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| 09/10/2021

Needs Improvement

I own 8 of these, and they are amazing at keeping my coffee hot for hours! The only problem is the lid…it is a poor design as the black portion of the lid breaks off and the bottle is no longer spill proof.
| 09/02/2021

Love this coffee mug

I had a 16oz coffee mug and it’s wonderful. I just ordered the 20oz so I could have more coffee in the morning. The cup is well designed and easy to clean and keeps my coffee hot for a long time. I love their products. Always made beautifully and they always work so well. And their customer service department is a dream to work with should you ever have need. They were very professional and immediately re-shipped my products when my package got lost. Cannot say enough good things about RTIC.
| 08/12/2021

Mug lid hard to screw off and on if you have arthritis

I absolutely love this mug. My only issue is that I have bad arthritis in my hands and have a horrible time getting the lid off and on because it's a screw top lid. Otherwise I love everything else about it. Fits in my cupholder, handle is great and keeps my drinks hot or cold. I just wish there was a different lid.
| 08/09/2021

Not for a lefty

I wish the lid was not a screw top that way I could fix it to my liking. Overall its a good cup but it will take some time to get use to using it.
| 08/07/2021


I love the bright colors and it's the best mug for my morning smoothies.
| 07/26/2021

Travel cups

I love your product. I now own 3 of your 16 oz. travel cups. They keep my coffee hot while I’m at work.
| 07/23/2021

Great mug

I bought 4 of the 16oz mugs, in different colors, they work fantastic, love them, they keep my drink at an acceptable temperature (hot & cold drinks). They fit into the cup holders in my truck and in the wife’s car, ya can’t beat ‘em. I haven’t had any issues with the screw on lids but I also don’t try to over tighten it either, no leaks or spills.
| 07/23/2021

Lid is annoying to line up to drink out of as it screws on. Also, the lid that opens smashes against your nose.

I wish this was a push on lid so it was easier to use. Cup is a great size but the lid is just straight up annoying. The small lid that flips open is smashed against your nose so anything that’s on it (coffee etc) ends up on your face.
| 07/15/2021

Travel Mug - 20 oz

I ordered the 20 oz. teal color travel mug. It arrived on a very timely manner. My reasoning for this mug is for the handle. I have RA and it hurts to grasp a cup and hold it. Being able to hold the handle is perfect for me and I love my mug. I use it for cold beverages and it stays cold and will even have ice in it the next day in my water!!! Even thinking about ordering a second one. My friend just ordered and received her mug and loves it also. I would highly recommend this product. Thank you for a great product!
| 07/14/2021

Love this cup

This cup is the perfect everyday size, rather ir be for coffee or soda. It is my go to cup! The built in handle makesy " on the go' lifestyle even more flexible.
| 07/07/2021

Top heavy

This cup is very top heavy. Turns over easily if not completely full. Also this will not fit under a Kurig coffee maker so that’s inconvenient. I have the 16 oz and loved it. Bigger is not always better
| 07/06/2021

Wonderful travel cup

I love this cup. It keeps my coffee extremely hot. I love it
| 07/06/2021

Perfect cup

This is one of three of this style. My husband Loves it. And the colors are nice.
| 07/06/2021

Perfect cup

This is for my daughter. She was so excited when she woke up in the morning and she still had ice. No water. Unbelievable! Great buy
| 07/04/2021

Great product

Love it! Keeps my coffee hot for hours. The size is perfect.
| 07/03/2021


I love these cups. I have 2-16oz and 2-20oz. All work great but one of the lids is difficult to screw on. Hopefully it will get better. The others work great. Keeps drinks hot (or cold) for hours
| 07/02/2021

20 oz cup with handle

I love this cup with the handle and it also keeps my drinks very cold I have 3 of them. I been looking for something like this and RTIC did it for me thank you and they are not expensive either
| 07/01/2021


I have 3 of these mugs. 2 at home and one at work. They hold coffee hot for many hours. They also hold cold and ice for a long time. I have 3 of the larger cups that we use to travel as it holds ice for a long time, even if we add new liquid to them. We really like them.
| 06/29/2021

Good mug, Lid sucks

Mug itself is good. Lid is good when new bit after after about 10 times of the Lid on and off the only time it's tight is when the sip hole is parallel with the handle. After a month or so the clear plastic Lid weakens and the black flip breaks out of the holes. Should have Lifetime replacement lids if they don't change the design
| 06/29/2021

Best Coffee Cup

This is the Best Coffee Cup ever! I don't spill any more, I have dropped it and it doesn't leak. 4 hours later still warm, not hot but drinkable. I love this cup!! Best for me for sure.
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