Wide Mouth Bottle Lid, Sport Top Image
Wide Mouth Bottle Lid, Sport Top Image
Wide Mouth Bottle Lid, Sport Top Thumnail Wide Mouth Bottle Lid, Sport Top Thumnail

Wide Mouth Bottle Lid, Sport Top

135 Reviews

Wide Mouth Bottle Lid, Sport Top

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Wide Mouth Bottle Lid, Sport Top

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Based on 135 Reviews

| 05/15/2019

This really should be the standard lid.

It works well. Fits perfectly, seals well, I can drink from it while driving without drenching myself. I would have preferred a pop-out spout but it’s a minor complaint.
| 02/05/2019

Smaller than standard sip hole

I like the lid, compared to not having it, however the sip hole is smaller than a standard water bottle, which makes drinking difficult if you're like me and use ice. I've also noticed that when going to remove the lid, as I start to turn it, the lid will just pop off.
| 03/27/2018

I just about love this lid

The sport lid is a huge convenience and saves the hassle of taking the lid off for every sip. I did not give this 5 stars because it absolutely does not hold ice as long as the normal lid does. I have noticed my ice melts much quicker with this lid. I still love it and would buy it again.
| 02/13/2018

Sport Lid

I love my RTICs and habe purchased several for myself and for others. There is only one problem with the sports lid. The gaskets are kind of small and fall out easily. Please design with a bigger washer or sale extra washers. Because, I have tried several hardware stores and none has fit.
| 10/20/2017

Cap tethering sucks

Great flow of liquid through the spout but the rubber gasket in the cap fell out the first day causing leaks when tipped. Also, the tethering system used for the cap plain sucks, constantly getting stuck.
| 08/15/2017


Just to be clear, these are not compatible with the 25oz bottles either. The word "bottle" is not an indicator of what it fits.
| 08/07/2017

Soon to be customer

I am wondering are these kids compatible with the Izard trail 64 oz?
| 08/06/2017

Except for washer falling out it works great

There's a washer under the small screw on top that is not fastened in any wat other than friction over a cross. The washer comes loose and falls away getting lost. I need to what size this is so I can replace it, and buy a handful of extras from the hardware store.
| 08/04/2017

In theory nice

The rubber O ring they put in kept falling off and now its gone so the bottle leaks. Not a great design.
| 08/02/2017

Sports bottle lid

Need 5 of these for my 5 old model sport bottles! Do not want to pay $15 as they are sold on e-bay for each one. HAve 2 each of the bottles and only one of these lids. When will they be in stock?
| 08/01/2017

Please Bring Back

When will these be back in stock?
| 07/21/2017


What's the status on the restock on these lids?
| 07/13/2017

Rubber seal

This is a great lid , only reason it's 4 stars is the rubber seal in the cap falls out , I don't see an option to purchase extra seals on the website
| 07/11/2017

Out of Stock

When are these going to be in stock?
| 07/10/2017

Are you getting these back?

Are you planning on selling these amazing lids again? REALLY need some and keep checking but they are still Sold Out.
| 07/09/2017

Come back!!!

I have been waiting patiently for months for this product and decided to buy it through Amazon. A couple of weeks ago I purchased it for $10. I didn't want to buy more until I tried it out and made sure it worked properly. When I got it and FELL IN LOVE with it I went back to purchase more for my kids bottles and the price went up to $17. Hmmm... I guess that person doesn't believe in the RTIC motto of being "affordable". So I guess I will have to share my one top with the family until RTIC brings them back at the affordable price.
| 07/07/2017


When will these be back in stock. I need 3 of them!
| 07/07/2017

Please restock

My family really likes your products and I need to purchase these tips for them. We have several of your products and we always recommend them over the competition. It's just difficult to recommend them lately due to no stock available. We even went to Buc-ees in Nee Braunfels this past weekend and their stock was out as well
| 07/02/2017

Sport lid

Need a sport lid for a gift, when will it be available.again.
| 06/30/2017

Pls answer

When will this be back in stock???
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