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| 04/01/2021

Needs better top

The skinny can coozie in it's self is great and works well, but the lid design needs a lot of work done for it to be great. Why can't you make the lid for it the same way as the 16oz coozie lid? I have bought many products from Artic and this is the only one I have been disappointed in. 😞. Artic products are great and will continue to buy from them just please fix the 12oz skinny can coozie lid.
| 03/27/2021

Great product

I bought three of the can coolers for 12 oz. drinks. I’ve used them several times and they work great. I have been a fan of Rtic for quite some time and continue to enjoy their line of products. Great product at a great price.
| 03/23/2021

Chill Out

I'm not sure why I haven't spoken up before now. But I just want to say just how much I love these can coozies. I now own 7 of these things. That ought to give you an idea of just how much I like them. Glad they brought to colors back. Now I can drink with festive colors. But I also enjoy my camo, and my silver, and the purple.......
| 03/09/2021

A no-go on 20oz Aluminum Bottles

At the time of ordering, the comments indicated it fit 16oz containers. Not even close. It may work for the skinny seltzer cans but not the 16oz twist tops. The container is the same diameter as the coozie. Very disappointed.
| 03/04/2021

Tallboy Hero

This is just what I was looking for to keep my 16 oz. canned beverages cool.
| 02/11/2021

Skinny can fail

We LOVE RTIC products and basically have a cabinet devoted to all our RTIC drinkware. I was so excited for the skinny can koozie to come out, however, it proved to be a huge fail! The top is so annoying! The little rubber tabs always fall off and are now long lost making the koozie nearly useless. RTIC!! Listen to your customers!! Fix the design!! The Craft Can Koozie design is great with the twist off lid. The skinny can koozie is awful! 3 stars simply for keeping drinks cold but design fail.
| 02/11/2021

Can Coolers

Love them and the colors will go well on my TIKI Bar. They do keep your beer cold!
| 01/31/2021

Nice design, buuttttt........

I bought the can cooler for the beach. Unfortunately, I'm not a craft beer drinker on the beach. They're too heavy for a hot sunny day. I like the hard seltzers or the hard cider/tea drinks. This does NOT quite accommodate the tall thin 12 oz can, although some of the reviews here said it fit perfectly. Don't get me wrong, it fits, but it's slopping around and sliding up and down everytime you take a sip. I was very excited to get these. I ordered one me and my wife. But now, I don't think I'm gonna use them for the beach which really stinks. The life guard and the badge checkers are pretty strict with the alcohol at the beach. So I'll have to think of another method and spend more money somewhere else. I am a true hard core RTIC fan. But this product isn't what I expected. Maybe they can come up with a sleeve to put inside to prevent the can from sliding around. That would help.
| 01/23/2021

Skinny can koozie: keeps drink cold, but parts fall out

I think the koozie does a great job of keeping the drink cold. I really like having this for my skinny can drinks. A couple of downsides: the lid is not super easy to get on, but the more annoying thing is there are rubber grips in the lid that pop out almost every time I take the can out. Luckily now I know to pay attention to that, but I don't know why these are able to pop out. This part of the koozie is poor design.
| 01/21/2021

Great Product

Order this can cooler along with another one. Love the colors and the cans fit perfect
| 01/20/2021


Awesome cooler for 16 oz cans. Keeps my beer cold till the last drop
| 01/20/2021

Keeps cold but rubber tabs come off

These are great at keeping your slim can drinks cold forever! My only complaint is that the little rubber tabs on both of the cans purchased have popped off when taking the lids off. They are so small and difficult to pop back in. We’ve just been using the cans without, since they still keep our drinks cold without them. Too much of a hassle to return.
| 01/15/2021

The good, the bad and the ugly

We'll start with the good, this cooler works well and keeps cans cold. The bad is the engineering, totally round is a bit harder to hold in the heat of summer and the top rim is a bit on the flimsy side. Now the ugly, the rubber holders pop off every time you load it and disappear. This needs addressed and solved before I buy any more for pool season.
| 01/12/2021


I bought this while measuring a seltzer can and it appeared it would fit. When I got the can, the seltzer can was so tight to squeeze in. When I removed the can, the bumpers popped off. I guess I will have to find seltzer cans or beers that will fit this can. If anyone can tell me what brand they are using that will fit without the bumpers popping off, please post.
| 01/10/2021


I am a huge fan of Rtic and wanted to love this, as I am a truly drinker. The rubber grommets pop out all the time. I am disappointed and expected a better product from Rtic. Hopefully they can improve this.
| 01/07/2021

Great price

Have not used yet but like the design and price was just right for Christmas gifts..
| 01/05/2021

Disappointing design

This was my first Rtic purchase. I bought this for the beach with friends thanks to the current seltzer craze. The plastic top feels cheap and the rubber bumpers have already popped off. I really wanted to love this to save money vs the competition but with the struggles I'm having with the ring, I just can't. Im giving it 3 stars because I think they're on the right track once they engineer a functional top piece.
| 12/28/2020

Claw keeper. Awesome!!

If you enjoy anything in a skinny can, iced coffee, Corona platinum, White Claws, Hard Seltzer etc. You need a few of these. I am ordering more today for guests. Takes a minute to figure it out the first time but works great.
| 12/27/2020

Great product

| 12/23/2020


I ordered the Pacific and Twilight colors both are very similar in color. don't see any major difference. Was hoping I could have two different colors but they look the same
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