Insulated Gel Handle Lunch Bag, Aqua Image
Insulated Gel Handle Lunch Bag, Aqua Image
Insulated Gel Handle Lunch Bag, Aqua Image
Insulated Gel Handle Lunch Bag, Aqua Image
Insulated Gel Handle Lunch Bag, Aqua Image
Insulated Gel Handle Lunch Bag, Aqua Thumnail Insulated Gel Handle Lunch Bag, Aqua Thumnail Insulated Gel Handle Lunch Bag, Aqua Thumnail Insulated Gel Handle Lunch Bag, Aqua Thumnail Insulated Gel Handle Lunch Bag, Aqua Thumnail

Insulated Gel Handle Lunch Bag

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The RTIC Gel Handle Lunch Bag is ready to cool, grab and go when you are! Save time and money by packing your cool items to go for school lunches, work, play dates or car trips. This bag is built to lock in cool dry air to keep your items fresh for your midday meal!

The RTIC Gel Handle Lunch Bag features:

  • Heavy-duty Polyester Handle for Easy Carrying
  • Built-in freezable Gel Packs Maximize Cooling Space
  • Zip top Enclosure to Keep Items Cool and Dry
  • Antimicrobial, Easy to Clean, FDA-approved Food Contact Safe Liner
  • Foldable, For Compact Storage in Freezer or Refrigerator

Interior: 7.5” x 5” x 6” (L x W x H)

This item is constructed with a fabric zipper, not a waterproof zipper. Day Coolers may leak liquid contents.

Ratings & Reviews


Based on 20 Reviews

| 12/27/2020
Nice bag. Wish it was 9 1/4 x 6 1/4 to get your common lunch dish in it.
| 12/21/2020


it really is a great product, the value compared to the competition is fantastic. I guess i should clarify that i'm talking about the lunch bag. i would like it to be just a little larger, 3/4" in depth and 1" in width. or maybe i shouldn't pack such a large lunch?? now that's an idea!! Durable, great value just a little large. well engineered.
| 12/19/2020

Well Made, But Small

It's definitely a well-made lunch bag. It's made of durable material with a durable inner liner. The handle is great. However, it's very small and doesn't hold that much. If you have a few things, no problem. We use it for our toddler's lunch. But if you are one who regularly uses plastic/glass storage containers for your food, this bag won't work. It's unfortunate because it's a nice bag. Rtic needs to make something a little bit bigger in this bag-style, rather than have to choose a larger, cooler-style.
| 12/15/2020

Nice lunch bag

Works out great just wish it was a little bigger.
| 11/12/2020

Great lunch bag

LOVE this bag. I got this for Disney World trip. This bag was perfect for packing sandwiches. Froze this bag and it held 3 sandwiches. It fit perfect in the backpack. So much better than spending $35 for a lunch of park food. I will get so much use from this little bag.
| 10/21/2020

Need a larger version

Absolutely love, but I don’t use it as often as I would like due to its size. I’m a nurse a pack for two meals, Unfortunately this bag is to small. It’s perfect for a kids school lunch. WE NEED AN ADULT SIZE for nurses, construction workers, etc....
| 10/13/2020

Too Small

Love the bag looks well made but I bought the lunch container thinking I can use them both but the lunch bag is too small. Now im sad lol
| 10/11/2020


Needed something to hold food for long days at the range and other training events. This bag is awesome it WILL keep your food/drinks cold for at least 4 hours in 90 degree weather. 5 stars
| 10/08/2020

Great little lunchbox

Got this lunch bag for my teenage son. He’s on a health kick and wanting to take his lunch. You have to be very careful with lunch boxes when you’re a Junior in High school(Bc reputation is everything) and, this one fit the bill! I wish it were roomy enough for a full size bottle of water but, he packs two 8oz and, they fit perfect. He says food/salad/ sandwich etc is always cold and he eats C lunch which is later in the day. Thanks RTIC!
| 09/21/2020

Lunch box

Best lunch box i have ever purchased.
| 09/20/2020

Nice but could be bigger

I seem to be the only one who thinks this way based off of the reviews, but I think it needs to be a bit bigger. In fairness, I bought the “small” ice block as well thinking that the small would work nicely in this lunch box.... but it’s def too big for it. Maybe without the big ice block, it would be better, but I use these for school and work lunches so I like them to stay cold. I’ll have to find a smaller ice block to make more room for a big drink and food, but even with the smaller block, I think there should be a bit more room to make it absolutely perfect.
| 09/11/2020

Love these lunch bags

We love these lunch bags. They are great for the kids for taking lunch to school! The also work well to hold a couple drinks and an ice pack!
| 09/04/2020

Kids Love Them

Bought them for the kids to use as a school lunch lunchbox. They love them! Although they don't like them frozen because they work so well the lunch is too cold. Highly recommend.
| 07/30/2020

Perfect for golf

Needed something to hold a couple 16 oz gatorades in the mash compartment of my golf push cart - this morning s perfect. Tried a small cooler with the strap over the frame, that was too tippy.
| 07/26/2020

Great little bag

I bought this to toss in the saddlebag on my motorcycle. It keeps things cold for those long rides.
| 06/21/2020


Great product, good price. I would like to see it Made in USA.
| 06/13/2020

Lunch Bag

Bought this for my wife, she is very satisfied with her lunch bag, uses it daily for lunch and drink. Like all rtic products it is very well made.
| 06/12/2020

Needs a little more width

I like this lunch bag well enough. Would be better if it were about an inch wider to allow sandwich to lay flat.
| 03/02/2019

lunch bags

I bought two of the lunch bags. They are insulated and keep your lunch cool if not refrigerated and if refrigerated it’s cold. I love them. They’re very durable also.
| 12/27/2018
Great product. Great for lunches and keeping a drink cool.
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