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| 04/20/2022


I’m VERY impressed with this gun case. Im not worried about flying to a hunt location for sure. Case is big enough I can carry 2 rifles or shotguns at same time. Different color options would be awesome but any color is well worth it.
| 01/12/2021

Solid performer

I bought this gun case to travel to Mexico and back. It is built like fort knox and performed flawlessly. You could get 3 guns in here no problem with some padding arrangement. I took one and it seemed lonely in the huge interior. This thing is built right.
| 12/04/2020

Best I ever used

So glad you brought this back. This is the best hard case bar none! Now how about some different sizes again????
| 12/02/2020

Yes theyre back!

I use my 16 and 53 hard cases in all kinds of weather and they hold up great. Bought on the clearance sale cant wait to get more
| 08/18/2020

Great products

Love my new 53” rifle case. Great and protected my custom build rifle. Online service was easy and quick delivery.
| 01/17/2019

Great Case

I’ve been buying the competitors cases, both brands and after the merge. This case is now the one I buy.
| 12/06/2018


This is the best case that I have ever purchased. Much better than the others that I have bought. I like the rubber wheels and rubber on the carry handles. Good sides, good foam. Holds two long guns. Would definitely buy again.
| 12/03/2018


This was my first of now many RTIC product purchases. I used the case for the first time a couple weeks ago as i traveled with my rifle for a hunting trip. I held up great, and was very easy to roll around at the airport. All my friends want one now.
| 11/29/2018

Great product!!!

You will not regret this purchase. I am very happy with this case.
| 11/18/2018

Awesome Case

Ordered the 53”... omg this case is awesome! Super sturdy, incredibly well built. Latches are great and the rolling wheels are as well. Ordered it on Friday and it was delivered on Saturday.
| 11/09/2018

Good case

Good strong case that’ll hold 2 long rifles if cut and packed correctly. Have no issues moving or using this case. Have the 53”
| 09/17/2018

53" gun case

Gun case is very nice well worth the money! Now rtic needs to make a bow case I'll pre-order the first one. Great job rtic thanks for the quality at a great price!
| 08/23/2018

Solid as a rock.

This is a monster, it will protect your babies well. This was heavier that I anticipated, but for good reason. The build quality is second to none and this case holds my AR-15, a Henry 22, and one other rifle with a scope with ease.
| 08/19/2018

Bow case

I would like to see a double bow case. Able to put 2 full size compound bows in
| 07/05/2018

Above and beyond

Got my 53” hard case right on time. Two day shipped free. Case is fantastic! Love this company!
| 06/04/2018


We've been looking at the RTIC Coolers and stumbled on the rifle cases. On a whim we got one for transporting a new rifle set. WOW! It's very well build and roomy enough for two scoped uppers, lower unit, range finder, binoculars, two mags and a Harris bipod. We have been buying the other brand for years and will be buying more RTIC's in the future
| 05/25/2018


I have been buying the Pelican cases for years and decided to try the RTIC. I could not be happier!
| 05/07/2018


Excellent case, very high quality. The 2-stage latches are very nice and lock in the up position out of the way for closing the case. Rubber wheels and overmolded handles are soft. I fit a scoped precision rifle, a scoped AR, a bipod, 4 mags, bolt, earmuffs and glasses in this case.
| 05/04/2018


I received the 53" case yesterday and I am very impressed with this case. It will be used to transport my competition shotgun and accessories. The quality is as good if not better than a similar Pelican case at a much more affordable price. You won't regret this purchase. Now I need one in a 36" case...
| 04/27/2018

Well played

Well played RTIC! That is all.
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