cooler for the first time today picking up groceries . I had several large items from the freezer and coolers ; couldn’t believe I was able to fit all my stuff inside this cooler . You can pack a lot in there !!!! My items were in the cooler bag for 3 hours ; my frozen stuff was still frozen. Very happy with my purchase , I came home and ordered another one.
| 02/25/2021

Day Cooler

Well made and keeps our produce cold. Good size and light. Works great for shorter errands into town. Have not tested over a long period of time.
| 02/22/2021


I was truly impressed with this bag. The only drawback was the color. It seemed a bit more pink than coral. It’s all good though, I gave it to my daughter and she loved it. I will wait for another color to come back in stock.☺️
| 02/21/2021
This is a great tote at a great price. Keeps the water out when the waves come in.
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