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| 03/26/2021

Great built cooler

This thing is built Like a vault!!! Nice and solid! Keeps ice for days!! Will buy more products from this company!
| 03/23/2021

Love the color!

Love the color of this cooler, its a teal-ish color in person. Haven't tested it with ice yet but we live an hour away from Costco and use coolers to bring home our cold items. It kept item cold for hours with zero ice. Pretty great so far. It is a very heavy cooler however compared to others we have. If you're someone who cant lift heavy items you might want to be careful especially when this is full.
| 03/23/2021


We use when traveling for our frozen meats, after three days still frozen like rock!!
| 03/22/2021

Top notch quality!

I've been debating on purchasing a high quality cooler. After doing some research, I decided on the RTIC 45. It was $100.00 less than the competitor. I've taken it camping twice for three nights. I prechilled water and food in the fridge the day before leaving for the camping trip. I dumped a 10 pound bag of ice on top of the water and food. When I got back home on the 4th day there was still some ice in the cooler. OUTSTANDING!!!
| 03/18/2021


This is my second one because it’s so good I got a second use it in my boat PERFECT
| 03/02/2021
| 02/20/2021

Great Customer Service

My cooler was delivered and we LOVE Rtic coolers. One of the drain stoppage knobs was damaged during the trip and they sent two out to replace the knob as soon as I called. I can’t compliment their customer service enough.
| 02/19/2021


We needed a smaller one for when we go on vacation and we love our 65 so much that there was no question about buying another RTTC cooler.
| 02/16/2021

Amazing and phenomenal

Literally the best, we camp a lot and in a lot of hot places and rtic does what it’s meant to do. It keeps drinks ice cold we literally can keep ice for days in the ice chest. It beats competition completely they do the same thing but for far less out of your pocket. I wish there was more color options but we have two hard coolers the backpack cooler and several tumblers. Honestly couldn’t ask for better products.
| 02/12/2021

45 qt.

We like the cooler. But it doent keep ice for 10 days at all. 3 days at best. We are not even in a hot climate. Bit disappointed. Keep things cold when we have it full. But we like the looks easy to move around. It may try a smaller cool see what happens
| 02/12/2021

Great Value and Performance

Bought this 45 gallon model for a cross-country road trip. Four days later, we arrived at our destination with everything in this cooler still frozen and iced. Bought it because of a recommendation from family friends. Surpassed our expectations at a great price.
| 02/10/2021

Great Team Gift

We ordered 30 coolers for our team with our company logo for Christmas. The guys all LOVED them. Rtic was so easy to order from and made sure our logo was perfect! Thanks RTIC! We will defiantly be ordering from you again!
| 02/05/2021

Needs an RTIC Light Weight Wheeled Support

LOVE the cooler, it works as deigned, therefore the 5 STAR rating. It is really cumbersome trying to carry. Would love for your designers to create a lightweight, weather-proof housing/ carriage with all-terrain wheels that easily folds up for storage and also straps to the cooler when not in use.
| 01/31/2021


Bought the 6 pack n 12 pack soft sides. Once drinks inside no room for ice
| 01/29/2021

Rtic coolers

I have four hard coolers three soft coolers unbelievable product
| 01/25/2021

Great Coolers at a Decent Price

Decided to upgrade to a bigger cooler, I had a cooler from the other brand for several years. After doing a lot of comparisons I decided to go with Rtic. Ended up getting the 45 and the 20, I've had them for a few months now and love both. These truly are worth the money if you are looking for a sturdy long-lasting cooler.
| 01/22/2021


I bought the 65 cooler with cushion for the boat..within 2 weeks weeks I ordered another 65 cooler with the cushion and the tie downs..both are in the for fish the other for like hmm soda pops yea thats it
| 01/22/2021

Rtic 45

Why pay the high price for the name because that’s what you are buying...This is the same cooler as the name brands...I have 3 hard Rtic coolers and 2 bag Rtic coolers...I purchased this Rtic 45 for a gift...This is the brand I’ll have from now on because you can’t wear them out... I use one everyday year round!!
| 01/02/2021

Great Cooler

Bought a twenty a couple of years back for my semi truck? Keeps ice for five days in the summer and drinks cold two days after all the ice has melted? Bought a 45 and I think the quality has gotten better if that's possible? Brother has one of those higher priced one named after a creature and he was surprised that my RTIC kept ice as well as his! I highly recommend all of my RTIC products from my coffee cups to my mugs!
| 12/18/2020

best on yet

honestly the best cooler I have ever used and owned. Held two 5lb bags of ice for 4 days on my recent hunt. Worth every penny spent. I will buy more rtic products and I highly recommend them.
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