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| 06/27/2021

Perfec size

Great item perfect size love it
| 06/17/2021

Awesome but needs accessories

This will change your life, but a carrying case or bag & definitely needs a wind/flame shield. Any wind & you are struggling.
| 06/09/2021


No lid is a problem. Other wise it looks amazing.
| 04/02/2021

Very fun and easy to cook on!

I bought this as a surprise for my husband and sons. They we're so excited and have used it multiple times since it arrived. They’ve cooked breakfast, tacos, shrimp, and even made paella. It will be great to take fishing and to the beach this summer. Very easy to use and clean up. I highly recommend buying one.
| 03/17/2021

It was great to grill

It was favorite grill until some rotten teenager stole from my porch. I so wish it came with locks but that is only because we live around rotten teenager kids. I will have to buy a new one and weld on locks I think.
| 03/01/2021

Birthday gift

I received the cooker for my birthday from my family. It is heavy duty and can not wait to try it.
| 02/25/2021

Rushed out the door

The product feels very well built and developed. The problem is the finishing touches. The disc has multiple coverup paint jobs to hide manufacturing defects/ scratches. All of the stickers look cheap as if they are last minute throw ons. Even the grip tape for the bottom bar is oversized so it is already starting to peel off.
| 02/17/2021

Great for cooking , and easy ckean up

This cooking disk is amazing, easy to set up and easy to cook on. 120 quart stock pot lid fits perfectly and the competitions accessories fit like they were made for it. Worth the money and an absolute pleasure to cook on
| 02/15/2021

I love this grill

This is a good grill. I love the way food taste when I make it on this grill. I call mine big red, what do you call yours? I'm a big fan of less work and more eat.
| 02/13/2021

Awesome to cook on

I received my king disc grill at 3:30 and by 4:30 it was seasoned and cooking onions, peppers and chicken and it was 14 degrees out. Easy to set up, really simple to use and cooked dinner to perfection. Thank you rtic.
| 02/01/2021

Hot food taste good off big red grill

I like food from big red grill it taste so good inside my mouth. I want more food from big red grill I can't stop. I love big red grill it is my best.
| 01/25/2021

awesome grill

this grill is fantastic! my only complaint is that it doesn't have any accessories. first and foremost a lid and a cover would be the best. Aside from that, we use it both at home and while camping
| 01/17/2021

Great Product

Bought as a gift for my husband. He uses it all the time and enjoys cooking on it. Quality product and very fast shipping.
| 01/16/2021
I like the big disc grill. Well made and easy to use, it could have been made more stable as far as how the disc sits on the stand
| 01/16/2021

Best grill ever

Absolutely love this grill so easy to use and easy to clean up!!! Great for doing small amounts or large amounts of food!
| 01/07/2021

King Disc

This is a amazing, I cooked 95% of our meals New Years week out in the desert, so easy to clean and store. I cooked everything from bacon and eggs to chicken & steak for tacos + I heated the taco shells on it too! King disc makes my life a lot easier while camping!
| 01/07/2021

Great product

My buddies have similar product and my RTIC has a couple things we agree are better and more functional. Adjustable feet, assembly function. I do wish RTIC would have a few accessories like a vented lid, flame guard and storage/carry case cover.
| 12/15/2020

Great product

Love my king disc but wish you guys offered some accessories! Like the hose for a 20 lb tank, a cover, spatula etc
| 12/14/2020
| 12/14/2020

Buy it if you cook!!! And a trash can lid

Let me tell you, the more you cook, the better it is. ABSOLUTELY BUY AN ALUMINUM TRASH CAN LID and not only will you get a lot of laughs, it will double your temp and allow for more moist foods if preferred. They fit perfect! I'm telling you it's almost a necessity. I just cooked filet mignon kabobs for a party of 20 and also, bacon wrapped asparagus and portobello with onions. They were blown away that I drove 3 hours to where I work and pulled this out with 2 coolers and we ate like kings! Great job RTIC!!
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