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| 06/26/2021

A significant fraction of these reviews indicate a need for a straw lid

This is a nice jug, but it doesn't really work for drinking. As you can see from my review and a significant fraction of the other reviews on this, it really needs a straw lid. If it had a straw lid, I would give it 5 stars
| 06/25/2021

Jug lid

I would like to see the screw on cap click in place when you are pouring so it doesn’t fall closed while you are trying to pour. A vent would be nice too.
| 06/22/2021

Pretty Good

Great gallon jug, keeps my water nice and cold. The only down side is the small mouth on the bottle. Would totally be a 5 star if that was fixed.
| 06/22/2021

Great jug, terrible lid

Jug keeps ice for days. Wish the lid had a larger opening for my giant mouth. A larger opening would make it easier to pour as well. Will update my review to 5 stars when it has a better lid and drinking hole.
| 06/12/2021

One gallon jug

My gallon jug was the best, loved it!..but then it fell out of my truck and the lid cracked big time oops! Just waiting for the part to be back in stock. I might just buy another while I wait.
| 06/11/2021

Kid Needs Improvement

Love the gallon jug, but this lid is a terrible design. I got this for my 10 year old to take to all-day outdoor summer camp so he can have cold water all day but the lid is awful. Really need some kind of snap on or straw-type option.
| 06/09/2021

Different lids

Stock lid isn't bad but would love it if there was a flip straw lid or even a plastic mesh so ice doesn't always come through.
| 03/29/2021

Something different

I may be in the only one in the situation, but I would like to see some sort of lid with a straw. I drink out my gallon jug at work all the time and it is a bit annoying to lift it. (First world problems lol) also I have seen it mentioned on here a few times. Your spout could use some improvement on starting to tighten the cap back on, and the splash problem is definitely a big issue, so a vent lid would be nice. To all those in the future you can flip your jug over kind of like how you pour a 5 quart jug of oil, and it helps the splashing issue
| 03/27/2021

Gallon jug lid

If the gallon jug lid had a wide mouth port its would have got 5 stars but I give it a 4
| 03/23/2021

almost perfect

Love the jug, keeps ice for 12-24 hrs depending on ambient temperature. However, the lid design is only fair. It splashes everywhere when you try to pour it. I would buy a better lid if it were offered.
| 12/26/2020

Need a insulated lid

The old jug I have has a insulated lid and keeps my coffee hot all night at work. This lid is not insulated and keeps the coffee hot / warm for half the time. Please make an insulated 1/2 gal lid
| 12/11/2020

1/2 gallon lid

I literally called about a lid like this for my half gallon jugs (about a month ago) and was told they don't make them. Now it's on here and sold out? What gives?? I love your product and I own a lot of it but I'm starting to get very disappointed with your company.
| 11/06/2020

nice but needs inporvments

the jug is great does what i was looking for.. but i dont drink from it, i pour water into a travel mug and when i do it splashes so i have to remove the lid to pour and try not to dump it
| 11/05/2020

Lid vent needed

The lid is secure yet it can be difficult to get started screwing down due to binding. Also the air tighness of the bottle causes splattering hot coffeee when pouring. A lidded vent on opposite side from spout would cure this.
| 09/21/2020

Love the jug

The jug is nothing short of outstanding! However it fell off my work cart and the lid broke.... of course the lid is out of stock much like a lot of other products I've been looking to get. Seems like you have inventory issues too frequently.
| 09/12/2020

Lid under warranty

I got this lid under warranty and couldn't be happier.
| 06/26/2020

Love it but....

I love the look and quality of this jug! We live in AZ and need a good quality large insulated water jug. My purpose for this was because I was tired of packing 4 to 5 different water bottles for the kids. Well, for my purpose, it's not as good of an idea as I thought because it's really heavy for the kids to drink out of so a straw lid would make this more than perfect. They do not make a separate straw lid for this size jug :(
| 05/23/2020

good but a lid with a straw would be better.

I absolutely love my gallon jug but its sometimes difficult to drink out of because the bottle is so large and there isn't a lid with a straw. If they made one I'd purchase it right away.
| 01/31/2020

Must Have

These pour lids are great. I got one for my 1/2 gal bottle and it works great. I live in S.E. Louisiana and work at a Correctional Facility. I have used this to carry my water out to my watch areas and the pour spout makes it great to drink from. It is a must have when traveling with the family. I can keep water in the cooler, as opposed to water bottles, and refill the Rtic cups without spilling a drop.
| 10/14/2019


When will these be back in stock? Ours just broke! :(
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