Customized Gear

RTIC Gear makes a great gift for customers, employees, and event attendees. Choose from a variety of customizable products.

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Full Color • Laser Engraved • Laser Marked

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Simple, Up-Front Pricing

Bulk Order package

Product Price


+ $75

Setup Fee


+ $0.99*

Per Piece Fee

* Free Through September 30th

+ Free Shipping

Minimum Quantities for Customization:

All Drinkware: 1 case
Day Coolers: 24 pieces.
Back Pack Coolers, Totes, Duffels: 50 pieces.
All Others: 1 piece.

Upgrade your image.

Customizing your RTIC gear isn't just for looking good. It also shows that your company strive to be successful. Send us your logo or design and let us help you upgrade your image.

Customize RTIC Products

It's yours... so brand it.

Like a song stuck in your head, get your brand stuck in the minds of everyone. Let us get you noticed by laser engraving or UV printing your brand on your RTIC gear. Our customization process creates a permanent look on your drinkware that will stick as long as... that one favorite song from your playlist.

Custom coolers

Your Drink. Your Look.

Wherever your adventure takes you, whoever you adventure with, bring along your customized RTIC gear. Whether you're sipping your coffee on a peak in the rockies or in your backyard, it'll taste better from your own customized cup.

Custom drinkware