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| 06/29/2021

Good mug, Lid sucks

Mug itself is good. Lid is good when new bit after after about 10 times of the Lid on and off the only time it's tight is when the sip hole is parallel with the handle. After a month or so the clear plastic Lid weakens and the black flip breaks out of the holes. Should have Lifetime replacement lids if they don't change the design
| 06/29/2021

Best Coffee Cup

This is the Best Coffee Cup ever! I don't spill any more, I have dropped it and it doesn't leak. 4 hours later still warm, not hot but drinkable. I love this cup!! Best for me for sure.
| 06/29/2021


Loved it except closing the cover. The opening always come up at the handle
| 06/28/2021

Great cup

I love the cup! The color is great and it keeps things hot and it also keeps things cold! I like the way the lid kinda snaps when it is open.
| 06/27/2021

20 Oz. Travel Mug

I love it. Keeps cold stuff very cold, just like I took the drink out of the fridge. Keeps it cold all day and it doesn't sweat. I'm going to be buying more of these for my family and friends. I haven't used it for hot stuff, but I'm sure it will work just great.
| 06/27/2021

16oz travel mug

Love the screw on lid, keeps my hot coffee hot. I dropped my mug and the lid stayed on.Then my husband started using it.He loved it so he over took it. I just ordered the 20oz he has the 12oz.his loss. My gain😁
| 06/27/2021


I love RTIC drinkware. I have two 16oz travel mugs and one water bottle and a thermos. I use one mug for cold and one for hot. They work wonderfully. The mugs will keep beverages hot or cold for a long period of time. The new screw on lids are the bomb! They keep the lid seated and it won't rise up with hot beverages. Outstanding! The construction of the drinkware is tough and durable. I highly recommend RTIC products. Give it a try and you'll be satisfied.
| 06/27/2021


this is a great mug to take along to work, does not leak, keeps coffee hot, love it!!!!!!!!
| 06/27/2021

Travel Mug

A selection of right or left hand lid should be prompted on order page for mug. I bought mine without considering this issue.
| 06/26/2021

Great Mug

The mug is great, the lid fits tightly and it fits in my cars tiny cup holder. And the sparkle... 😍 This is my 6th Rtic purchase. And I would have given 5 stars on this purchase if it had had the same level of communication as my previous purchases. 1 email that my order was accepted. Then nothing but marketing email. No clue when my order shipped. It just magically appeared (slightly later than expected even with pandemic delays).
| 06/26/2021


I really love that this mug fits in my car cup holder unlike other mugs! And the color is super cute!
| 06/26/2021

Great mug, no lid trouble for me

This is a great mug for keeping coffee warm. It also keeps beverages cold all day. Fits nicely in the hand. I haven't had any problems with the lid. I did discover that I drink left handed, but the right handed lid isn't a deal breaker. I use it every day for coffee. I got one for my nephew, who also uses it every day for cold drinks.
| 06/25/2021

Loved them!

Loved that these travel mugs have handles. Great assortment of colors to choose from. Ordered three and everyone was pleased.
| 06/25/2021

20 oz. Travel Mug

Love this travel mug!! It is the best thing you all have sold for people that have arthritis. It is easy to hold having the handle, slim and not heavy. It keeps the drinks cold for a long time even when the mug is left in the car. PS- Making a 24 oz. travel mug with handle would be nice too. Thanks
| 06/25/2021

16oz travel mug, lilac

What a perfect size and beautiful color! Keeps it hot!
| 06/25/2021


This color and size are perfect. Love love this cup for my morning coffee
| 06/23/2021

20 oz travel mug, burnt orange

Wanted a mug to keep my water cold. It does a great job. Sometimes it still has ice in it next morning.
| 06/23/2021

Just perfect

Thank you RTIC you have done it again, always expedite service Great quality mugs I LOVE the new color and the new size fits in place..
| 06/22/2021

Love this color, it's bright red.

We really liked these 20 oz. tumbler/mugs, but they don't fit under our Keurig coffee maker, so we are exchanging them for the 16 oz. tumbler/mugs, which we already have a few of and they are excellent. Great color selection also!
| 06/22/2021

Love the Handle!

Great Mug! The handle is definitely a Plus. Such a nice variety of colors, too!
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