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| 10/12/2021

40 quart soft side cooler

I am very impressed with the quality of this cooler. There is plenty of room for food and drinks and ice packs. Pack it full and it is a little heavy but the shoulder strap makes it way easier to carry. Even when packed full and heavy the bottom of the cooler doesn’t sag. Very impressive for a soft side cooler. Thanks RTIC!!!
| 10/11/2021

Disappointed no longer carrying the 8

I have the 20 pack and it is awesome but too lathe for some trips. Wanted to get 8 can to match but RTIC support says they are no longer going to carry. Disappointing.
| 10/10/2021

Love the Soft Pack 20!

We got the Soft Pack 20 for our daughter for her birthday. She loves the citrus color & it is the perfect size for her & my granddaughter for play dates and picnics! We highly recommend this cooler!!!
| 10/10/2021

Awesome Cooler

Real nice daily cooler! I purchased this 12 can primarily to use to carry my daily meal supplies. Lunch, fruit, yogurt, protein drink for the gym, as well as two bottles of water with room to spare and an ice pack. I mention the contents for reference for sizing. Keeps everything nice cold all day! This is my second soft cooler. My only complain is how hard it is to open and close the zipper. But a small price to pay for tight seal
| 10/04/2021

Soft 12 Can

Works great! Significantly better than the soft cooler it replaced
| 10/03/2021

Great cooler!

Perfect size for us and love the soft sides! Once zipper lubricant was used, easy to open. Durable and well made product!
| 10/02/2021

Excellent cooler

Great cooler. Have a more expensive soft cooler and needed a smaller one so decided to try Rtic for the first time. We use this cooler more than the more expensive brand one.
| 09/29/2021

Great for day trips and picnics

We got the 30 can soft cooler and it is perfect for day trips. Even when baking in a hot car for hours while we were out hiking, it kept our drinks and food nice and cold. It a great little cooler for the car for day trips or to take on a picnic. The zipper can be a little stiff at first, but it gets smoother after a few uses. RTIC provided us the cooler in exchange for an honest review. We are super happy with this cooler and definitely recommend it.
| 09/27/2021

Game changing cooler

This cooler has been so great to have for all our outdoor adventures. It fits everything we need for a day's activities while keeping everything nice and cold.
| 09/22/2021

Love our cooler

We have had our 30 can soft cooler for a few years and love it. Our daughters family was going on vacation and wanted to borrow it. We didn't want to chance them doing something to ours so we bought them a 30 can for an early Christmas present.
| 09/17/2021


Great cooler. Had it for a couple years and the durability is great. Add the lube to the zipper occasionally and it’s works like new again. Great value for the money
| 09/16/2021

Great Cooler at this Price

I bought a 30 Soft Cooler in 2015 and have taken it on many trips from hunting, fishing, camping, and beaches all over the U.S. This thing works as advertised and is durable as can be. The seal panel on the outside of the zipper developed a small tear on mine just this year (2021) and has made it impossible to close. For a soft cooler to make it under the rugged use I've put it through and only cost a little over a $100, in my opinion is an unbeatable deal! Get one, you won't be disappointed!!
| 09/13/2021

Almost perfect

I bought the 12. It is small enough to pull double duty as a lunch box, super useful. The zipper is a little stiff, I guess the leakproof seal has something to do with that. One flaw I see is the "storage pouch" in the front is utterly useless. It's so tight that you cannot get anything in it, and if you do, you likely can't get your hands in it to get it out. It seems as if that was an afterthought in design. My day cooler 15 had netting for water bottles and a spacious front pouch. This does not. I will find another way to store things on my person while going out, but this is the perfect size for me. I can use as a lunch box, then load it up with 12 cans or bottles and go wherever, without having to take a bigger cooler than necessary. I'm glad Rtic came out with the 12, because I felt the 8 was too small and the 20 was too big for what I needed. The 12 seems perfect for me, hopefully a redesign will include a functional storage pocket one day.
| 09/12/2021


Awesome stuff. Keeps my beers nice n cold 👍👍👍 def recommend .
| 09/12/2021

Pocket zipper not waterproof

I got the soft cooler mainly for on the go short trips where I didn’t need a big cooler. We took it tubing. The main area is waterproof. However, the front pocket is not. It was disappointing as a wallet got wet. Thankful my phone was not in it. As stated the main zipper is really hard to zip and unzip. Love that it floats!
| 09/09/2021

Not a Fan of the Zipper

Hi all. The cooler itself is fantastic. I love the color too. It kept the beverages and food cold during our long trip. However, it is NOT user friendly, especially for the kids, trying to grab a drink fr the cooler during the ride, they cannot unzip the cooler, and it’s not of those you can reach from behind you and unzip quickly. I had to pull over to the side to open the cooler safely. Because of that, I’ giving it only a 3 star for difficulty of unzipping the cooler and not travel-friendly while driving in the car.
| 09/08/2021

You need this

I bought the 20 can cooler to go with my 65 hard cooler.... It is an amazing addition to my camping rig. Keeps beers and food cold for days, and is the easiest cooler to clean I have ever used. YOU NEED ONE
| 09/05/2021

Great cooler

Had this a few years now and mostly use it for travel. I put some ice in the bottom, load it with cold stuff and a little ice on top. Every 2-3 days I drain the water and add a bucket or two of ice from the hotel machine and it keeps everything cold, even when left in the hot car in summer. Would definitely buy again and will probably buy a similar sized hard cooler too.
| 08/21/2021

Absolutely amazing

I had purchased the soft cooler and the bag and they’re both GREAT! Amazing quality! Keeps the drinks or whatever you choose to put in it very cold and keeps the ice all day in the Florida sun. The bag I used for a beach bag and it is the perfect size and kept the beach sad out of the bag. Both are waterproof. The zipper on the cooler is hard to use but it is waterproof and may be why. They both float as well… cooler would be great for tubing as well. Great job RTIC!
| 08/16/2021

Life saver

I work as a UPS driver here in Dallas Texas and with summers being extremely hot I needed a cooler that would keep my drinks amd food cold for 12 hours everyday. I use cold packs and then fill it up with 10lb of ice for the day I seriously kid you not the ice hardly melted after 12 hours my drinks were still ice cold and this cooler saved my life out here in this texas heat. I would recommend this to anyone who works long hours in the summer heat it worth it.
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