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| 04/05/2021

Great cooler

This is one hit the Jackpot love it super easy to carry great for outdoors and a great amount of space I got the 40 one is awesome I love it
| 04/03/2021

Great cooler

Very nice cooler with good color options. Does the same job as much more expensive coolers. Very happy with it.
| 04/02/2021

Broken Zipper

Nice cooler but zipper broke after a year. Will not buy this cooler again.
| 04/02/2021

Broken Zipper

Love The cooler but after one season of use the zipper broke. Cost to much for one year use.
| 04/02/2021

Great Lunch Cooler

The cooler is well insulated and keeps everything cold all day even with the cheap ice pack I use for it. I will be purchasing a better ice pack for the summer months.
| 04/01/2021

Color not as advertised.

I got the slate blue thinking it was going to be bright blue like in the picture. It’s definitely not the same color as they’re advertising..
| 04/01/2021

Great Products

Have bought and used several of the RTIC products over the years. The soft coolers have always performed great! Worth every penny!
| 03/30/2021

Soft Pack 20

Love this cooler. Bought one for myself and now it is my go-to birthday gift. Colors are great, keeps everything cool.
| 03/30/2021


Got this as a gift for my mom and she loved it. Had it in a car for 2 days and it stayed cold the entire drive. The zipper is heavy duty and it is a little tough to open and close. I am assuming that is because it is sealed well. It was great at the beach as sand didn’t stick to it. This is a great cooler for the money. You get what you pay for and with this one is worth it.
| 03/28/2021

Soft side 20can

Wonderful shoulder cooler. Durable material and holds ice for awhile! Great camo design! Comfy shoulder strap!
| 03/27/2021

So hard to zip!

Decent cooler but the so hard to open with these zippers. I’ve used the provided lube but that’s no help.
| 03/20/2021

Way over built!

This is perfect except one thing. It would be great to have some compartments on the outside to store plastic wear and some things that don't need to stay Cold..
| 03/19/2021

works great but..

Cooler works great but after a couple uses, the zipper snapped off. I super glued it back on and got about another use before snapping off again
| 03/18/2021

Great bag, but difficult to open

We LOVE this bag and take it everywhere, but omg it is really hard to open. It is not a 'reach in the backseat to grab a cold beverage' bag. It's 'have a second person climb in the back and use two hands to open it' bag. It does hold ice and the 30 can size is great. It is everything we wanted, quality and price can't be beat! But it will be our one and only zipper cooler we will buy. We'll stick to the hard side for ease of opening.
| 03/14/2021

Fedex driver

Ive had this cooler for about 1 year now and i would say i got my moneys worth. Im out in the heat everyday for 5 to 6 hours during the hot texas spring and summers. It keeps my water and my food cold all day no complaints. But one thing i woild say is make the front pocket bigger to store more stuff thank you
| 03/12/2021

Used to work

Cooler is great, kept drinks cold till zipper broke..
| 03/09/2021

Amazing Cooler - Great Customer Service

I have a few RTIC coolers but we use the soft pack 30 for everything... beach days, road trips etc and its been great. The zipper tab broke one day and customer service was great in getting us a replacement! Couldn't be happier!
| 03/02/2021


Color on add is not yellow a bit misleading I wanted yellow
| 03/02/2021

Amazing Products

Last summer I took a chance on purchasing this cooler fro RTIC. I was so impressed with this cooler that I have purchased this one as a gift for my mother. She loves it too. It's lightweight and durable. Plus it keeps everything cold for a long time. We took a 10 hour trip last summer, to visit my parents in Ohio. Usually, by the time we arrive everything in our OLD cooler would be warm in luke warm ice melted water. Not with RTIC, all of our stuff was still cold and the ice never melted. Since then, we have purchased other RTIC products. We have bought two 52 Hard Coolers, a small lunch sized cooler, and countless drinkware. They're all amazing!
| 03/02/2021

Great quality and price, poor zipper

I have had this cooler for about three years and all of a sudden the zipper for no reason started giving me issues. The teeth started separate and apart from each other and I could not get them back together. I reached out to the company gave them an opportunity to replace it or fix it and they said that it was out of warranty. They suggested that I get some lubricant to help the zipper action work better, but once the teeth are separated there was no way to get them back together. This is as much of a review as a wake up call for this company as it is for somebody looking to buy this cooler. RTIC stand behind your product!
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