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Water Bottle Lid, Pull Top

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Water Bottle Lid, Pull Top

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Water Bottle Lid, Pull Top

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Based on 15 Reviews

| 08/20/2020


Good quality. Followed the advice of a previous reviewer and made the air hole larger so you can get a drink easier. Inserting a paperclip works instantly. Cuts down on the noise too. Would be nice if the manufacturer would improve the air hole size so this wouldn't be necessary.
| 08/14/2020

Leakproof lid

I got these for my children to put on their water bottles. They love that they don’t have to take the lid off to get a drink (the youngest always looses it). I love that so far it’s been leakproof. Overall a wonderful addition to the water bottle.
| 08/03/2020

like the flexibility with the tops.

Flip top is great for our hikes and enjoy the open flow for relaxing on the beach.
| 07/24/2020

Open Flow Top

Love the open flow top! I put it on my new bottle and it fits perfectly! It closes completely, so when I add flavoring to my water and need to shake it to mix it, it does not leak.
| 07/23/2020

Works great!

I really love this lid. Works great! You just need to remember to close it if you lay it down so it won’t leak. I love all rtic thought.
| 07/17/2020

My favorite

These are my favorite tops for water bottles! They were out of stock for such a long time! The quality is very good! I love that I don't have to tilt my head back and can drink from any position because of the straw! I use those small brushes (used for stainless steel straws)to clean when needed.I highly recommend this top! You won't be disappointed
| 04/23/2020

Good but could be better

I didn't really like having to cut the straw myself - would be nice if it came in proper lengths. The biggest issue I have though is that the lid doesn't properly vent while you drink and therefore requires unscrewing the lid if you want to drink fast through the straw. The material is nice enough/quality made....but the venting issue is quite annoying if you're working out and want to chug a little.
| 11/18/2019

Works great with minor alteration

Not going to take off any stars because it is great as is, but I like to drink more than a sip at a time. The air valve only lets in a little air with each sip, so it is really difficult to drink quickly. To fix the issue, I just used a paperclip to make the air hole bigger. Now it drinks just like my hydroflask with straw, but it is so much better because the bottle fits in my backpack pocket and car drink holder so much better. I use it with the 26 oz bottles.
| 10/19/2019

All sizes

I really like every one I have but would for sure like a drinking spout lid for 64 oz and would buy a couple more.
| 10/07/2019


Absolutely love this lid! Fits perfectly on my 26 oz and is so convenient, highly recommend!
| 08/19/2019


Loved everything I've gotten so far. Ordering more for Xmas 🎄
| 08/12/2019

Straw Lid

Please please please make these awesome straw lids for the larger sized bottles too. Wide mouth bottles need love too!
| 08/03/2019

straws for 64 oz jugs

I agree with Frank. Please make straws for the bigger jugs. 1/2 gallon and gallon would be great!
| 07/12/2019


You guys need to make these for the 64 ounce jugs!
| 04/26/2019

4 stars

Works great on my 26oz bottle, perfect fit, but the valve that allows for air passage sounds like a turkey call when I drink water, four stars overall
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