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| 04/02/2021


Hands down, best travel mug I own. When you want things to stay hot for a long time then this is the one for you. Lid is tight and does not leak and the coffee stays hotter than ever for a long time.
| 04/01/2021

I like it

I'm really suprised there are people complaining about the lid. Are you guys smashing your nose into the mug while you drink? Idk. It works nicely for me. 5 stars.
| 04/01/2021


I love the mugs that I purchased for my wife, mother-in-law, and self. The mugs are great but I just wish that there more colors to offer. I have plenty other artic cups and this lines up with the others.
| 03/30/2021

Great coffee mug

Had loaded up the car for work & accidentally put the mug on roof of car. After 5 miles from home I realized I didn't have my coffee so I called a friend who drove 1.5 miles to area I thought maybe mug had slid off roof. Sure enough. There it was in the middle of the street, a few dings, but lid still intact, mug full of coffee. My friend thanked me for the great piping hot coffee that morning!!!
| 03/26/2021


the lids is very well sealed a very good thing for people who travel mine has bounce of the dash several times getting cut-off in traffic and not a drop spilled
| 03/25/2021


I bought two of the matte mugs and I tell you I love them. it keeps the liquids hot or cold for the longest time. I keep one at the office and the other at the house.
| 03/25/2021

Great to drink out of

I absolutely love my cup love the color keeps it hot love the lid stays on just love my cup
| 03/22/2021

Perfect Fit!

I had long searched for a coffee mug which fit my Buick's cup holder. I finally found it! Like it was made for my Regal.
| 03/21/2021

Lid Kills It

I like the mug itself, but the lid could use some help. I like the fact it screws on but I can only get the opening to sit at 90 degrees from the handle on my first cup. After that the gasket softens up and the next cup the opening is almost 180 degrees out from the handle.. And the flip top should snap/lock open to keep from flopping and hitting your nose as you drink.
| 03/21/2021


Lid's should be able to be screwed on for Left OR Right. Needing a Special Lid for hand is a down check.
| 03/21/2021

Travel mug

Keeps liquids hot but the lid let's the liquid wick underneath and dribble
| 03/21/2021

Great mug except...

Nice looking, well-built coffee mug. My only issue is just has a screwtop lid getting the opening where you would want it to be able to hold the handle and drink is virtually impossible! They need to do a better job on the lid so it’s easy to setup and remove.
| 03/20/2021

Great cup terrible lid

I bought 14 of these & gave them to friends & family for Christmas last year. The cup is awesome. Please do something about that lid. I’ve noticed no one is using them & I know that lid is the problem. If you fix the lid I’ll buy them all new lids for Christmas this year! 😎
| 03/20/2021

Awesome mug

So sleek and pretty yet it keeps coffee warm all day. I love this!!!!
| 03/19/2021


I absolutely love my travel mug! The handle is actually big enough to grip with your entire hand or hold onto with just a finger when transporting lots of stuff from the car to the house. The lid is great as far as preventing spills however, it is difficult to remove. That’s not going to prevent me from buying one in every fun color!
| 03/18/2021

Good and Bad

I had used the same travel mugs for years. Thought I would try something different. I like the mug part themselves, but after a couple weeks using two of them for work everyday, I noticed that the lids started not fitting the same. Turned at a weird angle and one of them has already cracked. Very disappointed. Guess I should go back to the other company......
| 03/18/2021

Very disappointed in this mug

I have 4 of the large tumblers and they are great. This one the mouthpiece is not comfortable. I wish I had returned it, but time got away from me.
| 03/17/2021


Best travel mugs ever . I love the twist top and the handle. I like the quality so much I bought the tumblers!!
| 03/17/2021

Impressive Travel Mug

We ordered a travel mug and a 30 oz tumbler. We were so pleased that we ordered two more mugs for gifts. You absolutely do not need more than 3 or 4 ice cubes because they just will not melt. Quality construction and finish. Great product!
| 03/16/2021


Love love my cup. Keeps my stuff hot for several hours but the Lid needs to be redesigned. The flip top seals great but when you have to unscrew the lid the flip top will break off at the little things that stick out on each side. Very poor design!!! The cost of a new lid is as much as a new cup
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