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| 09/13/2021


They are all amazing and keep drinks cold for more than 24 hours. Would love more color choices in the 40oz tumbler. Would also like to see a different lid for the 40oz water bottle. The lid hits our noses every time we drink. They're available for the smaller version, why not the 40oz?
| 09/12/2021


Keeps drinks nice n cold 👍👍
| 09/09/2021


LOVE the cups and have several but only two 40 oz. Need more colors please in the 40 0z.
| 09/06/2021


You will not be disappointed! Love them all! Please get new colors in for the 40oz! Keeps ice 2 days! The coolers are awesome as well. Bought several for Christmas gifts!
| 09/01/2021

We love these cups!

We received our first two cups complementary from a casino and fell in love with the quality! Genuinely keep our drinks ice cold and we live in Florida!
| 08/25/2021

Straight-up magic

I got one of these tumblers as a gift awhile back, and it's the best cup in the house, so my teenagers now steal it on a regular basis. So I got myself another one, and once again, it is amazing at keeping cold things cold and hot things hot. Seriously, I left 1/3 of the cup with ice in it and came back 30 hours later, and there was STILL ICE. The redesigned lid is even better than the old one and I didn't think it COULD get better. Plus the color I got, Twilight, looks like angels breathed onto my tumbler. It's magic. If I could give this six stars, I would.
| 08/23/2021

40 oz tumbler

I love my RTIC but I’m looking for the 40oz tumbler in different colors , would love them to come back
| 08/23/2021

A fan for life

I have some RTIC tumblers that I bought over 5 years ago and they still look and function just as they did when new. My wife and I own several of the RTIC tumblers, water bottles, wine cup and rocks glass’s and everything we have ever used from them has been the best of the best. We have a couple of tumblers that are named after that snow creature and in several comparison test that we have done ourselves at home, our RTIC’s have always outlasted the other brand. I usually do not write reviews but I was going on the site to order some more tumblers for my grandsons and thought I would leave these remarks because they are so impressive. My wife and I have bought RTIC products for our children and grandchildren and they love them just as much as we do. P.S. Please bring back more colors in the 40 ounce Tumblers.
| 08/23/2021

The best

I love this product. The ice is still in there 24 hours later. There’s no need to spend 3x more on a “status name” tumbler. This one is perfect. (Except maybe bring back more colors on the 40 ounce size).
| 08/15/2021


I have 3 RTIC tumblers and love them all. They keep ice over 24 hrs or more.. I want to buy more but really want the 40 oz size and all you have is the graphite pewter color. PLEASE BRING BACK THE 40 OZ COLORS SOON!!!!
| 08/03/2021

Very happy!!!

Recently ordered cooler basket for my cooler and added a couple 30 oz tumblers (brick and coral) for my wife and I, so I could receive free shipping. Absolutely love the size and colors of the tumblers. I drive truck so it’s nice for the larger size to keep my coffee warmer longer. Very happy with the purchase.
| 08/03/2021


Iced tea drinker here, love this 30 oz cup. I have lots of RTIC stuff, I've never been disappointed. I love the lid on this thing. I've knocked it over, held it sideways while closed, not leaked yet. The price is perfect imo, and I know I'll be using this thing everyday from now on.
| 08/02/2021

30 oz tumbler, pink!

bought this tumbler and additional carry handle a month ago. Take it everywhere and it also keeps ice cubes from 7am when I leave for work and still plenty in there by 5:30!! AMAZING!!
| 07/29/2021


LOVE your products!! BUT for the love of Jesus, PLEASE make the 40 oz tumblers in all colors again!!!
| 07/21/2021

40 oz Tumbler Colors

I bought a 40 oz tumbler about 2 years ago and I love it. I'd like to order another one, but I don't like any of the colors. I wish y'all would bring back some of the older colors such as purple.
| 07/18/2021

Great Product Boring Color

Bought a 40oz bottle a month ago. Bright color yellow. Keeps ice water cold for hours. Needed a tumbler for use in the car. Only 40oz colors were black or grey. Bought it anyway because I have a throat problem and I need to sip ice water or my voice doesn't work. RTIC are the best I've tried. Love the tumbler. Hate the color.
| 07/18/2021

40 oz. Are Back!

I absolutely love the 40 oz. size and I'm so happy you have finally brought them back. Loving the new flat top open lids too! It's just not a good day when I don't have my RTIC sitting on my desk filled with water or tea. Can't wait for more colors to come out, but I've already added to my old 40 oz. collection so I'm ready!
| 07/14/2021

Awesome Tumbler

I use my 30 oz tumbler for cold water or drinks. Keeps fluid cold a long time. Took my bike to the beach with my car and brought this tumbler with me filled with cold water. Left the tumbler in the car where the bike ride was about 2.5 hours and the outside temperature was about 82 degrees. Got back to the car and the water was still ice cold. That was nice.
| 07/11/2021

Keeps hot and cold

I love our tumblers. Everyone in our family has them and gifted 2 to my parents. They use theirs all of the time and surprised how cold their water stays. My tea stays hot so long that I have to leave the top off to cool down.
| 07/08/2021


Have not put this tumbler down since I received it. Love that I only have to fill with ice ONE time all day. Really keeps drinks cold ALL DAY, in the hot outdoors, LOVE IT!!!
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