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Our Tumblers are stainless steel, double wall insulated and come in 20oz, 30oz, and 40oz sizes. Keeps your drinks ice cold longer - works great for hot beverages. The included all-new shaded Splash Proof lid lets you know exactly how much drink you have. The flip-top closure resists spills and is straw friendly. Easy to clean.


  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Maximum temperature retention & insulates hands from the cold
  • No Sweat ExteriorThe outside stays dry. No need for a coaster.
  • 18/8 Stainless SteelStrong stainless steel construction
  • Keeps Ice LongerHolds ice for up to 24 hours
  • Keeps it HotWorks great for hot beverages
  • Air Tight SealHeavy duty lid seal locks in the cold
  • Easy Grip Base Taller base ensures a better grip
  • Included Splash Proof LidFlip-top lid makes the RTIC tumbler splash proof
  • Narrow & Tall Design Fits more cup holdrs
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Ratings & Reviews


Based on 1672 Reviews

| 02/18/2021

Best mug ever!

I love the 30 oz. tumblers! Plenty of room for lots of ice and lots of drink! Stays cold a LONG time! The handles make it so much easier to pick them up!
| 02/18/2021

Best. Tumbler. Ever.

I never write reviews for anything, however, I felt this cup deserved a review. I love how the lid locks and if it tips or gets knocked over it does not spill. I repeat it does not spill, the lid is sealed. Not only that but it keeps things cold or hot for hours. Plus it is so affordable, I really recommend this product.
| 02/17/2021

I love these

I have three of these 30oz tumblers in various colors and they are the best. They keep my water chilled for a good amount of time and they hold a lot without being hard to carry like other cups.
| 02/17/2021

New colors

When will you offer new colors on the 40 oz mugs? I have 2 and would really like a few more.
| 02/16/2021
Best tumblers going.I swear the ice never melt
| 02/14/2021

Best cup ever!!!!

I have tried so many other brands... I just can't seem to put down my cup with your name on it.... Highly recommended if you're looking into these types of cups you won't regret it!!!! Thanks you all for making the best cup I've ever owned!!!!
| 02/13/2021
Would like a deal on buying 12
| 02/13/2021

Great, not perfect.

Bought two 20oz tumblers for myself and my mother. My order arrived on time, despite the pandemic and bad weather. Very sturdy, just like my old one has been for years. Price is very reasonable. My only complaint, really, is the newer snap-lid that comes with it. It doesn't actually snap closed as it should; as my mother's and neighbor's both do. I would actually really appreciate if someone at RTIC could send me a replacement that actually closes securely. Other than that, very happy thus far.
| 02/12/2021

30 oz. Tumblers

Purchased two 30 oz. Tumblers and I love them! Keeps my drinks cold and the tumbler fits great in the car. Wish it was dishwasher safe, but for the price, it’s a fantastic product. Will definitely buy more.
| 02/12/2021

RTIC Lives By There Slogan....

These tumblers are the BEST built tumblers on the market! They rival and perform better than their higher priced competition! They have a customer for LIFE!
| 02/09/2021

Lid is from the dark ages

Tumber does as advertised - keep stuff cold and keeps stuff warm .. but omg what is with the lid? its like you spent all your money on the tumbler and just threw together the lid at the last minute. Its not a snug fit, needs two hand to operate and when open is right in your face - constantly reminded you what a poor design it is.
| 02/09/2021

A gift from my dear sista Marla

My tumbler will go EVERYWHERE I go! Simply marvelous
| 02/07/2021


Your product is phenomenal! I am slowly replacing most of what I have in my cupboards with your product because they are just wonderful!
| 02/07/2021


Long time RTIC customer, this 20oz tumbler isn't insulated properly, filled with ice and water the cold is transmitted to the outside, ice melting much faster than any other RTIC tumble i have
| 02/06/2021

20oz Tumbler

I’ve been using my 20oz tumbler for about 3 wks now and the splash proof lid works well, is very stylish, fits my car cup holder, and keeps drinks cold throughout the day. Very good price point for a well built product compared to competition.
| 01/31/2021

Great mug for a Tennessee fan!

Enjoyed mine so much that I gave one to my son and this one to a good friend.
| 01/30/2021


I bought 3 tumblers. The price point was great and the cups shipped fast. The colors and style look great. I gave one to each of my daughters and they both complained about the flip top cap. I noticed that they require some muscle to close. To close the flip top, I have to place the cup on a table and use both my thumbs to get the top closed. That can be cumbersome. I slider would be easier to manipulate.
| 01/30/2021
Very happy with the product. I bought for my husband but he didn't want the plastic lid. Only wish I could put it in the dishwasher.
| 01/28/2021

Dislike new lid

I had an old RTIC tumbler that I loved. I got two replacements and tumbler is great but the lid is not, the seal rolls out of the groove, making it hard to close. This is happening on both tumblers. The old tumbler lid was better.
| 01/26/2021

Loving this tumbler

these are the most wonderful tumblers I have ever had that stands up to its name it stay hot and cold. I brought several for Christmas girl for my Son’s even myself I can’t put it down because it fits my everything loving all of them even the colors. Thanks Patricia in Georgia!!
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