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Screw On Lid for Travel Mugs


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Screw On Lid for Travel Mugs. Keep that warm beverage in your cup as you move about!

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| 12/08/2020
I have 2 of these mugs both with right hand lids and LOVE them. I look forward the to left hand lids being back in stock so I can buy them for my cups.
| 10/20/2020

Great idea!

I love having the option of both left-handed and right-handed lids. I am left handed and use both options, depending on what I am doing while drinking coffee. How about marking the lids so they look a little different, so it is easy to tell them apart? That way I will always grab the one I want.
| 10/16/2020
Great lid I ordered a left handed one should have ordered a right but my mistake no worry still works great
| 09/18/2020

Perfect gift!

I bought a travel coffee mug and a left handed lid for a gift for a friend. She loves it! She said it was so nice to have a lid made for left handed people!
| 09/18/2020

It works

Finally tops for righties and lefties...
| 09/13/2020


Love my new perfectly in my car. And the handle is just right!! Ordered the left hand Lid by mistake ...will order the right hand lid!
| 09/11/2020

Research Scientist

My husband was very happy with the lids being a lefty.
| 08/17/2020

Left handed lid

I love my left handed lid! It's the little things...Well, speaking to any left hand person, it is wonderful when things are made for us. My only compliant, is that we have to pay extra amount for it.
| 07/21/2020

Right lid!!

I purchased the left handed lid because the one that comes with it is for right handed people. If you are left handed, this lid is a must have.
| 07/18/2020

Great fit

Great fitting lid and easy to use w/a straw as well. A+++
| 06/25/2020


Y'all are fast! Thank you.
| 01/12/2020

Excellent fit

I bought this lid for my new 16 oz cup ( cup with handle) after I dropped my cup on concrete and lid cracked. This is a screw on and it fit my cup perfect.
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