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| 03/31/2021

These containers are awesome!

I bought one of these and then promptly bought six more. For kids' lunches they cannot be beat. You will very quickly learn to not care about the color combos and it will be a mish-mash of different inserts and lids! But when they look and work as good as they do, who cares?! I recall these saying that they are not intended to be dishwasher safe but we've put ours through more times than I can count and they are holding up fine. Love the modularity and how you can set it up with 1, 2 or no bottom dividers and the top still fits on. These are amazing and for less than $8 you will be glad you found them.
| 03/30/2021


I love this lunch container! It’s so versatile and well made. I even ordered another one because my husband wanted one. Would definitely recommend!
| 03/25/2021

Love it

Love the containers, got two. They are great fir my work lunch!
| 03/15/2021

Very Sastisfied

Perfect size, cleans easily
| 03/07/2021

Love these!

I love these so much. Very roomy for lunch or snacks. Only thing that would make them perfect if they were leak proof.
| 02/11/2021

Very satisfied

The lumch container is great. Have been looking for something just like this for our lunches.
| 02/02/2021

Great Product

Perfect size, seals tightly, cleans easily.
| 02/02/2021

Lid stopped functioning

I ordered 2 of these containers a short time so, and now the lid on one of them does not latch at all. The other one is still working good.
| 02/01/2021

Better than expected

This lunch container has been surprising. I love it. I use it with my Day Cooler 8 and it fits perfectly. Keeps my food organized and in place. It isn't going to change your world but it's a nice addition. RTIC has become my go-to.
| 01/26/2021

How do I love thee!

I know I should be raving about my cooler, but these lunch containers are awesome. They have sturdy snap locks, and the interior compartments for dividing up breakfast goodies, along with the fact I can stick whole eggs in the bottom. I can then throw the whole thing in my cooler without worry that it will open. Just bought two more, I'm a fan!
| 01/25/2021


This dish i great. It holds well to the different items
| 01/25/2021

Lunch container

I have used this container for 4 months now and it has turned out to be the best I have ever had. Highly recommend it.
| 01/23/2021

I love it!

I bought this in a whim because it was on sale. This turned out to be a great addition to my lunchbox. I can fit a sandwich and cut vegetables all in this compact container.
| 01/18/2021

Food containers

Really nice, holds more than enough, and fits in the soft cooler perfectly
| 01/09/2021


I actually ordered this lunch container to push my order into free shipping, but I am so glad I did. It is the perfect addition to my rTic day cooler, and when I'm going out for the day, I pack my container with a light and satisfying snack, add a few bottles of water to my day cooler, and fill my tumbler with coffee! Saves tons of money and time in seeking food while on the road. I love all things rTic!
| 01/09/2021

Best Tumbler, Best Price

I love rTic tumblers! Coffee stays hot from morning until evening, and ice has lasted in my tumbler for two days, almost three. They are durable and strong, and wherever I go, my rTic tumbler goes with me!
| 01/06/2021

Lunch bowl

I love it i have several of them.
| 01/06/2021


Great for using with rtic lunch coolers!
| 01/01/2021

So Handy!!

Have always loved Rtic products as they work so well and hold up to a lot of stress!! My husband likes to take his lunch to work and said most of the time his food is is all run together by lunch as others shuffle bowls around in the refrigerator. He is very pleased with his new lunch container and it holds a big helping!! Thank you Rtic!!
| 12/21/2020


I love the size and versatility of the container, but have had 2 crack within the first couple times i used it.
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