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| 06/29/2021

Dope AF

I bought this 45L cooler in 2016 and am just now writing a review. 5 years later this is still the best cooler I've ever bought. Nice work RTIC!!!!!
| 06/28/2021

Better than expected

I bought the RTIC 45 qt cooler for my husband. He worker’s in house framing. I went to work with him one day and we bought ice for his old cooler by the time we got to his job which was only 40 minutes away the ice was melted already (Texas Heat). So I ordered the RTIC cooler for him. Delivery was super fast and The ice last about 3-4 days . That’s with him and his workers opening it through out the day working 12 hour days. So happy I ordered it!! Good quality
| 06/28/2021

Chillin’ in Florida

We used this 45 quart cooler to go to the beach as well as keep some meat and milk cold when we ran out of room in the fridge at the cabin we were staying at. We used 1 20lbs bag of ice and on the 6th as we were leaving the water was still freezing cold and the milk was awesomely cold for my cereal. I highly recommend this cooler to anyone. It is better than the other big name brand cooler that I own. I will be selling that one and buying a 2nd RTIC. I am so glad I took a chance and bought tumblers 2 years ago. Because those worked so well, I thought it was worth risking the money on buying a cooler. You won’t regret this purchase.
| 06/28/2021

45 QT Hard Sided Cooler, Tan

Excellent cooler!! Love the color. Just took it on camping/hiking trip to Colorado and Utah where is was over 100 degrees and everything stayed COLD!! Highly recommend!!!!!
| 06/24/2021

Awesome cooler!

I was sent a product in exchange for an honest review, and wow did it exceed expectations! Ice lasts forever, looks exactly like pictures! I love it! Even in the 90 degree days the ice stayed for the whole trip!
| 06/19/2021

30 day review

Coolers proformance of 45 is very good 👍. Heavy-duty built and once chilled down keeps anything cold! Thanks
| 06/19/2021

Great cooler

Awesome cooler. Still had lots of ice after 4 days of 90 degree weather! Worth the money!
| 06/16/2021


Got the cooler just in time for a family road trip and it worked perfectly, can’t wait to take it camping next month.
| 06/15/2021

Great Cooler

We just used ours. Drive 5 hours to our mini vacay. Food stayed cool and fresh when we got to our destination. Our first RTIC cooler and will not be our last. Worth the $$!
| 06/14/2021

Satisfied customer

Very fast shipping! I have other ARTIC products and they all are top of the line. I've never been disappointed and the 45 is a great one also.
| 06/14/2021


Works for me because I like fresh ice after 3 days. I just wish it had a ice dispenser door
| 06/13/2021

Great cooler

Very well built. Glad I went for the 45, anything bigger would have been too unwieldy for my use. Nice attention to detail with drain plugs at slightly different heights so it drains while level. Hoping the divider comes back in stock soon.
| 06/12/2021

Can it hold standars wine bottles standing up?

or ice or only laying down?
| 06/09/2021


The best weekend car camping cooler ever! Keeps everything ice cold for days and is the perfect size!
| 03/26/2021

Great built cooler

This thing is built Like a vault!!! Nice and solid! Keeps ice for days!! Will buy more products from this company!
| 03/23/2021

Love the color!

Love the color of this cooler, its a teal-ish color in person. Haven't tested it with ice yet but we live an hour away from Costco and use coolers to bring home our cold items. It kept item cold for hours with zero ice. Pretty great so far. It is a very heavy cooler however compared to others we have. If you're someone who cant lift heavy items you might want to be careful especially when this is full.
| 03/23/2021


We use when traveling for our frozen meats, after three days still frozen like rock!!
| 03/22/2021

Top notch quality!

I've been debating on purchasing a high quality cooler. After doing some research, I decided on the RTIC 45. It was $100.00 less than the competitor. I've taken it camping twice for three nights. I prechilled water and food in the fridge the day before leaving for the camping trip. I dumped a 10 pound bag of ice on top of the water and food. When I got back home on the 4th day there was still some ice in the cooler. OUTSTANDING!!!
| 03/18/2021


This is my second one because it’s so good I got a second use it in my boat PERFECT
| 03/02/2021
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