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| 08/08/2021

110qt cooler

I've been waiting to use the cooler for an extended period before writing this review. After a 8 day camping trip I must say it works as advertised. My only concern is getting the cooler cold quicker and easier. I am pleased otherwise. All food and drinks stayed cold for the whole week.
| 02/15/2021

The BEST coolers for your camping trip!!

I can’t say enough good things about these amazing coolers. We have both the hard cooler and soft cooler and love them both! They are perfect for your camping trip or day trip on the beach! I received free product from RTIC, all opinions are my own.
| 01/14/2021

Awesome cooler.

Last year I needed a good cooler for camping and beach vacations so I decided to go with rtic after watching many reviews on YouTube. My first cooler I bought was a 45 hard cooler. It worked perfectly for my week long camping trip and kept my drinks/food cold for close to a week so I decided to get the bigger 65 hard cooler as well. I took the 65 hard cooler to Florida for my beach vacation and it had no problem at all doing what I needed it to do. I love them so much that I just bought the 20 hard cooler for my day or so trips and I’m sure it will do just as well as my other two. I completely stand by these coolers and couldn’t be happier with my purchases. It truly is overbuilt and not over priced.
| 01/12/2021

RTIC Excellence

My 6th cooler that should explain everything . Bigger is better
| 11/10/2020

Badass Coolers

I now own 5 RTIC coolers and have given 2 as gifts. We have taken advantage of seasonal discounts which is nice. Highly recommend them. They seem bulletproof.
| 11/10/2020

110 RTIC cooler

Great product, well built product at a good price
| 11/03/2020

Black Series Dominator 110qt white .

Very pleased with our decision to buy another RTIC product . This 110qt fits our Black Series Dominator off road camper frig pull out perfectly . Very fast shipping ! Thank you RTIC
| 11/03/2020

Nice for the price

Awesome cooler. I am well satisfied.
| 10/24/2020

Amazing cooler

So I just went hunting for 13days we put in 1 block and 8 10lb bags of ice weather was 30s at night and low 70s in the day time just today so 20 days later all the ice finally melted this cooler was amazing our other cooler was every three days to have to put ice in it we stopped using it after day 6 and ended up giving it to a friend to use and keep since we no longer need it after buying the 110 would recommend to anyone
| 10/09/2020


Took it hunting in Wyoming. 80 degree temps outside and I still have ice 5 days later. Huge upgrade from my old cooler. Highly recommend this cooler.
| 10/03/2020

RTIC Coolers Are The BEST...

The RTIC 110 is the perfect size in my opinion! The ice retentsion rate with RTIC coolers is Outstanding! This is my 2nd RTIC hard cooler, and I feel they are the BEST cooler available, for a much more reasonable price than any of their competitors! I'm 100% Satisfied with every RTIC item purchase so far!
| 09/13/2020


Great cooler. Usually with old cooler daily trips for ice. With the RTIC made 1 trip for ice on a 5 day trip. Great product and I am glad I purchased it. Highly recommend this cooler
| 09/11/2020

RTIC 110 - Tan color

Ordering was painless and the shipping was amazingly fast. Have only done one weekend trip with the cooler so far, it worked as advertised flawlessly! I also purchased the basket and divider wall. I'm super impressed with the quality of the build and how good the 110 cooler looks. Great price too when compared to some other big name brands! Got 3 weeks on the road coming up and I'm confidently looking forward to really putting the 110 to work! Very happy with my decision to purchase this RTIC cooler...
| 09/08/2020

Great cooler

Internal space is great in comparison to other coolers in the same category. Ice retention is amazing and works great for our family in the AZ heat. I plan on buying a smaller cooler in order to better accommodate our adult beverages
| 09/08/2020

Great cooler

We bought this for extended camping trips for my family of 4.its worked great so far for a long drive to Southern California and camping in the mountains of AZ. Left this cooler full of ice and food for an entire day in the hot car in AZ prior to leaving for a drive, still had ice 3 full days later. Glad to have purchased this cooler and looking to get perhaps a 65 next time.
| 09/07/2020

Surpassed my expectations

Used the 110 to store all my frozen goods while defrosting my freezer. Kept everything solid for 8 hours. Looking forward to using it in the field. Highly recommend this brand.
| 08/21/2020


Could not be happier for the quality and look of this cooler! When you buy Rtic instead of the Y competition, you are getting the same if not a better product for a price that wont break the bank! This is like my 8th Rtic item I buy in the last 45 days.
| 07/02/2020

110 Cooler/basket

AWESOME!!! Holds ice/drinks for days, even in the sun. Received WAY before expected and in time for Father's day. Thank you so much!!!! Highly recommend.
| 06/23/2020

Great gift

Bought a 110 for my husband for Father’s Day. He loved it. We camp all the time and travel several hours each way. This cooler was perfect for our needs. We packed it with everything for a 3 day weekend and things were still cold for the ride home. Pricy but worth it. You get what you pay for.
| 06/22/2020

Grey 110

Love this cooler. It holds ice for days and is big enough to keep plenty of drinks Ice cold. Great product. Wish I had two now.
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