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| 09/10/2021


In this day and age, getting what you pay for is not all that common. To get more than you expect is truly rare. This cooler is well constructed, does hold ice for a longer time then my cooler from a competitor, and looks great. I'll be getting several more.
| 09/08/2021

Definitely Worth It!!!!

I have been looking at getting one of these hard coolers for awhile and could not decide between the light weight 52 or the regular 65. I took a chance and went with the 52 just for the simple fact of being lighter. I am so glad that I did. Not only is it a little cheaper, but it looks cool as hell with the gray in the middle to break up the solid white. I had it in the sun during a couple 90+ days outside and it had ice till the 6th day. At that point there was no ice left, but the water was still freezing cold. I’ve had the soft sided cooler for years from RTIC and was always impressed with that. This one just makes it even better. I bought one for a friend after having this one. Totally worth it.
| 09/06/2021

Best ever

Bought this when first came out, have many different coolers this is best. Hope they make this in larger size I'll be first inline to buy
| 09/05/2021

Great Cooler

Fantastic Cooler. Only negative is they don’t make a cushion that fits it.
| 09/02/2021

Nice Cooler

Just got my 52 ultra light cooler today. I got to say shipping was crazy fast I had it in three days after placing my order so I'll give them a solid 10 stars for shipping! Cooler looks to be pretty well built and the rack and ice pack are a nice little bonus. I've got it loaded up with 40lbs of ice so I'm going to see how close I can get to that 10 days they advertise. Honestly 5 or 6 days of real world use would tickle me to death since that's all I would ever need to get out of it . For almost half the price of the other guys I'm pretty impressed so far
| 08/29/2021

Great cooler

Just used this for the first time since purchasing earlier this month, and I am very happy with my cooler. I’d like to test out the “holds ice for 10 days” claim just to see it for myself, but I am pretty confident it’s true. Even in 100F weather all weekend with it being opened and closed many times I still have about 90% of my ice left so with less in’s and out’s I’m sure this stays even coder. I purchased in the light blue/gray color combo and I have to say the color is even more vibrant and pretty in real life. Overall I’m very happy with this item and will be looking to RTIC for my next cooler.
| 08/27/2021

Great for camping!

Took this on a weekend camping trip and came home with ice and still frozen water bottles on the bottom! Make sure to pre-cool your cooler before you need to use it and you'll be golden.
| 08/20/2021

rtic 52

Hi my name is Jason Pensacola Florida and I'm fixing to put my new rtic 52 tithe real test of this Florida Heat I want to see what all the hype is and to see if the ice really last as long as they say it does I'm really impressed with the design it looks just as good as the original rtic if not better and I like the extras that it comes with y'all knocked this one out of the park once again rtic thanks again for your quality products I'm sure I will enjoy this cooler for many years🤙👍💪🇺🇲🇺🇲
| 08/19/2021

Very "Cool" and Versatile

It's a table, a foot rest, a chair, a stand to help set up tarps at your campsite, and, oh, it's an awesome cooler as well. Sure it can get heavy when fully loaded but it's still something that can be moved about without much issue. I filled this cooler with ice and used it to add ice to my other less awesome coolers over 4 days and still had a good amount of ice upon returning home. I chilled the cooler as you are supposed to and kept it mostly in the shade and had no worries on ice levels! Solid buy all around. Dig it
| 08/16/2021


Yes I do injection molding for 30 years the cooler is what they say it is a quality product can't wait to order another one.
| 08/15/2021

lightweight doesn’t comprise on quality

Bought this cooler for surf fishing and it fits in my surf cart (mines a bit larger than most) with room to spare. This cooler definitely feels lighter than other 45 qt coolers and doesn’t compromise on keeping drinks cold.
| 08/14/2021

Great product but needs some work!

Ordered this to compliment my RTIC 65. Great cooler and much lighter however they changed the drains to a "Bulkhead" type hardware instead of molded into the cooler. This causes leakage and condensation at this weak point and will leak. Do like that they send a divider and basket with the unit.
| 08/13/2021

Thank you

I received the cooler on August 8 2021 . Well built cooler Proble the last one I buy unless I get another. I put 2 cases of beer. 3 bags of icn on the 9th put it in my back yard and checked it the next day and the next Today is the 12 the is is still holding its form. A little water not much I recommend this cooler strongly . Thank you artic your saving me money on ice so I can get more beer and keep our food cold and not full of water when we go I camping 👍😎
| 08/12/2021

Definitely Bear Proof!

There we were; the last night of our camping trip. Exhausted, drunk, and happy, we crawled into our tent where me and my fiance fell into a deep sleep. Not a couple hours later we woke to a crashing sound and there wasn't a question in our minds as to what it was. One of the many black bears that were known to frequent the area. We stood still for a couple more crashes and dragging noises, until my fiance shouted, "hey bear hey bear". Everything became quiet and nothing else was heard for the rest of the night. The next morning came and we eagerly jumped out to check the damage. To our surprise, the cooler was still shut and undamaged with the exception of a long scratch and a pierced spot, although shallow and the cooler is still 100% functional. We decorated the cooler with stickers where these marks are and we can't wait to bring it along the next trip for a good story.
| 08/11/2021

4th one

After buying 3 hard coolers for my kids, I decided it was time for Mom and Dad to have one too. I'm sure that I will love it!
| 08/11/2021


I purchased the 52 qt Ultra Light Hard Cooler for our road trip out west to visit several National Parks. We were on the road 11 days and the cooler stayed in the car the entire trip. We experienced many days of 100° plus temps. We only needed to add gallon zip lock bags of ice a few times during the trip and everything including our medications stayed perfectly cooled! This cooler was Outstanding!
| 08/09/2021

Amazing product and shipping

Such a great cooler. Customer service is amazing and super fast shipping. Highly recommend
| 08/08/2021

52qt Overall

Feels great, Looks great and valued as great ! Feels comfortably enough to be carried. I performed a very important test for me which was to find out if would've leak water from the Cooler after being tilted. Guess what, did not leak any water. So ready to get out there! You know what would be cool? Adding a RTIC hat to go along with any cooler purchase ! Anyway. Very happy and I can't wait to order other products like " RTIC BOTTLE OPENER". THANK YOU SO MUCH RTIC FAMILY !
| 08/08/2021

Good Solid Cooler, but....

Got this cooler for father day 21'... Cooler is definitely lighter than other roto molded coolers, hold ice well considering is use it primarily as a daily drink Cooler and the lid is always being opened and it rides in the back of the truck 24/7... Only downfall, is the Cooler seals so we'll that as ice melts is creates a suction and the only way to open it is to drain it... If anyone has a fix for this, I'd love to hear it!
| 08/07/2021

Great Day on the lake

I’ve been an RTIC fan for years and recently bought this cooler, and yes, it is much lighter than the same regular size, but I’ve been reluctant to take it on the day excursions because loaded down it is still too heavy to handle by myself. But I used the frozen divider and dry basket and had 2 sections for cold drinks and it was perfect. Thank you RTIC for making a this product for us. Would recommend to anyone!
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